Is it possible to find work nowadays?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Amy56, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. rintiongco

    rintiongco New Member

    Nowadays you can easily find a job because many companies are giving you a lot of work. Even highscool graduate you can work today as long as you work hard and work well. Also from the internet you can earn money and work. Many internet websites provide jobs like data entry jobs, become freelancer worker, etc. So do not worry, you can find a job right now with a lot of work today.
  2. emma.regalado1

    emma.regalado1 New Member

    Yes! It is posible to find a work nowadays. There are so many ways to find a job, number one on the list is finding job using the internet. There are alot of advertisement in social medias that makes the job hunting easily. Most company uses the internet to make an announcement like job vacancies. Other way to find a job is look for advertisement in newspapers and TV ads.
  3. moore0026

    moore0026 New Member

    Yes! There are so many ways for you to find a job, if you are just diligent enough and not too picky then definitely you will get one. We must exert an effort in finding a job because I believe that finding a job takes time. Like me, I found a job through online in the form of freelancing. Freelancing is one of the best way for you to have an extra income, it has many kinds/types that you can choose from but I would suggest that choose the one that you are good at. Freelancing is just one of the of the many ways and if you are having a hard finding a job then I would recommend freelancing.
  4. Doods01

    Doods01 New Member

    Of course! It is possible and so much easy to find work nowadays. Due to high technology and fast pace internet, there's a lot of job oppurtunities scattered all over internet that are legit. Virtual assistant, affiliate marketing, blogging. Those are the best examples of job online. LinkedIn is the best website if you are looking for traditional jobs such are professional, skilled and entry level. Use your smartphone to help you. It so much easier. Just give it a try.
  5. Bry Florendo

    Bry Florendo New Member

    It took me six hours to find a reliable online job, and up to now, I still haven't seen one. This is a proof that finding a job is difficult.
  6. raquelama

    raquelama New Member

    Yes. It is possible to find job if you have a dedication and passion to find a job. I know how hard it is to land to your desired job. There are a lot of requirements, qualifications and interviews. All of them are factors that can affect in applying job. If you have rejected many times you just have to believe to your self. Apply in different companies. Show them your skills and talent. And most of all, show them that you are confident to do the job and that you can be helpful to their company.
  7. jack harper

    jack harper New Member

    Yes if it's possible to find work or a job nowadays as long as u have the determination ans passion to do so. To find a job there a lot of requirements like qualifications, interviews and what days u can work. I personally suggest that you have more then one job in mind in case if you don't get the one you want the most. Make sure that you apply for a job that you will find fun, to have a better experience.
  8. evetrinidad

    evetrinidad New Member

    Yes very much. There are plenty of sites offering jobs on the internet. You just need to have a skill. Find out what you do best and capitalize on it to find the right job. You can go to There are plenty of offers there such as writing, administrative support, web developing and designing, customer services, virtual assistant services and many more. If you are good at selling then go to lazada or amazon. You can also search for other income streams such as surveys and doing small tasks if you love doing these things.
  9. Nishas

    Nishas New Member

    No, if you are hardworker and you are providing good services then you ll get reward of your work. There are many freelancers sites which are really paying to its members.You can try Fiverr or Seoclerks. They really pays for real work.No need to pay any fee while joining these sites.
  10. Mike B.

    Mike B. New Member

    Let's start with a simple question. Are you looking for a job/ work despite of how high or low the salary is? Are you looking for an instant high paying job? Or are you looking for a job that will only makes the both ends meet? Whether you like it or not they will always fall in a one questions which cover those three (3) questions above and that question is are you trying, looking or just thinking to have them? Well even it is hard or easy to find a job you cannot have it if you are just sitting and thinking of it, stand up and make an action instead of just thinking because that's a waste time. Work nowadays are spreading all around the globe. It is for you to know and for you to find out. There are so many people who are complaining everyday why they are not earning even it is very clear that you got no job and you are not doing anything for you have it. Every is done together with choice, make a positive decision and go for it.
  11. Machika293

    Machika293 New Member

    There is a site called and blog mutt that pay for content by order. They get pretty good reviews.
  12. sheryl pintucan

    sheryl pintucan New Member

    There is no impossible thing to those people who are working hard and hopeful.First be inspired.Look for something that makes you feel comfortable to work. Try and try until you make it. Apply for a job online.Attend interviews and make sure you are knowledgeable in every job you are applying for .Impress your interviewer.Sell yourself with dignity and competent so that they will hire you. For home based work ,you can be a freelance writer.If you love writing sign up for blogger and start writing your blog.You can earn money with it. You can also make videos and upload it on YouTube and have it monetize so that you will earn from,s up to you if you choose between traditional work or home based work what is important is you put effort and passion in everything you do.
  13. Ivain

    Ivain New Member

    Of course, it's possible. Anything is possible!

    There are multiple sites that offer freelance services where you can sign up for work. They are under no obligation to supply you with work, however, they often do give you consistent work that adds up to a nice part-time job. You can also start a blog, wait until you get consistent viewers and then offer your service in return for a payment. If you're just starting out as a freelancer I recommend starting a blog, and once you've become better, you should sell some gigs at sites like Fiver.
  14. rubylyndivi

    rubylyndivi New Member

    Yes, it is possible to find work nowadays. It all started with a desire to work. Then, such a desire drives a will to find ways. You have to step on and try what you can do to find what you need. In this times of advancement, technology has a lot of work to offer. Regardless of whether you are a teener or older persons there seems to be unlimited job opportunities. Just begin your search and equip yourself with everything useful.
  15. Najam ul Hassan

    Najam ul Hassan New Member

    Finding genuine work online is a hard job. There are thousands of spam websites in the market and it becomes really difficult for a use to find out the genuine work due to these spam sites. Therefore I would advise you all to be careful in this regard.
  16. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    For most people finding work is a real full-time job. Although today it is possible to find new jobs at any time thanks to smartphones and tablets, there are many people who spend too much time looking for a job.
    Take time to organize your job search and you will see that the whole process will be easier. The first step to face the search for a new occupation is to write what you are looking for on a piece of paper or on a PC. Put black on white, your goal will be easier to reach!
    After writing your goal, focus on what you like to do more. Make a list of the positions that interest you the most, the tasks for which you are most suited or for which you have gained the highest level of experience.
  17. Haidee8888

    Haidee8888 New Member

    Of course!nothing is impossible to those who are dedicated and those who really have a plan to work.If you have goals and dreams that you wanted to achieve you'll set plans for yourself to be able to achieve those.There's no negative thoughts only positive ones.Someone who's willing are open to all oppurtunities that comes in his/her way.Are willing to learn different things just to persue his/her dreams and also has a lot of faith in God because if your close to him whatever you want ,whatever you wish even if that is impossible it will be possible to God.
  18. mendoma27

    mendoma27 New Member

    I have 1 stable work from home job. But I really want to get some extra to have some savings. I really am having difficulty getting one for about 2 months now. If someone is looking for a Software QA Tester/UX Tester, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks
  19. Magum

    Magum New Member

    Yes its totally possible for the well educated and well connected if you know what I mean and its also almost impossible for those that luck good education background. The country I'm from getting a job can be very challenging for both educated and non educated all due to corruption in the system.
  20. skyscraper28

    skyscraper28 New Member

    Dont find work, let work find you. Build yourself. Learn and be the best at work/skill that you know can profit. It is easy to find work when you are at your best shape, all the time.
  21. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    Yes , it is possible to find a work these days specially. Where you can find job under the sun. If a country is growing so the labor as well. Just try and get hired online for what you wanted to do. Send your resume to your prospects company online and wait to get notify once you qualify for the job.And it requires time and effort and dedication to get the work as well. Just keep on trying to find a job until you get accepted.
  22. alaminhossain

    alaminhossain New Member

    Nothing can achieve without working hard. But nothing is impossible so don't be afraid, work harder dream bigger.
    Find a job of your skills, do not try in all areas of employment. search which jobs are available for you and try for those.
  23. realslug

    realslug New Member

    It's easy to become demotivated in a market like this, but it is still possible to find work as a freelancer! Sites like Problogger, iFreelance, BloggingPro, and LinkedIn jobs are great freelance writing platforms that pay well. I would recommend creating a LinkedIn account if you don't have one already to connect with potential clients. Post articles you've previously written regularly to give potential clients an idea of your level of expertise and writing style. Often, clients will reach out to you if they feel you're the voice they're looking for!

    There has been an increase in the number of freelancing writers willing to work for rates lower than the market price. You might want to consider hosting a "sale" or some sort of event to promote your work at a lower rate than what you usually charge. This could bring in more clients that will likely contact you for assignments in the future.

    It's important to select an area of expertise and really become knowledgeable in it. Of course, most freelance writers would like to advertise to employers that they have multiple areas of expertise. However, if you're proven to be very qualified and knowledgeable in a particular area, employers will often pay more than if you're a "jack-of-all-trades" type of writer.

    Good luck, and I hope this post was helpful!
  24. manstar

    manstar New Member

    Yes, as long as you are determined. There are lots of opportunities out there, all you need to do is be patient and never give up to find the right one for you.
  25. cslao

    cslao New Member

    its getting pretty difficult to find work that is suited for your skills nowadays. Most jobs will most likely lead you to be underemployed but if earning money is just the concern it will do.
  26. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    Freelancing work is saturated, but it is possible to still find your own profitable corner in it. The key is knowing what you want, getting very clear on what you offer, and communicating your value to a potential client or employer. (In other words, just like a job offline). Many new freelancers try to find work online without a clear definition of what they want to accomplish. Are they looking for extra cash, a part-time job, or need money just to survive? They also don't take into consideration their background and experience. If you worked in customer service offline, try looking online. If you were in food service, look into taking orders by phone (Convergys) or delivery (UberEats or PostMates). You might even try recipe writing.

    Either way, it takes time.

    If you want to work online profitably, you will need to figure out what works for you, given what you have right now. This will take a lot of time and some experimentation. Your goal is to have freelance work from several sources...not to find that one "online" job where you can relax on the beach all day with your laptop, like those non-realistic ads say.

    Yes, there will be scammers. Yes, there will be sites that charge you to pay to bid. (My advice: Use these kinds of sites as "as-needed" secondary sources of marketing).

    You can still find work. The key is FINDING the work that works for you.
  27. HiImFi

    HiImFi New Member

    It's entirely possible to find work as a freelance writer, but it does take hard work and tenacity, especially in the beginning. You need to produce good-quality work and be professional at all times. Getting started is the hardest part. All you can is apply for as many writing jobs/gigs as possible and produce good work when you are given a chance. Over time you gain experience, clients and references, which makes finding regular work easier. With the right skillset, business ethics and a positive attitude, you can then have a viable freelancing business.
  28. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    Yes and NO. Yes it is possible to find work if you are passionate about it and determined to work hard and deliver as per the client's expectations, paying attention to details, quality and timely submission. On the other hard, it can be next to impossible when you are a beginner and have no idea on how and where to start from considering scammers all over.
  29. msjillian

    msjillian New Member

    It is absolutely possible to make a living as a freelancer. In fact, some freelancers earn extremely large salaries, considering they get to work from home. However, freelancing as a real, full-time career is not all about sitting around in sweatpants and sleeping until noon. To be successful, you have to know what you want to do and what you have to offer that other people will pay for. You need to learn to manage your time and resources the same way a regular business does, because, as a freelancer, you are a business. Freelancing can be an amazingly rewarding career, but it takes a lot of hard work. Before you embark on the journey, understand what is required for you to succeed.
  30. msjillian

    msjillian New Member

    Other common freelancing careers include graphic design; Web and mobile development; any kind of writing, such as ghost, copy, content, travel and blog writing; research and data collection and entry; video production; brand creation; tutoring; and photography. You can even be someone else's virtual assistant. The number of different services provided by freelancers and requested by clients is virtually endless, so if you have a skill and a desire to start on a new path, you can find freelancing opportunities for nearly anything.

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