Is it really hard to find job as a graphic designer?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by rhem091, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. rhem091

    rhem091 New Member

    I really want to know
  2. zupbuddy

    zupbuddy New Member

    Yes and no. There are many positions related to computer graphics and design out there, but its competitve and its harder to find positions that offer competitive wages, benifits, and stability. They are often freelance positions and you will be constantly hustling for clients and short term contracts. Cultivating relationships with employers helps to keep your schedule filled, but it can be tiring. Some stable, staff positions do exist of course, but they are more competitive to get. There are a lot more positions for designers now that internet content is in such high demand, but just like with any creative career, your ambition, ability to sell yourself, and talent for the hustle are just as important if not more so than your talents.
  3. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    Yes, and for any job out there. You have to have a bachelor's degree and prove your talent in art and design courses.
    True that it's always about quality but having many samples for a variety of fields is always a plus point as it shows that you are comfortable to work on anything. Don't wait for someone to hire you, think of a project in your mind and work on it. You can just show that as your work sample, didn't work out? continue working as there is nothing as informative and educative as self-learning. Talk to people in the field to update yourself and before you know it you will be you will have already been placed.
  4. laiza2019

    laiza2019 New Member

    Yes indeed, it is hard to find job as graphic designer. In fact, i think all of the jobs are really hard to find even if you have finished college or having a bachelor's degree. For me, if you just only have some dedication, eagerness to strive harder on applying or finding jobs and most especially having faith to our Almighty God, i think you will get the job that you've wanted to. Just don't give up and be hopeful. We all know that there is a perfect timing for everything :)
  5. jsoriano10

    jsoriano10 New Member

    Difficulty in finding a job as a graphic designer depends on your proficiency level and the skill sets you posses that match the job vacancy. Given the high competition in finding a job now, not just graphic designers, but many people venture out in doing freelance work. This type of job gives people the flexibility they need like working hours, holiday offs, project options, etc.

    I am a firm believer that success is not just measured by your pay check or the amount of money that you have in your bank account, but the number of times you have achieved a specific goal and succeeded and overcame challenges. If your goal is to find a job, your determination, passion and eagerness will take you far. Remember that you become what you envision yourself to be.
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  6. zedaon

    zedaon New Member

    Not really... As long as you've got all the skills needed to do the job, you should be fine getting a job. Of course, you should have a good portfolio to show your potential clients. You can start building your portfolio now by doing small online projects for free or for your acquaintances first.

    It also depends on what area you live in. It's for sure easier if you live in a big city because there's a higher demand for workers.
  7. Maharlika

    Maharlika New Member

    I don't think so. Immediate hirings are rampant-experienced to beginners! After all, we need to be a little more extra and set our foot humbly, don't we? Perseverance and attitude is the key! :thumbsup:
  8. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    not at all just know the basics job hiring will be easy
  9. Renloy

    Renloy New Member

    It is fairly challenging for designers just starting out, however with some creative strategies to market yourself it will become quite easy.
  10. Gaiza

    Gaiza New Member

    If you study design and stay on top of trends and constantly update your portfolio, it's not that hard at all to land a decent job. Learning from other's work is important and the more you study and push your designs the better they'll get. "Good artists copy. Great artists steal".
  11. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    I want to be a grapic designer but sad to say i dont know how. It's just, it hard for me. I guess graphic designer doesn't suits me.
  12. kianluis

    kianluis New Member

    Depends, just like any other job. Web design is a rapidly evolving skill set with a ton of other subset skills needed or even required by employers. There's a lot of competition too. It definitely helps if you already know someone who can recommend you to some clients if you're a freelancer. Networking and marketing yourself is sometimes just as important as your talent in designing. Some may find that starting in a small design firm can get you these connections and even help you learn the industry standards too. So yeah definitely hard but it's not like anything's ever easy.
  13. Basically, no. It all depends on how you look for a job. Like the frequency of looking for a open position, or how you handle those interviews. It this world right now. there is a lot of demand for a graphic designer. If you know for your self that you are capable of doing great stuff, then you will not have difficulties on finding a job

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