is Long Distance Relationship really that hard?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Benjo, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Benjo

    Benjo New Member

    guys I need your thought on this one. I want to know who's on the negative and affirmative side. because there are lot of reason why this so called long distance relationship is hard, and there are people who thinks this kind of relationship is easy to handle.
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  2. Long distance relationship is very hard. My opinion comes from my experience. Even how you love your partner and you understand the situation our patience has limitations. Even you think about it in a positive way you can't help but be jealous of others who have their special someone near them. Even how considerate you are time will come that you will feel exhausted of your situation. I truly admire those person who was able to live with long distance relationship. But that situation is too much to handle it comes with not just a lo but too much effort to maintain the way it is.And we are living with life full of temptation it takes a lot of courage and understanding to conquer it.
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  3. carloskerika

    carloskerika Member

    It depends on the mindset of both of you in that relationship. If both of you believe that it can work then definitely it will.. Firstly,the main thing that must be there is TRUST between the two of you. There can never be a successful relationship without trust. Secondly, occasional meeting and making good use of that little time for the purposes of strengthening the bond between the two of you. Thirdly, you have to do stuff together like video chats and all that so as to constantly keep in touch. With this world anything is possible, you just have to believe and trust your instincts.
  4. J143E

    J143E New Member

    Long distance relationship is hard. It's hard when you need physical assurance like hugs and cuddles to remind you that you're alive but you can't because he/she is so faraway. It's hard when one of you gets sicka and the other can't do anything but pray and cry that the other would heal faster. It's hard when you want to spend some time together but can't because... distance.
    "You can only fit so much words in a phone call"
    But when you truly love someone, distance and time will not defeat your love. It will push through despite all the pain and the worries and fears. It will make you make the days you're together to count. It'll make you be more understanding and it'll make you stronger.
    So hold on. Remember what made you commit. Remember that it's all worth it.
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  5. danahabarro

    danahabarro New Member

    Yes, it is really hard. imagine you're a thousand miles apart from your loved ones, but as long as you both believe that your relationship will work. distance will not be a problem. I have been there that's why I know the feeling. and thank God we surpassed it.

    The keys to having a successful long-distance relationship are Trust, constant communication, and loyalty.

    TRUST - it is a big word, but as long as you both trust each other, everything will fall in the right place, you have to assure each other that this thing will work. and never make anything that will break his/her trust, there's a saying that trust is like a glass that once its broken you can never be the same again.

    CONSTANT COMMUNICATION - No matter how busy you are, always make time to call or message him/her. despite being busy if you truly love him/her you will make a way.

    LOYALTY - Never ever cheat your partner just because of your miles apart from each other. always remember KARMA is just around the corner.

    That's it, if you follow this you will surpass these LDR things. just keep holding on!
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  6. Ryannel82

    Ryannel82 New Member

    It depends on the foundation of the relationship. Distance is one of the ultimate test in a relationship. Sometimes, it's good if you get the chance to experience to be away with your loved one. You can reflect on things on your own and you'll be able to evaluate how strong is your trust and fidelity towards your partner.I believe if a couple survives the Long Distance Relationship (LDR), they're one step closer towards successful relationship.
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  7. Jopet dela cruz

    Jopet dela cruz New Member

    Long distance love affair is really hard. Its harder to keep the flame of love glowing than you have your love ones near you on daily basis. Temptations are everywhere and if you're lonely and away, it take a great determination to surpass the test. That's why strong foundation of love, trust & respect must be present in order for the relationship survive. Constant communication and putting god in the midst of relationship is a vital factor.
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  8. thehumanbean

    thehumanbean New Member

    Long distance relationship wouldn't be difficult for me because I have very strong values. I think it is more difficult for women because they need more physical reassurance. They are more emotional in my opinion. Therefore I would never try a long distance relationship with a female because it common to be cheated on. For example guys in the army get cheated on a lot. It is sad but a statistical fact.
  9. lynnedawan

    lynnedawan New Member

    When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long and no other love can break them apart.You just always need to have time to communicate no matter how busy you are don’t ever forget to send some messages to your love one. Understanding each other flaws and differences is need .Patience is a virtue also ome of the best factor for a relationship to last .Cheating your partnet is a lust not love at all .Being near with the one you love is always you aim for life .Long distance relationship is just one of many things you need to endure to surpass the challenges in your relationship .True love wins being far with each other will test how deep and how much you are willing to fight against all the hardship you will encounter.
  10. ynaed

    ynaed New Member

    This is really beautiful--definitely something I should keep in mind! That said, I don't think that the problem is necessarily keeping the love alive, it's keeping the hope alive. Long distance relationships are so much easier if you have an end in sight! Personally, if an "LDR" isn't temporary, I'm not okay with them anymore. I've had a few relationships across countries or across states, and they're fine if you have a lot of free time, cell reception, and hopefully both have Skype or FaceTime, but if you're both busy and only have time for a goodnight email every once in a while, it's hardly a relationship, is it? LDRs take commitment, but all relationships take time and effort, and I feel like that's what slips away in LDRs.
  11. AxlMacaballug

    AxlMacaballug New Member

    For some it is hard. Like for my partner, Its really hard for her to have a long distance relationship. But for me its not that hard. As long as there is communication and trust. I have a mindset that if i have a long distance relationship, everything will be worth it once you are back together. Thats why im trying to teach her that everything is worth it. We both love each other and i know all of it is true. Just stay strong. Keep on communicating. Avoid arguements. And just love. Time will tell if its meant to be.
  12. Sha30

    Sha30 New Member

    It is hard but you need to sacrifice to have a beter lifes of your family sometimes i want to giveup because of homesick technology know helps me to decrease home sick its because now we have a chat or video call to see your loves ldr is very hard for people not real or not true love because if you realy realy loves someone you can wait because you truly loves but if you cant wait i think you cant love because loves is love all you do all wait its because of true loves its hard to wait but you need to wait because of love 12years ago its to hard to have a ldr relationship because you can use letter but know is hightech you can chat call or even video call no more reason to be lonely if you realy love her you can wait thats all.
  13. GivenTulio

    GivenTulio New Member

    Yes long distance relationship is hard, but it doesn't mean it cannot work, for it to work there is a lot of things you need to consider. First is Communication because constant communication develops your trust with one another. Second faithfullness without this it will never work because you 'll end up cheating or having an affair. Lastly for a long distance relationship to work you have to put God in the center of your relationship, I think having God in your relationship gives both you a better foundation in dealing with all kinds of sttuggles and problem that you will face as a couple .
  14. SpeedofSilence

    SpeedofSilence New Member

    I was involved in a long distance relationship for almost 4 years while I was in college, and all I can say is "it's different". There are definitely aspects of it that are difficult, the distance really robs you of the small physical things that you might take for granted like hand holding. On the other hand when you do see each other, all the things that you were missing due to the distance feel that much more special, the best hug you'll ever have is when they step off the plane/bus/taxi.

    There are also some very real benefits to being in a long distance relationship. The physical space allows you room to grow and explore new hobbies that you might not have done if you spent your evenings sitting on a couch watching movies (nothing wrong with that though). One of my fondest memories from that relationship was the look on my then girlfriend's face when I gave her a gift that I had been working on for a few months. I am not a particularly artsy person, and she very much was, so I spent a lot of time painting her college logo. For some it might be very simple, but she really enjoyed it because of the time that went into it.
  15. corjosbou

    corjosbou New Member

    I would honestly not ever be in a long distance relationship. It's just too much stress and work that I don't think it's worth it. I also would have extreme trust issues, even if my significant other lived within a nights drive. It's hard enough to trust people nowadays, adding that buffer zone just complicates things. It's easier for people to cheat when the person they're hurting isn't even there. I've tried a LDR before and it ended up fizzling out to nothing. Especially if it begins as a long distance relationship. If you don't actually meet someone before getting "intimate" with them, you're going to run into problems later. It's going to be awkward when you actually do meet face to face.
  16. jamechi

    jamechi Member

    I will give a short answer, If its really love, it will work out, no matter how far both of you are.
  17. jasminemay

    jasminemay New Member

    Long distance relationship is really hard because there are so many times that you can't help missing your love one and sometimes think of negative things like a lot of what if's. But if you can see or feel his/her effort to reach you even if just talking on phone or any other communication the negative side of you will going to subside or it will totally erase on your mind. Always have TIME, TRUST and EFFORT for you to be able to survive in a long distance relationship.
  18. lenx23

    lenx23 New Member

    Nope! its not hard. Nowadays not that hard because of technology, you can call him or her anytime you want, express your feelings through video calls. You can let her or him feel you're always with her or him. Though you can't touch, hug or kiss her/him at least good communication exist comparing long time ago when telegram is still the mode of communication.
  19. eden caga

    eden caga New Member

    Yes! I can really say its really hard. From my own experienced it was really hard for me knowing that my boyfriend, ex boyfriend i mean is kinda attractive. He has a good face so a lot of girls will surely like him and he is also a basketball player and swimmer in short he is an athlete. Mostly young girls are the ones who are attracted to him. Being handsome sometimes is a playboy (not all of them). I thought I can change him from being bad to good man but I think it will not likely to happen. When we were in LDR stage, I almost cried everyday because of rumors i received from his friends and aquiantances. He was rumored that he was courting and dating someone at that time. That feeling when you can't do anything after hearing those news. I just cried and then called him just to confirm if it was true but sometimes when I tried to call him he didnt pick up my call and it really pissed me off. I texted him always at that time but I only got 3 replies from him until the rest of the day. I just let the rumored fade and since I was really broke at those times I don't want to listen from their advices and news. I am very stressed and depressed. It is just really hard. You really don't know or you dont have any idea what's he really doing..Sometimes he is lying just to make me feel better or calm because i am really paranoid. Even if your boyfriend is loyal to you, sometimes you might think that your boyfriend is cheating on you even if its not so I think it really depends on how boys are being loyal to us and how they handle and responsible are they in maintaining the communication and trust you have when you are in this stage. So for us girls let's choose a man who really deserve our trust. Pick a man who is loyal and responsible. We must pray to God that if every time there 's a man coming your way and is trying to cross your fate , pray if this man really deserves for you then ask to please let you and him be closer or if not, find a way to avoid you from him. if he is not worth for you. IF YOU WERE TO ASK US IF IT IS HARD, the the answer is YES, IT'S NOT ONLY HARD, IT IS REALLY HARD MORE THAN AS I EXPECTED (based on my experience).
  20. Long distance relationship is really hard for me because we do not know if someone we loved which is apart from us is really safety and if he/she is really doing good for us. Even though how big is our trust to him/her but temptations are always present around us just to make us leave from being good into bad. This happens especially if not both of you have strong relationship with GOD.
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  21. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    For me it is but it will definitely work if both party will work on it
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  22. Kingmeezy

    Kingmeezy New Member

    At first glance, a long-distance relationshipappears full of excitement, but the stress of dealing with the unknown, and putting one's life on hold until you're together again can cause all sorts of health upsets, both emotionally and physically. ... "For some people, a long-distance relationship is easier
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  23. Meg25

    Meg25 New Member

    Yes, it is hard. Your special someone is not there physically with you so that means you don't get to kiss or hug him/her. You get jealous when you see couples holding their hands walking down the street or going on a date in restaurants. You cannot help but wish that you can also experience what other couples are doing. However, that distance will only make you long for your partner and will make you look forward to see him sooner.
  24. emgaudet

    emgaudet New Member

    You have to be very secure in your relationship for it to be able to withstand long distance. If there is an ounce of insecurity, it will be magnified in the extreme once you add in distance. On a busy day, when they aren't able to call or text you as often as usual, you may begin to question their commitment, or even their fidelity. You might start to wonder if you are a priority to them anymore. Without having that physical reassurance, it may be hard to assuage your misgivings. The lack of physical contact also makes it easier for eyes to wonder. It's human nature to crave intimate touch, and if you can't get that from your partner because they live in another part of the world, it can be hard to resist looking elsewhere for it. There really are few upsides to long distance relationships. However, if you are both independent, secure in your relationship, are able to do without physical intimacy, and, most importantly, there is a plan in place to eventually close the distance, perhaps you might be able to make it work.
  25. JohanGro

    JohanGro New Member

    A long distance relationship is not always easy and I am talking about personal experience. There was no work available in my country and I had to go and work abroad for 4 years. I only came home every 6 months for 12 days at a time. For these 4 years, I was never at home for Christmas, New Year or for any of our Birthdays.
    What kept us together was the trust we had with each other and daily communication with Skype.
  26. aarontherooster

    aarontherooster New Member

    It is a very hard thing because you almost always have to communicate exactly how you are feeling, when you are feeling it. If you don't issues will build up and there will be a fight on your hands. Take it from someone who's done it before.
  27. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    For me this kind of relationship will not/never gonna work !even if you tried harder why? Cuz there is always one person on this relationship will look for someone who will showered her or him with attention and love... so might as well be single when youre away.. joke joke!. Hehehehe
  28. iPerfect87

    iPerfect87 New Member

    if you really trust each other then long distance relationship is not hard. i have a friend who is far away from my country but we still have connection because we trust each other. we don't have the same time so it is really hard to be video chatting every day but instead of worrying of that we understand that we have a time gap so sometimes we just chat and sometimes we reply every hour at each other so it's a hassle we may not talk or chat with each other but we rally trust each other so we still feel safe even when we don't talk for days. If you will put your selfishness first then that LDR won't work, you need to meet half way and understand each other and lastly trust each other
  29. bikay1

    bikay1 New Member

    Long distance relationships can be hard, and they regularly don't work out. Nonetheless, at times they do. More often than not, this is after a few evenings or days have been spent together completely inundated with each other and a genuine enduring association has been made.

    It's considerably more than simply surface level fascination. It isn't unprecedented in the present circumstances to hear a story where individuals by one means or another wound up together, in spite of being halfway across the country (or the world).

    So how could they do it?

    1. You need to acknowledge long distance relationships are tough. Plain and straightforward. No genuine route circumventing it. There's undeniable distance between you, feelings and desire can act as a burden, and you'll wonder about what they're doing. At that point, there's the entire physical dissatisfaction, as well. Furthermore, you can influence it to work.
    2. Make a commitment. This one takes guts, however, you'll never know whether it will work out unless you truly let it all out. After you've acknowledged it will be tough, you can rationally set yourself up for it and afterward work from that point. Once, you’re both ‘in’ you’ll take it more seriously.
    3. Communicate frequently. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you have a settled upon the time, or a timetable to talk week after week or month to month. (That would be exceptionally useful) Or a psychological arrangement of when and how regularly you talk, the only thing that is in any way important is that you talk. What's more, utilize different approaches to keep it interesting. Email, text, telephone, skype, chat, video.
    4. Lastly, keep the fire going! A major piece of love and relationships working is about the attraction between you. In the event that you need it to succeed you need to ensure its got its fair share of hot!
  30. atan

    atan New Member

    definitely is hard.. LDR or Long Distance Relationship is not a joke.. i have experienced already the same situation. I've been there in that kind of situation. For me long distance relationship is not working.. i am the person who wants a visible girlfriend. For me, it is just my opinion. But if you really meant and love each other even though how far the distance you are it will still work out

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