Is it worth it to publish to a magazine?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by paulpro58, May 26, 2017.

  1. paulpro58

    paulpro58 New Member

    I run a blog and post new updates every week. I am trying to decide if I should try to sell some of my work to a magazine or keep it all for my own blog. On one hand I could make a little cash right off the bat and potentially get some traffic, or at least get my name out there. On the other hand the more I post to my blog the better off I will be in terms of SOE and developing a following. Any advice?
  2. gamer1tech

    gamer1tech New Member

    If it is a popular magazine, it will be more than helpful in boosting and advertising your name. Depending on the content, you will be able to attract thousands of readers. My personal advice : Advertise any chance you get.
  3. Mintea

    Mintea New Member

    Hello there. I pretty much agree with gamer1tech. If you have the potential and the time to create enough good quality content on a regular basis (which you kind of might be used to by now!), creating pertinent articles for a specific magazine audience might actually give you both good experience a also provide you with the opportunity to promote your work outside your current niche. Magazines editors would always want to hear from enthusiastic, imaginative and versatile writers who can engage multitude audiences too!
  4. LyndaR

    LyndaR New Member

    I have been writing and selling my freelance articles to magazines for about 10 years now. It's a nice, steady income and you can either just write articles on a special topic, or offer your services through an online freelance agency, (such as used to be), and be prepared to research and write about any topic. This will give you more chance of obtaining work as a magazine article writer, than just approaching a particular magazine and hoping they need more writers.

    On the other hand, if you believe that you have interesting knowledge to share about a restricted or rare topic, it would be a good idea to find a magazine or two in this niche and send them a few samples of your work.

    Every magazine values a new and original approach to the popular subjects of today, so if you have something individual and innovative to offer, don't hesitate to offer it for sale! You can keep your blog going until you discover paying clients for your work, and you've got nothing to lose by trying something new!
  5. Brizo

    Brizo New Member

    If you can get published then do it. Anything you can do to get your writing out there is important.
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  6. abstraction

    abstraction New Member

    Well, of course, this is rather silly debate, yes? Is your blog going to make more money then publishing to a magazine - of course not. There's no question about this. Right now you can wrote to the top online spaces and make anywhere from $50 USD anywhere up to $500 USD. And offline magazines the same or a bit more. Some also are offline and also online, and you make a pretty penny here these magazines. I never knew a blog who made so much as you, ever? Please tell me what you do to make such an income as being a real professional writer? Best wishes.
  7. abstraction

    abstraction New Member

  8. abstraction

    abstraction New Member

    I agree with you. The idea here is to get published. Somewhere we have to draw the line in where it's all about online profits and being a writer, yes? A business entrepreuner and a writer are two different species, yes?What's your passion? Decide. And make it happen. Some writers are not business minded. These are two different goals.
  9. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    It depends how much you can earn online and offline. If you earn $50 to $100 per article at the magazine, you should publish your work there because it is not easy to earn $100 per month online.
    I do know that Female magazine pays writers $100 per article which is true experience under pseudonym. A lot of people are reading this magazine and my mom had been purchasing this magazine in order to read those real stories.

    If you are less than $50 , you might as well try your luck at publishing online , use the SEO to attract internal and external traffic. Some writers could earn easily online with the correct keywords.
  10. Demonic

    Demonic New Member

    If the magazine is interesting sure, but if it's not. Not many people will want it so if you do make one make it interesting or something everyone would like to read and make sure to include lots of pictures no one wants to read 500 words a page. Thanks for reading my post!
  11. sammemman

    sammemman New Member

    If the offer is right and terms are good,why not? I would write for a magazine to build up my portfolio,if not for anything else. The more experience you acquire, the writers network you build, the greater your chances are to start up your own magazine in the nearest future.
  12. antonmia

    antonmia New Member

    Just a reminder that mostly people like mwah initially look at pictures. It is the first thing I notice and almost 10% I really don't care what is written in it. Focus on the pictures!
  13. dennyboy

    dennyboy New Member

    This idea also crossed my mind. But there are many factors to consider like your audiences, cultural appropriation, translation to other languages and many more. But the factor that tops everything above else would be your audience. And of course you need to conduct a research if it will be feasible. Those were the things I had to see if a magazine is worth the push or otherwise. Feel free to criticize this comment.
  14. Ecuador

    Ecuador New Member

    You should definitely write articles for magazines if they are willing to buy your articles. It's a competitive market and you need anything that helps you get a leg up. Magazines usual reach more people and pay more than online publications. You need to go for it, especially if you have a real chance of selling your articles.
  15. redpalm

    redpalm New Member

    As long as you have the talent and the capital. Just try and try until you succeed.
  16. RobMay

    RobMay New Member

    To be published anywhere (as long as it's a legitimate thing and not some random "magazine" or whatever) is to be recognized on your area. There's actually someone that says: "Hey, this guy's pretty good. We should pay him to have his words on our publication".

    The question then is: do you want to be recognized and brought to a (potentially) bigger audience? And, also, do you want to be paid?

    It's okay if you don't. You might want to just keep everything on your blog. You might want to write only for yourself and for a small audience, there's no problem with that.

    Generally, I think it's a positive thing to be published (again -- it depends on where), but you have to follow your heart.

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