Is it possible to find work nowadays?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Amy56, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Amy56

    Amy56 New Member

    I used to be able to find myself small freelance writing gigs on a regular basis. Now I am finding it pretty much impossible. All the big "bid" sites are becoming a waste of time because people seem to posts gigs that they then never choose anyone for. When you have a limited amount of tokens to bid with each month it becomes impossible to find gigs without paying out money, when you aren't guaranteed to get work. Is anyone else having better luck?
  2. Savingthebees

    Savingthebees New Member

    I have luck doing freelance administrative work online. Just do some research, study your skills and be better at a specific area that's in demand online. That way you can post a great resume and make awesome portfolios for your employees to look at. Of Course, you need to devote a lot of time, researching company addresses and networking tools. Also have a specific work that you think you are really good at and develop that. Keep going and join a lot of forums for you to find useful resources. Goodluck
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  3. Postrboi

    Postrboi New Member

    Where Im located, there is always work that needs to be done. If you have access to the internet, find a job that will allow you to work remotely from the comfort of your own home. You can can also establish an online business that can allow you to produce a steady stream of income. If you can get paid doing something you love, that will be great as well. it depends on the opportunities available and one willingness to embark upon those endeavors will determine if the job is available. Sometimes you may have to create your own job.
  4. bilalahmad97

    bilalahmad97 New Member

    In my opinion,
    It is very difficult to get job now a days.there are many online freelancing scam sites.They asked you to pay so that can get more jobs.If you hardly get a job they reject your work .
  5. Robbie626

    Robbie626 New Member

    I have to agree with you that it is hard to freelance with writing in today's society. I dislike how freelance sites want you to purchase bids to get work. The whole idea of trying to earn some money and work because you do not have much money, to begin with. I do understand that freelance sites need to make a profit. I would not mind taking a small free from my earnings as a tip f or even display advertisements to generate revenue for providing the opportunity to freelance.
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  6. ericdmorris

    ericdmorris New Member

    I've had some luck with the site Although you'll run into some of the same old freelancing site problems there (fake jobs, people trying to under-pay you), it seems to me that a higher percentage of the jobs posted there are actually legit. Plus, customer service is actually pretty good about resolving problems and giving back application credits if you end up applying for a fake job. I've met several good clients with consistent work through this site.
  7. ElisabethNL

    ElisabethNL New Member

    I am very happy for years now with, their former name was oDesk. The pay is not overwhelming, but the jobs are not fake and you can always check what other workers there think of someone who offers a job. The only "but" I have with that website is there are many people who are willing to write for next to nothing. They spoil the system, because the pay offered is usually too low. But I am always able to negotiate a good deal (I have a 5 star profile). With a few hours per week I am able to make $150 to $200 a month.
    By the way, there are also many offers for web designers, programmers and what not...
  8. Bassee

    Bassee New Member

    If you're not getting any writing jobs, there is something wrong with your marketing approach. You can tweak your strategy a bit by doing some aggressive networking. Sign up for some of the conferences in your area where your prospective clients would be in attendance. And go with business cards. People are usually friendly at networking conferences, so introduce yourself and add a little note on your services and how it'd help their businesses. So you should only be chatting with prospects you've researched before hand.
  9. freebird37

    freebird37 New Member

    Freelancing is one occupation that will never have a shortage of jobs. It is very important to narrow down your focus and find what you are passionate about and stick to that as much as possible. I think the first thing we have to do is build experience and get a taste of what it is really like to step into the world of freelance writing. The options are limitless, you have to do some research and learn as you go. It's easy to become overwhelmed if you don't have focus. There are a lot of free resources if you do research that can help you with any problem that you may have getting started or finding work. Carol Tice has a lot of resources for beginners, look her up on the internet.
  10. Rstonehenge

    Rstonehenge New Member

    You can Google that question and find many fields to ply your trade. Writers are needed everywhere. From what I've seen, there are multitudes of opportunities out there.
  11. lifeasitis

    lifeasitis New Member

    Umm!! A job is never really hard to find unless you are really good at it and if you are really good at it, then do no be afraid of competition. Most of us tend to look out for such freelancing platforms where the competition is less and they end up getting scammed.
    Platform like peopleperhour, freelancer or upwork are really good if you want to tag along with some really genuine buyers.
  12. Bobby1

    Bobby1 New Member

    Internet work experience has revealed one salient fact; you must continue to build on more relevant skills to stay afloat in the freelance world. Of course, there are millions of jobs online, but indolent non-versatile freelancers get fewer job offers compared to the ever tasty skill-hunters who will stay on top of the game no matter what.
  13. zappd

    zappd New Member

    Firstly, to admit or acknowledge that there are no jobs or its difficult to get will immediately put you a step back. While there may be existing challenges as the technology reach grows and increases daily, always tell yourself unconsciously that you have value to give and there is an avenue to provide this value.

    Change your avenues. If you have been working online, try offline. Target a charity organisation of choice and offer to write or improve their funding proposals. Try your local school or library. Don't limit yourself only to your desk.
  14. munchi

    munchi New Member

    Yes,but you have to develop a skill, knowing too well the opportunities are very narrow.create a gig at fiverr,you can offer free work with for three clients just to get rating and as a part of advertising.
    With time you will be making cool cashcash.
  15. Lucadwong

    Lucadwong New Member

    It's definitely possible. There are plenty of sites out there if you look closely. The only problem is that there are so many competitors that it's tough to actually secure a position. I currently have three paying jobs along with two blogs of my own, and it's great. The extra income is definitely a boost, and I love writing, so it's a win-win.

    If you haven't already, try Upwork or Freelancer; there's a lot of competition there, but once you build a reputation, you can make a pretty penny. Content mills are also great!
  16. Elvis271

    Elvis271 New Member

    Freelancing work is always available and in plenty. Though you must be really committed and proficient as a freelancer to maximize your returns from your clients.
  17. hawwal

    hawwal New Member

    Like so many people have alluded in their post here, there are many freelancing sites where interested applicants can sign up on. Like I will always tell newbies in the game, each and every newbie must do their due diligence in this field.
  18. Bisola Gift

    Bisola Gift New Member

    Getting freelancing jobs in my country is kind of very difficult because everyone is looking for a full time staff. With the rise in more people using the internet, opportunities are starting to pop up and I just wish they are here for good and more keeps on popping up.
  19. nudelpudding

    nudelpudding New Member

    The market is over-saturated, sadly. But it's always possible if you stick out from the rest as a writer and pull the right cards. Consistency and dedication is key.
  20. Ademola Adeosun

    Ademola Adeosun New Member

    It is very possible to have freelance writing jobs but one has to pay the price. Try signing up on the notable freelance platforms such as; Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, Guru and so on. Also create your own presence online where you showcase your portfolio and market such. You also need to go through the tutorial pages of the freelance platforms and get to know their expectations of participants in a bid to rank high on the platforms. Try to use other multimedia means such as; videos and animations in promoting your gigs on platforms that allow such. Put a picture on your profile on platforms that allows such, this makes you a real human and not a virtual freelancer. Search and pull up the best selling gig profiles within your niche and do a thorough assessment of the common inputs inherent in them, while you incorporate such in your own gig profile. It is also very important to niche down, do follow up on bids, be professional in the way you present yourself, avoid using general cover & bid letters and always emphasize on the specifics of bid requirements in the bids. Finally, sign up on active online forums that deal with the subject matter of your niche and keep up with discussions on such forums to be in tandem with the update on the subject matter.
  21. writerschoice

    writerschoice New Member

    Yes, it is highly possible to get work as a freelancer. You just need to do research to determine a specfic niche that you are knowledgeable about and you have to be patient.
    Note: Never give up
  22. goldlady

    goldlady New Member

    Well, sadly I have not had the best experience. Writing is one of my biggest passions and it's very frustrating how the market is limited in so many ways right now. A few years ago if you wanted to have succes as a digital writer and even as a book writer you had to be original and stand out from the rest. Nowadays, what you need is to be commercial and write about the things everyone's writing. The only freelance job I found as a writer was making content for blogs about topics I wasn't interested in. I had to quit because writing about things I wasn't feeling was making me miserable.
  23. Brick Rollen

    Brick Rollen New Member

    Of course :) What kind of job are you looking for?
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  24. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    True, you can find work nowadays but not with decent compensation... at least where I reside. Well-paid jobs here require good public relations and not high quality capabilities...
  25. Amazingwriter

    Amazingwriter New Member

    While it appears so, I can say that it depends on the quality of service you render.People still get orders on regular basis.This is because overtime, they have been able to consistently exceed Clients' expectations in their deliveries. If a Client is highly impressed by your work, such client would always come back for more and would even be willing to pay more in some instances.He feels comfortable dealing with a result-oriented seller than diving into the region of uncertainty.

    Thus, while it is true that the freelancing space is attracting more sellers on daily basis, those sellers with positive reviews and loyal clients would keep smiling to the Banks daily.Some even get too many orders that it becomes difficult to meet deadlines.

    The question should be, are you exceeding your clients' expectations? If you are, then jobs would never stop coming your way.
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  26. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Everyone needs to start somehow though... And this is the hard work I suppose...
  27. njagibret

    njagibret New Member

    I'm still a student, and I currently live in a pretty conservative society... so getting a real job involves almost always getting underpaid and having to take on more workload just so I can break even. It'd be a miracle if I could find a job I qualify for, with all the demand for professionals in the industry. Does anyone know of any online sites that take inexperienced writers internationally? I wouldn't mind having to take a test, I just want to be judged by the quality of my work.
  28. joyang24

    joyang24 New Member

    Nowadays, it's really hard to find a good job that will pay you as much as what skills that you have. I'm a Filipino citizen and I can say that our country is saturated already. Some says you need experience to be hired that's why many of the Filipinos are going abroad just to help their families. Imagine how much they can go to sacrifice their time and effort to provide for their families because there's nothing much job to offer here! It's really a good thing that there are legit sites that offers job for a freelance worker like me.
  29. Jejo Fabila

    Jejo Fabila New Member

    Theres a possibility to get online jobs like writing or encode data for aome company . We are in digital world now there's so much oppurtunity for all of us if your dedicated to get one or more jobs online . Its up to you how could you earn base on your lifestyle . Im new in online communit job but i try my best to get highly paid jobs here instead of taking a sleep for almost 12 hours a day and do nothing . I hope you can get a job as soon as possible for your family
  30. dzannerz

    dzannerz New Member

    Yes it is possible to the people that have the guts and passion to have a work but impossible to those that wanted to just have a job but not exerting effort. Nowadays its hard to get a job if you are looking for something that is you think that but actually you cant really do or your not good at it. But I think if a perfect job is really hard to find then maybe all you have to do is to make an effort to know the job first before doing it so that opportunity dont pass on you.

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