Is it true that music can change our mood?

Discussion in 'Music' started by kaye, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Very true. Wether Im feeling happy or sad, music changes my mood. I love music. Music is part of my life, yours too. It changes everything. When Im in bad mood I just open my phone and listen to my favorite songs. Im relieved.
  2. nicknaz

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    It is a big ''YES'' for me that music can change our moods. Even an infant can already already appreciate music in their own unique way and it is already a proof that music has always been a part of our life that it does not only change our mood but it also changes our disposition in life. Who can deny that on our childhood days, we cannot recall that when we are really irritated because we wanted to sleep, our mom will just sing us a lullaby to put us to sleep and the rest is history.

    Now that I am grown up, music has always been best buddy to calm me whenever I am feeling tired, lonely, depressed and even if I am happy.It sets up a vibe that unconsciously changes the way we feel . I also goes along with the thought that every individual like us has our own type of music that we play and listen to when we would like to set our emotions and whenever we would like to set the vibe of our environment. Each and every way, music has always been dear to us.
    Truely, music sets up our moods and affects greatly our emotions.
  3. jadi007

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    I believe that music can change our moods. I always count on music to change my mood. Music makes my mood fresh and even all that persons who love music their moods are fresh. I love listening music when i miss my old moments.
    So many songs that brings smile on your face and many songs that brings tears in your eyes. I love listening music when i am going back to my home from work. Music gives me strength and changes my mood. Music is love.
  4. diazvac

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    This is already studied and proved to be true. Music is a very powerful art that some of the songs can even control persons behavior. Back in history, there is a song that is prohibited to play because people believed that this song is cursed. Several reports claimed that many people killed themselves after listening to this song.
  5. Pineapple112233

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    I do believe it does change our mood. This happens to me all the time, everytime when I'm in a bad mood but whenever I hear a good upbeat music or something that is familiar to my ears, for awhile I feel good just by hearing it. My mood changes quickly depending on the genre of the music brings, whether it's a happy or a sad music.
  6. kateyashh

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    Music adds color to our lives. I was once a boring and lazy person but when a friend introduced me to her music I was amazed how it changed my dull and lifeless way of living. When I was not interested in music I was surviving just to live but now that music caught my heart I am now celebrating how great life is and we all deserve to enjoy it. When I am dead tired and exhausted, wanting to have a good night sleep I play on instrumental music with the sound of rain pouring so hard..and definitely I will fall and have a goodnight sleep. All the time. Now, I conclude that music can change our mood.
  7. denver26

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    Yes! I believe that music can change our moods. How do i say so? Its easy, its beacause we can relate to the song. Surely you understand what I mean and surely we all experienced it. Example, Whenever we heard a sad songs we become sad , when we heard jolly song we become happy. So yes i do believe that song can change our moods
  8. Alzack50

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    Listening music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mental alertness and memory, included mood.
  9. Heckler17

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    It magically does! I'm very grateful music was invented, it's the most dependable thing on this world, it never failed to help me change my mood to whatever I desire may it be a heavy metal evening or a calming instrumentals that lulls me to sleep. Even babies in the womb unimaginably appreciates music that early! Music not only changes my mood but brings me back to life when I feel lifeless.
  10. Dietjay

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    For me base on my experience, music can change our moods. Especially when we are listening to an up beat song, sometimes we tend to adapt the energy and not noticing that we're moving with the beat. That's why background music or sound effect can make a video or a film MORE EFFECTIVE
  11. carlosandres

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    Yes, it is true. Being in a depressed state for any reason can abruptly by music, either because the song reminds you of a person whos not longer among us or because a very important person dedicated it to you .
  12. inspirit0610

    inspirit0610 New Member

    Music can change my mood so I believe that music can change moods. For example, when I listen to upbeat songs, it makes my mood happy enough that it makes me want to dance, then, if the sad songs, it quickly changes my mood into sad, gloomy and sorrowful.
  13. thusi123qw

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    Simple answer-Yes.I say this because humans have have seem to have responses to various range of sound waves,in many different frequencies,lots of research has showed that humans as well as animals,reactions to sound is familiar with another,for an example if you hear ocean waves,it gives a sense of calm,and you get sleepy,and if you hear Rock music,you get your adrenaline levels high and you get exited easy.Like that music can indeed change a persons MOOD.
  14. BNicely

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    Yes. I believe that our internal environment and external environment can be affected by each other. So, if we are upset we may listen to sad music or rage music. That is an example of how our internal world affects the external. However, if we are upset we can listen to uplifting music to help change our mood.
  15. jeszai

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    Definitely. Music always has this power to capture your feelings, no matter what you are up to at the certain moment. When music starts, memories comes in. It might put you in tears where it brings back the pain, the melody in each and every line comes crashing your heart over and over again. Yet sometimes, it may bring you to places, places you've never been. Music creates magic, a magic that no magician can ever did.
  16. mateusredfield

    mateusredfield New Member

    Yes, even I have no articles here to prove it, but the internet is full of that, you can have scientific evidence and you can try for yourself. Use some music app that selects musics just for you and suddenly you'll hear something beautiful, and you'll feel very impressed with that filling you. It happens sometimes, it's very good and will change your mood for better most of times.
  17. Cesssie

    Cesssie New Member

    I could say it is true. Whenever you listen to sad music, it changes your mood to the same emotion. Same thing goes to when you listen to something lively.
  18. MoCuishle4

    MoCuishle4 New Member

    Totalmente No solo por las ondas, sino por la reacción en nuestro cerebro. A veces una canción melancólica o triste en el momento adecuado puede hacer que una persona rompa a llorar o que al escuchar alguna canción de una banda sonora recordemos esa pelicula y te eches a reir.
    Tambien es verdad que anclamos sentimientos a canciones, cuando una persona especial nos dedica una canción, o cuando bailamos esa canción con gente que nos importa nos recuerda un sentimiento calido de amor o amistad. Por el contrario si es una canción que hemos oido en un momento triste, en la vida real o en una pelicula nos emula el sentimiento de tristeza.
    Y es cierto que los directores de peliculas, y videoclips cada vez más estudian ese impacto y saben como y donde colocar cada pieza musical en su obra para que encaje perfectamente .
    Todos recordamos la banda sonora de la vida es bella o titanic. Y por otro lado tenemos bandas sonoras como la de guardianes de la galaxia, IronMan, e incluso Moulin Rouge. Si pensamos en uno y otro el choque es clarisimo. Pero sin embargo en su contexto cada uno tiene el sentido exacto y la función adecuada.
  19. Janner29

    Janner29 New Member

    Indeed True! Music has the power to affect the mood of a person, you might hear people who listened to a heartbreaking song saying like " I'm not in a relationship, but this song made me cry". something like that.
  20. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Of course, I think so.
  21. jeanmichael

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    Yes, I believe music can change anyone's mood. I look at my toddler he is very happy with his music I have also seen people fight over music, lovers making love to their favorite song. I also play my music when I'm happy, sad or even if I'm bored.:thumbsup::whistle:
  22. roxanmedrano

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    Music is not only able to affect your mood -- listening to particularly happy or sad music can even change the way we perceive the world, according to researchers from the University of Groningen. ... However, such mood changes not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception.
  23. cer1e

    cer1e New Member

    Yes, especially when your feeling sad and down, just listen to music and it can lighten up the room.
  24. mimi93aly

    mimi93aly New Member

    When I'm sad or lonely i will always play some upbeat songs or happy songs so it can uplift my mood and make me feel a little better. But when I want to cry I will always play some sad songs. So It can help me cry. So music can always change your mood after all.
    Tip: When you're in love with someone always play a song. Because you will forget the person you're in love with but you will not forget the feeling of being in love when you play the song.
  25. MCGOKU305

    MCGOKU305 New Member

    Yes it can that is the Pure Dang Truth
  26. clairebalubal

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    I believe that music can change a mood. In my own experience, every time I hear music (it depends on music) my mood changes, from heavy to light, stress to calm, discomfort to comfort or the other way around. A change in the mood will always depend on the type of music we hears. If we are stressed and want to calm our mind and heart, we need to listen to uplifting songs, Christian song preferably is you are a Christian.
  27. OliviaT

    OliviaT New Member

    Music can most definitely change our moods. It can also enhance the moods we presently are in. This is due to the pitches and sound as well as instruments used in your specific song and how aggressive or relaxed it sounds being played
  28. Teachergeorge

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    Music is the best therapy in the world over. When a disaster such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes and recent challenge; terrorist attack, occurs in a country, the media stations play comforting music which surely gives countrymen and women hope as well as encouraging them to move on. An individual dismissed from a job, has had a break up can be healed by music as he or she walks along the paths.
  29. subhan456f

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    Music can affect your mood in many ways. This is because of the rhythm and tone that we hear when we listen to music. When we listen to a rhythm, our heart actually begins to synch with it. A slow heartbeat with a strong diastolic pressure tells our brain that something sad or depressing is occurring. Very fast beating has to do with excitement, while a dreamy rhythm with occasional upbeats can be a sign of love or joy. Tones are just as important as rhythm. A “major key” music piece will usually signal cheerful communication to our brain, while “minor key” pieces are sadder. This all has a very strong effect on our brain, which makes our mind actually feel what’s being communicated to us.

    When we listen to joyful, happy music, our brains usually produce chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which make us feel happy. The same happens when we listen to relaxing, soothing music or to hard, loud, angry music that can also cause a number of different emotional feelings. Music may cause you to feel joyful, sad, angry, hyped up, relaxed etc. and sometimes you can feel more than one emotion during a song.

    As research shows, music not only effects what kind of mood we may be in, but we also seem to have a habit of choosing music based on the moods we are already feeling. So if we are feeling very happy, sorrowful, angry etc. we will generally want to listen to that type of music. However, if you feel like you are falling into picking certain music that makes a negative mood worse, you should be aware of what type of music can help reverse the negative mood you feel instead of encouraging it.

    Music has recently been seen as beneficial for depression recovery, however, according to research it does depend on the type of music: Classical and meditative sounds seem to be uplifting, while heavy metal and techno can actually make depressive symptoms worse.

    Music also affects our mood to the extent that it can influence how we see neutral faces. One study showed that after hearing a short piece of music, participants were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard. This also happened with other facial expressions, but was most notable for those that were close to neutral. Something else that’s really interesting about how our emotions are affected by music is that there are two kinds of emotions related to music: perceived emotions and felt emotions. This means that sometimes we can understand the emotions of a piece of music without actually feeling them, which explains why some of us find listening to sad music enjoyable, rather than depressing. Unlike in real life situations, we don’t feel any real threat or danger when listening to music, so we can perceive the related emotions without really feeling them.
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