Is it true that music can change our mood?

Discussion in 'Music' started by kaye, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. dcrdrgz

    dcrdrgz New Member

    Yeah!!! Always so better always chill up with a hype music!!
  2. JaVen

    JaVen New Member

    Yes definitely, Music can change our mood. After a hard day's work it can uplift our spirits giving us peace of mind and relaxation away from the busy world. It can motivate us when we are feeling down. Just by hearing the right music we can go back on track again. That is the power of music, it inspires people to do something, to focus on the good things rather on the negativity. It surely brings good vibes.
  3. bertoregaspi

    bertoregaspi New Member

    It goes both ways, mood changes the music too. Ask Adele, she made the best songs while she was a nobody and heartbroken. Now that she's got all the success, she finds it a challenge. Maybe she would switch to country, haha!
  4. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    Yes, it does. I play music according to what I feel or what I want to feel like, when I'm exercising, I love listening to lively songs. It really does boost my mood and energy.
  5. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    Yes, it does. I play music according to what I feel or what I want to feel like, when I'm exercising, I love listening to lively songs. It really does boost my mood and energy.
  6. superlengka

    superlengka New Member

    Absolutely yes, Everytime I heard music especially the one I love it makes me feel at ease and inspired it brings so much comfort to me whenever i feel down or stressed out, for me music touches the soul and gives serenity to our heart weather it's a love song, a sad song it can bring smile or tears in our eyes.
  7. totoadrian

    totoadrian New Member

    Music and mood are closely interrelated -- listening to a sad or happy song on the radio can make you feel more sad or happy. However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception. For example, people will recognize happy faces if they are feeling happy themselves. It shows that music has an even more dramatic effect on perception: even if there is nothing to see, people sometimes still see happy faces when they are listening to happy music and sad faces when they are listening to sad music.
  8. sydbeyer

    sydbeyer New Member

    I absolutely believe it does. I could be having a fantastic day, everything going well, and then hear a song that reminds me of a different time, place, or person that hurt me. This will almost always change my mood at least a little bit. Music for me has a large place in my memories, and when I hear songs from my past I am transported back to that time. This doesn't only apply to sad memories, but happy and angry ones too. It's such a huge spectrum, it's astounding. If it's a new song that is associated with past memories, the tempo and message is what will affect my mood. I try to avoid songs that are morose when I'm feeling blue, but sometimes I immerse myself in that type of music to help my emotions flow through me and not bottle them up inside. Music is amazing at capturing human emotion.

    BAHATI New Member

    Definitely yes!!! Music makes you feel good. I think no need to speak with the scientific studies on what the music can do to our life. Just listen to your heart, and you will know it what the music can do. From being grumpy to calm, from the feeling of being alone to being full of love.
    Music is a universal language. It can make two unknown people connected.
  10. jacknario

    jacknario New Member

    Definitely! :) Music can change our mood. In my case, I am using music as a way of avoiding negativity in my environment especially if you are in an office with full of negative people. Instead of listening to their chit chat and negative comments towards others I'll just pick up my earphone and tune in to my favorite music in YouTube which is the instrumental music. I love listening to instrumental music, because it gives me the feeling of being in a spa with a very relaxing music. Listening to a relaxing music, helps me to ease stress and decrease the pressure of work place.

    I also use music to boost my adrenaline in doing my weekly household. Every week end while cleaning our house, I will tune in our radio to disco channel. This music makes me happy and the adrenaline is high while doing the chores.

    This proves to me that music change my mood.
  11. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    yes, music can change our mood. When we're happy, listening to faster beat music or dance music makes us happier or energetic and when we are sad, listening to a very emotional song will make us sadder. So the best combination is when we're sad it's better to listen in livelier music. Let music help us to always be positive in life.
  12. Joshua Jan Romero

    Joshua Jan Romero New Member

    There are a lot of people in my surroundings you have common to your teacher, especially those old musicians. They are also good not only only in making a songs but also allowing theirs to control emotions through music.
  13. csk81

    csk81 New Member

    Music is more than just entertainment; it is a way of life to most people, which is why it seems to appeal to so many people. Music is the key to numerous components in one’s life, but on a deeper level, music can play a critical role in letting emotion’s run. It has a way of changing or creating moods for the better or for the worse, whether it is hearing a happy song that brings back fun memories, or hearing a sad song, that brings back those sad memories. Although music has a different appeal to various people, it still has a major impact on the people today.
  14. Angelene

    Angelene New Member

    Yes, Music can definitely change your mood actually, Especially when you are feeling down at the moment and then you listen to a very nice music you will just automatically change your mood because you adopt to the song with your sense of understanding to what the song says. There are really so much songs that can change you and the way you act these days.
  15. Arnelbrix

    Arnelbrix New Member

    In my own view music is really make me calm, in times when I'm sad and lonely, sometime it makes me happy and gave me energy and it gave me a courage to pursue what ever ups and down in life, in fact of loving music, I can able to play guitar. My favorite genre of music is, love songs, pop, R&B, hip hop I also include classic music, country music. all I can say is music has a big part of our life...
  16. Paul21

    Paul21 New Member

    Definitely. I remember when I feel afraid because my classmate is bullying me and then I hear the music " Not Afraid" by Eminem, after the song I bump his head on the floor like a gangsta.
  17. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    When I listen to Hip Hop, I feel a bit cool. When I listen to Alternative songs, I feel depressed. When I losten to love songs, I feel in love. Maybe it can really affect the mood of the person listening.
  18. LouLang

    LouLang New Member

    Yes. It is true that music can change the mood.When I'm upset I usually listen to music.It relaxes my mind. It helps me most when I'm bothered and when I'm doing household chores. It also helps me fall to sleep especially when I'm having trouble sleeping. I love music and so my family. It's our kind of bonding. Jazz is my favorite. It makes everything romantic. It's melody is really heart penetrating.
  19. KimmyAnne13

    KimmyAnne13 New Member

    For me musoc really can change my mood be ause eventhough I am broken hearted but onve I heard a broken hearted or sad music it feels like I relate on that too much and it really broke my heart into tiny little pieces. Also if I heard loud music it lighten up my good quickly even though i'm on the state of being sad and problematic.
  20. Jay2299

    Jay2299 New Member

    I 101% believe that it can change our mood. Everytime i get bad mood I'll just play some music then my mood will light up. Thats the power of music.
  21. Jay2299

    Jay2299 New Member

    Theres also a time when your so happy then you accidentally hear the favorite song, or your theme song of your ex, then you become so sad beacause it brings back memories:(. Music is so powerful that it can change our mood:D.
  22. whizkidhfff

    whizkidhfff New Member

    Very true....especially the slow sad songs.

    TOMSHANJ Member

    yes that's very true, music can control everything in and outside of you, for me when am in a bad mood, I use music to cool me dowm, when i feel lonely music becomes my companion, when am in love music reminds me of her and i love her more, when am chatting with my love and am out of words music covers it all so music can surely put you in the best mood ever.
  24. Mirjana86

    Mirjana86 New Member

    Yes i believe it is true. Somethimes, when i hear some song that i haven't heard for a long time, I feel bit nostalgic about the time when I listened to it, if it was a good time. Or Somethimes if the rhytm is slow, my mood can change, I become quiet, full of thoughts and dreamy.
  25. raymondhc

    raymondhc New Member

    Absolutely, sometimes, I can be really sad and all but when the upbeat music is playing, I just wan't to dance to it and it changes my mood completely. Sometimes sad songs can make me cry for no reason.
  26. otepeezy

    otepeezy New Member

    Music does not only change your mood, but also your life! :) I learned to play the guitar back when I was 13 years of age. Until now I'm still playing the guitar and now I have a acoustic band. We perform in many events, gigs and bars. Music changed my life. Thanks to my parents that is also had a good taste in music. Whenever you feel sad, just trust the power of music. It can brighten up your day! Let's just enjoy the music that the elder one's gave us. Bring music to your life and let music take you! :)
  27. MartialMartials

    MartialMartials New Member

    Absolutely, a hundred percent correct!! Me for instance, if I feeling down, I just take my phone, go to music playlist (named - fire up again), and listen to them until I put myself together, and get back on track.
    Music is a life changer. It can save you from depression, stress, anxiety, and even death. So choose your musics, put 'em to a playlist, and listen to them when you need to. I'm hundred percent it will turn your life in the way you've wanted.
  28. cimenikyron

    cimenikyron New Member

    Yes it is. Based on my experience, i usually listen to music whenever i feel sad or irritated. It really changes my mood instantly. This may be an opinion but trust me, listening to music can really change our mood into something better.
  29. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    Music can change our mood in many ways. When we are listening to a joyful music, our brains are producing chemicals which are serotonin and dopamine which make us happy. This is also the same when we are listening to a relaxing music or loud, angry music that can also cause different emotional feelings.
  30. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    Music is not only able to affect your mood -- listening to particularly happy or sad music can even change the way we perceive the world, according to new research. ... However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception.

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