Is it worth having your own blog?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by sweetpick, Nov 12, 2018.


What are your favorite topics for blogging?

  1. health topics

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  2. DIY

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  3. How to's

  4. Cooking

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  5. Other (please specify)

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  1. sweetpick

    sweetpick New Member

    There are many people who make a living from blogging. All it needs is to regularly write a blog post, link it with companies like google adsense and a topic, which would grab the attention of readers.

    Cooking, DIY, healthy alternatives and How to's are some of the favorite topics for blogging. In the long run, these blogs can fetch you a decent income.

    What are your favorite topics for blogging?
  2. LesY

    LesY New Member

    I think having a blog is worth it if you really have the time and a genuine interest in sharing something with the world. Many people nowadays opt for creating a blog for the sole purpose of earning money and that unfortunately creates a vicious cycle where the blogs out there lack authenticity and fresh content.

    That being said, if you open a blog it can generate you a considerable amount of money if you dedicate the proper time to nurture it and make it grow. I have been following closely a blogger than in a matter of three years went from blogging in his free time to working full-time on his blog and earning enough to live on the road.

    At the moment I don't own a blog, but I'd love to have one in the future and write about traveling and languages as I enjoy sharing the knowledge I've gathered throughout the years with those who are willing to read.
  3. emmrog

    emmrog New Member

    I don't have a blog at the moment, but I am in the process of writing some articles for one I want to create. I too have heard that some people have made quite a bit of money having one, and others get a good side income. I think anything cooking/food related is always a win, because it's a part of peoples lives everyday. Health is massive at the moment, as is organisation systems. Food will hopefully be one of my main focuses on my blog.

    I do get worried about the amount of time I will have to put in to it, with starting a new job in the next few weeks. Do you consider that an issue as well?
  4. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    I don't have my own blog, but i can say that having your own blog is worth it. Having your own blog means sharing your experience, your ideas, your personality and even you personal topics with the rest of the world. Most bloggers that i am aware of focus on travel and food since more and more travel places are sprouting in different areas whether local or international. I think the best part of having your own blog is that people do make their own comments and reactions and from those feedback you can really appreciate how people concern in certain topics and in certain experience. They do appreciate how a blogger share his own views and experiences and from that he makes himself more encouraged with his blog.
  5. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    Blogging seemed to be and perhaps still is under threat of obsolescence. A combination of words and videos (a vlog) seems to be an evolutionary step forward. I enjoy blogs and vlogs. Like books, blogs contain written or typed words. I enjoy reading because I feel my mind being employed to imagine and am not always interested in a visual interpretation from someone else. It seems that the responses posted here focus on whether or not blogging can be or is lucrative and to what degree. If there is an audience for it, one can benefit financially. Both emmrog and wilbertbarrientos make good points about what people find interesting and riding the crest of a trend can result in big returns if what is written lands on top of the heap.

    Blog because you like to write and don't be disingenuous.

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