Is it true that music can change our mood?

Discussion in 'Music' started by kaye, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. kaye

    kaye Guest

    :whistle: I always wonder if it is really true that music can affect and also can change our mood. My music teacher always playing her favorite music in her cellphone when she feels upset, I ask her why she's doing that and she answered "because when I feel upset, I listen to my favorite music." I just want to know if there are other people like her.
  2. 4thelulz

    4thelulz Guest

    I definitely think music can influence people's moods. If I'm stressed out or anything, I'll play some of my favorite bands and start feeling better in no time. Music is just so soothing and calming for me.
  3. kampkossa

    kampkossa Guest

    Yes this is absolutley true, I play alot of video games and I notice if i start some music I get more... How to put it, Ecited and it goes very well.

    Also just by walking down the street listening to music makes me happy. :thumbsup:
  4. Erik Dirksen

    Erik Dirksen Guest

    Yes, i believe it is true that music can affect your moods. Different songs have different ways of affecting our emotions, and depending on whats being triggered music can increase that emotional response. I suffer from a severe form of depression and at times listening to music can make a big difference in my day as long as i listen to the right types of music and songs
  5. liwei92

    liwei92 Guest

    Yes, i do believe that music can affect your mood.Everytime I'm feeling stressful , I will alway choose music that is relaxing and it really does help.
  6. MonkeyButt

    MonkeyButt Guest

    I also believe music can change your mood. In my opinion, basically anything that entertains you or help you forget your trouble would change your mood. When I am feeling down, I turn on my music and play games. After awhile, most of my troublesome thoughts are gone.
  7. Yes, it can change your mood. And it depends on the kind of music you are listening. Since there are many kinds of music, different emotions also are associated with it. Try listening to a classic song and a rock song and see for your self what kind of mood those music brings.
  8. Yeah music can be a good way to change your mood for the better or worse I have different music types for different mood when I get depressed or angry I listen to metal, upset Acoustic, annoyed Rock (LostProphets or Greenday mainly) when it comes to dance and trance though I don't have any mood where I could listen to them
  9. BLX

    BLX Guest

    Yeah definitely.. That's why I have different music for different moods.

    But I usually don't need it to cheer up.. If I have to cheer up I usually just look at comics online or something.
  10. Noah

    Noah Guest

    I always use music when I am mad, to calm me down. That is not usually why though, usually when I am bored.
    Think about it though, if music didn't change our mood, then bands' songs would all sound the same, and have the same speed. I think it just changes our mood because it leaves us thinking about something we weren't before.
  11. Kush

    Kush Guest

    Yes I honestly do believe that music can change your mood. First and foremost, whenever I need energy, there are certain songs with certain upbeat tempos that pump me up and give me energy and motivation. Other songs have inspiring or touching lyrics that can really change your mood and help you out. At other times, there are sad songs which relate to some sad memories you have, which can even bring your mood down negatively.
  12. raintree

    raintree Guest

    Yes it's true. I find it so relaxing listening to soothing music. Especially at night, listening to that kind of music puts me to sleep. I listen to fast music too, it keeps me on the go. It's like an energizer. But I don't listen to heavy rock music, it annoys me a lot. So there goes how music changes our moods.
  13. FishBlaster

    FishBlaster Guest

    Of course.Music can affect your mood.It also can reduce stress and make it easier for you to relax.I have heard that music can make your body to produce serotonin which serotonin is the happiness hormone.Music can elevate your mood for sure .
  14. 0722092026

    0722092026 Guest

    Yes it is true. There have been scientific studies proving that listening to music affects a persons mood, although not always in a positive way. While one song may effect an entire group of people, each person in the group is effected individually and there can be multiple responses to that one song from different persons. Music is also linked to better memory and easier learning. Activities which engage both sides of the brain at the same time, such as playing an instrument or singing, causes the brain to be more capable of processing information.
  15. christian

    christian Guest

    I do think music can affect your mood. When im mad or upset i usually go to youtube and search up my favorite songs and it calms me down, it make me happy again. I listen to music when i am stressed out.
  16. shoaibdawood

    shoaibdawood Guest

    Music plays very effective role to alleviating stress. No matter what you listen. listen according to your taste, Always listen such music which you enjoy. Music can change your mood. so turn your nagative thoughts in positive through listen to good music
  17. Rccarter

    Rccarter Guest

    I definitely believe that music can change your mood there has been on many occasions where I might have been feeling down in the dump and I would put on a song that would just put a smile on my face and just brighten up my day I would go from things being gloomy to me in my room singing along with the song and enjoying myself so I would have to say that I truly do believe that music can change your mood
  18. k_mac

    k_mac Guest

    Absolutely. So many songs can put a smile on my face, bring tears to my eyes, or make me laugh. I also listen to music based on my mood. If I'm feeling happy, I like to put on songs that I can sing to. When I'm feeling sad, I put on songs that have a strong emotional affect on me.
  19. shukla

    shukla Guest

    Hi Kaye.I'm Shukla.I'm just like your music teacher.I too love to listen music specially when my mood is off.But also when it is on.That means I'm a all time music lover.It doesn't matter what is the mood ,music gets us there.As I believe all musics are created depending upon different moods.So ...Yah! Music changes mood.You can try too.I'm sure you'll feel the same.
  20. shukla

    shukla Guest

    I want to share about my experience.Today by accident I've deleted my Realtek .And I think what happened next.I was totally soundless.Like one part of my body is not working properly.The speed of my work got decreased and it was a bad day for me.Nothing was right.But just when I was tired of searching the right Realtek for my PC got it .And the sound came back.And here I am .More inspired and more motivated.HaHa......At our place its really night now.I mean its almost 3 at night.But I'm still working.This is the magic of music.Which keeps you alive.
  21. shukla

    shukla Guest

    This is such a nice information.Thanks Dear.I think if we listen music according to our mood it'll make us feel better and help us to reduce stress.But when we will be forced to enjoy some music which we don't like,it'll increase our stress.
  22. Yes, it's true. Music can really affects our mood. It's the great mood enhancer. It can make us move, smile and even cry. Music can help us also in our learning.
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  23. Phatastic75

    Phatastic75 Guest

    For me, my mood influences the music I listen to. I get into this groove, depending on mood, where I will listen to one artist or one genre of music on repeat for however long I am in that certain mood for. As an example, I have been in this funk of late, reminicing on the past and listening to "Snuff" by Slipknot and "Cold" by Crossfade constantly for the past few days. Now when I am in a good mood, feeling happy, cheerful, and upbeat, Bob Marley is my go to CD.
  24. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    When ever I want to be in the mood, I play and listen to my favorite songs like "For You" by John Denver "The Sound of Music songs (DO RE MI and the rest), "Time After Time" by Cyndy Louper " "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love" by Sheena Easton. All of these music perk me up whenever I get some blues and try to kick them away!
  25. Music definitely influences my mood. I can always count on music to make me feel better, to pump me up, to keep me calm, etc. I don't know what I would do with out music!
  26. DarkSten

    DarkSten Guest

    Of course music affects, you can calmly get asleep, listening to calm and soft music, and when you feel upset, just listen to some funny and happy music.
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  27. Twocents

    Twocents Guest

    I do think that music can affect our moods, and I personally am able to work through moods with music. If I am in a slump I change up my music and play something that will get me out of it. If I feel like I need to calm down and relax, then I will play something that helps me sleep. Music is such a powerful medium.
  28. EC_Squirrel

    EC_Squirrel Guest

    I hear that music can change your mood the only this is that, it depends on the type of music your listening to. I usually listen to soothing music that will put me to sleep at night. It helps to calm the mind and it makes me feel good in the morning when I wake up.
  29. zhel

    zhel Guest

    Yes, it affects our mood for it touches people’s lives by making things better when things aren’t going right in the world. Music is like an instrument that helps express your feelings and some of the beats get you into the mood of the music.
  30. Velvetkiss

    Velvetkiss New Member

    I do believe that music can change our moods. The power of music can express how a person is feeling or calm a persons feelings. For me I have always used certain songs as my own personal anthems to describe me or to describe a time in my life. A perfect example of music changing our mood is when a mother hums or sings a lullaby to their child.

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