Is it true that music can change our mood?

Discussion in 'Music' started by kaye, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. user94

    user94 New Member

    Yes, I think it is true. When I listen to my favourite song everything is fine.
  2. Eli Kim

    Eli Kim New Member

    Yes, I do believe--- but it also depends on what songs is playing. There is always a dull song which can get no reaction from people. People can feel whether that certain song has the impact or not, can make you cry or laugh, can make you dance or sing.
  3. vmbaltazar

    vmbaltazar New Member

    I strongly agree with this it can also enhance your emotions for example if you listen to sad or lonely music while you are sad it will heighten your emotions to a sadder state same goes with going to the gym, music gives you extra push
  4. GeRoL

    GeRoL New Member

    Based on my personal experience, yes, it can extremely change our mood. 'Coz I believe, listening to music is a way of diverting one's emotions depending on a situation. It's also an outlet to express ourselves whether we are in a good or bad mood.
  5. Simple_me18

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  6. Simple_me18

    Simple_me18 Member

    Music is not only able to affect your mood -- listening to particularly happy or sad music caneven change the way we perceive theworld, according to new research. ... However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception.
  7. Liz15

    Liz15 New Member

    Yes, for me music can change our moods because if I want to relax I want to play relaxing music like acoustic. If I am working out I want to play music like hip hop.
  8. Yes definitely, for me everytime I listening musics it boost my mood and my day. I become more aggressive.
  9. dokmc

    dokmc New Member

    Absolutely yes! A lot of incident in life wherein I am sad for a particular scenario, then I hear this upbeat song, it brightens my mood. In the other side, when you normally do stuff then you hear a sad song, you will accidentally remember this sad memory in the past. How funny isn't it? The music plays to our head.
  10. Hannah Mae Estrella

    Hannah Mae Estrella New Member

    Yes! This is very true. I always do this every time I feel very stress. Music is my tool to eliminate stress. But you know whats funny? I used to listen metal songs very loud and after that, Boom! I feel very relax and stress free. It is up to us guys what kind of music we will prefer to listen because it is our mood and nobody can handle it except us.
  11. Ixba

    Ixba Member

    That's true. For example, sometimes when I am playing halo 5 or tetris blitz and I listen to metal, my body accelerates and I have better precision in my movements and I also want to do everything faster. On the contrary, for example, if I listen to a piece of classical music and I am playing, my movements are quieter and less moved.
  12. Music can really change the moods of a person. Music can make our body change our moods especially you are exhausted at work you need to have a stress reliever to listen and that kind of music can help you relieve from stress, not just a reliever from stress.It can change your dull moment into a joyful one when you hear a certain kind of beat of music.Music can also give you empowerment as well. Music can really change your mood with preferably the choice of a person what kind of music he or she loves. It is also base upon what kind of personality he or she have. Sometimes, a person who is in a mode of stress when he hears a rock kind of music, his stress is gone but when a person who is also in a stress mode and hears a rock music, the person is more stressful, agitated or not relax, getting more stress. Truly music can change the moods of a person and base upon what kind of personality or character he or she has.
  13. kerooov29

    kerooov29 New Member

    Music is a mood changer indeed. When we listen to a rhythm, our heart actually begins to synchronize with it. A slow music rhythm leads to a slow heartbeat that tells our brain that something sad or depressing is occurring also fast rhythms leads to fast heartbeats and excitement, while a dreamy rhythm with occasional upbeats can
    be a sign of love or joy.

    Tones are just as important as rhythm. “Major Key” music piece will usually signal happy cheerful communication to our brain, while “minor key” pieces communicate sadness. This all has a very strong effect on our brain

    When we listen to joyful music, our brains produce chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which make us feel happy. The same happens when we listen to relaxing, soothing music the brain responds with chemicals that make you feel in a certain way depending on the kind of the music you listen
  14. rmed

    rmed New Member

    Absolutely! Yes. But it depends on the music the you are listening to. Music is so powerful, sometimes if we are in a bad mode and we heard something joyful music we tend to switch our emotion into a positive one. Sometime when when we heard loves song, we are being emotional and tends us sometimes to reminisce things from past. I remember my college, I was walking home suddenly, I heard disco music and i cant help my self not dance even on a highway.
  15. classical-guitarist

    classical-guitarist New Member

    Absolutely. I write music every day and I am always faced with writer's block or an overwhelming feeling of what I am doing is not good enough. I always combat this by listening to my favourite artists and deconstructing what they are doing in the songwriting or production aspect of it. If I do this I immediately am faced with a great sense of motivation and enthusiasm to continue making music.

    Music also helps in other aspects. Have you ever tried to work out without music? Near impossible for me. Studies have shown that playing classical music in stores decreases the amount of crime. Of course, music affects our moods since they are written with the mood in mind.
  16. eugrchrd

    eugrchrd New Member

    I think that music can do that. I am not a specialist, but i am confident that music can reduce stress and motivate you. However, I am not sure how lasting these effects are.
  17. NewBeginnings

    NewBeginnings New Member

    I'm a musician and I'm surprised that there are still those who doubt that music can change our mood. If you think about it even eating a burger will change your mood... everything we do changes our moods, so listening to music *of course* changes our mood. Isn't this the reason why we listen to it in the first place? To "change our mood" ?
    Think about it, how many times you need to disconnect from your problems , your worries, or you simply had a stressful day and in order to relax you play your favorite music and when you do so,... surprise ! you start feeling better, happier, and in a better *mood*
  18. Retspihied

    Retspihied New Member

    Yes, it absolutely can! I've gone through some pretty harsh times in my life and music has been there to ease the troubles undoubtedly. I'm no scientist but music has an effect on the brain and depending the genre of music and your mood, it can really benefit you. For example, during my gym sessions I listen to metal, it gets me pumped up and energetic before I even start lifting weights!
  19. Jon Jasper Legaspi

    Jon Jasper Legaspi New Member

    Yes! I am a musician a lead guitarist of a band, I express my feelings and emotions by playing guitar. And by listening to rock music which is my favorite genre my stress is relieved
  20. Patrickray

    Patrickray New Member

    I totally agree with this i always expiernce that when i am alone music can change my mood sometime when i am cleaning my bedroom without music i feel so tired and i always want to sleep it is hard to move and to clean m own bedroom and when i try to play some RNB and rock song it change my mood i feel energetic and i can think so many things to make my work faster. Sometimes when i am driving a car alone i always play a bass boosted music so that i can feel my driving experience on the road more.
  21. shangayesha

    shangayesha New Member

    music is not only able to affect your mood -- listening to particularly happy or sad music can even change the way we perceive the world, according to new research. ... However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception...the power of music is in upon our soul...From lullabies in my mother's arms, to the wedding march, and ending with laments sung at your funeral, music is an important part of the human experience. ... Music can enrich your life in a variety of ways: providing an outlet for emotions, affecting mood, increasing creativity, and connecting you with other people...especially to your love one...a very especial person in your life,without music life is so dull...
  22. Mang Hulyan

    Mang Hulyan New Member

    You know, music is a just a reflection of our feelings. Once you listen to a song and you find it appropriate on your current mood, it only means that the song you have chosen is merely a mirror of your mood. Therefore, I believe that music only touches our current mood but not changes it.
  23. ennaid

    ennaid New Member

    Yes. Not only it affects our moods but our hearts also synchronize with the beat of the music. It can calm a troubled heart which is why I think people who are upset listen to their favorite music.
  24. jack18

    jack18 Member

    yes is a perfect nice music and always sound everyday of music or video..
    i have feelings not istress and less my problems if a use sound of music,,
  25. KennethPabs

    KennethPabs New Member

    Music is a gift from God. It really affects a person. Good music is good for the heart. Bad music is related to aggressiveness and negative effect on people that always listens to that kind of music. The key is listening to music that will help you be a better person. And also by choosing what kind of music you are listening is really a big help in improving your moods. There are also therapy that uses music to soothe a depressed heart. There are also music that brings joy and calmness to the one listening to it.
  26. Qwerose09

    Qwerose09 New Member

    Yes it does. it is scientifically proven and personally proven. When if feel so stressed what I do is i listen to cheerful songs and it does really change my mood. And when you hear sad songs you kind of feel the same way and relate to the songs.
  27. russell

    russell New Member

    Yes, definitely music can change your mood and it depends on what kind of music you are listening to. If you're listening to love music, your're in the mood for love. When listening to rock, your adrenaline pumps, for jazz you feel elegant, for sad music you can feel the sadness and hopelessness. When you are watching movies you can the feel the scene by listening to the background music. So when you feel something bad, listen to your favorite music and you can feel the change. Yes I agree music is a beautiful gift from God and it's good for the heart. Yes I also agree on music therapy, some of the clinics in US, Japan, China and other countries used music within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. So if you want to feel good, listen to good music.
  28. jerahmeeltayag

    jerahmeeltayag New Member

    Kaye I am like your teacher. When I am sad I play Demons-Imagine Dragons, it makes me feel alive and well. Also in the sadder side, when I am happy but when Wherever you will Go comes on I feel sad because that was mine and my ex's song. See music speaks the words that we can't express, so in a way music becomes a part of us. So when we try to comprehend or imitate the mood or message of the song, we carry the emotion behind it. Yes we are people and we find music as one of the best things created, also one of the most powerful tools in this world.
  29. Moni

    Moni New Member

    Definitely yes! Music can change our mood because it can teleport us back in a moment when we were happy or sad and music can make us relive the same feelings.
  30. jmpostloop

    jmpostloop New Member

    For me music can change our mood, when i'm listening to music for example when i'm in a bad mood and i listened to certain lively music my mood changes and makes me feel so lively that's why when i'm not in a good mood i prefer listening to music.

    Music gives some sort of good energy and depends on the type of music your listening to, basically when your doing something and you felt lazy doing those things like chores, music can give you drive to do a certain task which actually changing your laziness to a persuasive mood that's why music really change my mood.

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