Is music medicine?

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Is music medicine?

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  1. Favour22

    Favour22 New Member

    What do you think?
  2. astraherondale

    astraherondale New Member

    Yes, I believe that music is medicine. I once read a piece of writing which compared attending a musical event and being checked-up at a clinic. The audience member with a weary soul coming to the concert is the patient seeking relief from their symptoms, and it is the musician who serves as the "physician", who administers his treatment in the form of melodic tunes that soothe the patient's heart and mind.

    Leaving figurative language aside, there have actually been studies about the therapeutic effect of music, as certain types of songs have been demonstrated to positively affect not only mood but also brain functioning and general well-being. This just goes to show how music is linked to medicine, and that music can actually heal.
  3. totoadrian

    totoadrian New Member

    Yes but on the other hand, You don’t need to have a reason to listen to or make music other than the pleasure or catharsis it gives you. But if it also helps you deal with pain and anxiety, lifts you out of depression for a while, helps you with some other physical or psychological problem or motivates you to exercise, more power to it. Unlike new drugs or medical procedures, music needs no government approval or clinical trials—it’s usually free or inexpensive, and can’t hurt even if it fails to help. If musical self-help isn’t enough, consider asking your health care provider about more formal music therapy.
  4. Misterjuan12

    Misterjuan12 New Member

    Music is a form of art that helps people get in touch of their sense of self maybe because it tells story of their own or somebody that they know , so yes I believed that music is in a way a medicine that helps people understand what they are feeling, helps people to calm down when theres too much pain. There are a lot of studies where medicine were use as a palliative care and use to help understand human behaviour as well so this is some of the things that makes you believe that music could be therapeutic.
  5. Femyper

    Femyper New Member

    It is similar in laughter that can be medicine in a sad person. It will bring happy memories from love once that was already gone and It will make you to relax.
  6. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    Of course music is a medicine becauseit heals the emotions of a person. Sample when you are sad and broken hearted you play romantic and sad music. When you are happy and energetic you play rnb and jazz. You danced gracefully. Also when you are in the coffee shop and you want to relax you played music that can may you relax and calm. Music is connected to our body that heals our emotion.
  7. imperialrosmarie

    imperialrosmarie New Member

    I believe music is medicine, everytime i feel blue and lonely i always turn to my music to feel relax, and have a peace of mind. Music for me is also a way of relieving my emotions, it can also bring beatiful memories of the past. Some good and not so good, but everytime you hear a particular song, you can't help but to smile and reminisce once again.
  8. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Hello i think music can be used to help with different moods and feelings .If you are feeling sad you could continue to feel sad and listen to blues music or love songs for example or if you wanted to change your mood and feelings you could to listen to uplifting trance music which make you feel full of energy.So to conclude i would agree music is medicine .Thanks Jordan Durante
  9. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    Yes, it is. It can make your mood better when listening to reggae or lovely music in times of sadness. It will help someone who is going through something. On the other hand, some music destroys a person's life. For instance, the metal songs with awful lyrics give listeners negative thoughts that influence him/her.
  10. csk81

    csk81 New Member

    We may have different tastes in music, but all of us respond to it. Even infants and very small children respond to music with joy. Music is an expression of the soul: it has an automatic effect on the mind and body. It evokes all sorts of emotions, from energy to melancholy, tenderness to harshness, pride to peace.
    It is a force and energy that is being investigated by medical experts all over the world who believe that both its sounds and the vibrations caused by its beats hold a power of good for the human mind and body.
  11. XxGracexX

    XxGracexX New Member

    yes, I believe music is medicine because when I sick when I alone or anything I listened to the music then my okay, I feel music is my everything thats because if no music my life is like a zombie!
  12. anjabakker

    anjabakker New Member

    As a harp player who works in hospital settings I would say: yes music is a form of medicine.
    It won't take away physical symptoms which result from injury or infection but it can lower and raise hearbeats, can vibrate and resonate in different parts of the body and relieving stress, anxiety and other expressions of illness.
  13. empyreanbourne

    empyreanbourne New Member

    Some music inspired a lot, so yeah, music is medicine for me, and when I listen to the music that I like it motivates me and become productive.
  14. otepeezy

    otepeezy New Member

    As they say, "Time heals". But for me time and music really help us to move on and keep going whatever we are experiencing right now. Music keeps us alive and happy although there are music that makes as sad. It's because we can relate to the lyrics and the story that the writer has given to us to listen. Imagine a world without music. I bet we don't have the talent so called "Dancing and Singing" right? Music touches are heart and soul.

    As a musician, I really embraced the gift of god to play guitar and make music. I like to share music with others and let them know what the music really want us to feel. I thank all the artists the I looked up to from where I am right now. And I promise to use this talent to share and inspire others.
  15. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    You know guys when I was got depressed due to bullying the only thing that light up my world is music. Maybe its hard to u derstand but music is my best friend when no one else did. Because typically I'm the type of person that once you don't talk to me I won't talk to you. Honestly there are person who really hates me because they say that I'm so weird so I keep wearing headphone so that even if they hate me its ok for me because I don't care about them.
  16. Tctim101

    Tctim101 New Member

    It's a big Yes for me. Music can be also soothing especially when we are relaxing. It takes out the stress and helps us forget our worries, especially if we are listening to calm and relaxing music. It also can help brighten our mood and can be a pain reliever for a moment when we are hearing our favorite music.
  17. lilmshannah

    lilmshannah New Member

    Yes, I believe that music is medicine. When I was a student we had our training at a mental health institution and one of the therapies that we gave them was called "Music Therapy". Those patients have responded positively when exposed to relaxing music. We also use "Music Therapy" in nursing homes in able to relax the mind of the elders.
  18. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    I strongly believe that music is like a medicine to your body and soul. I feel I can do anything and think properly when I listen to music. I am my own self and at peace. It gives me freedom to express my emotions inside and it does add confidence. I feel healed when listening to soothing sounds, not just music but the sound of nature which is also music to my ears. I feel relaxed and comfort every time I hear music that gives me nostalgia, reminiscent of the past most especially during my childhood days.
  19. onlinejb2019

    onlinejb2019 New Member

    Yes, music is a medicine it heals different aspects of our lives by relating on it , geting values on it and getting inspiration on it. Music also relaxes us in different ways :)
  20. edconsul

    edconsul New Member

    I think music can lift our emotions and feelings up when we are sad or in pain. But I don't think it can be used to medically cure ailments. It can be used to make us at ease but not remove the physical pain that we feel.
    If you are undergoing an emotional crisis, I think music is very helpful. To some, they use music by listening to songs to relieve their emotions. Others listen to songs to help them cope up with what they are feeling emotionally.
  21. cmll21

    cmll21 New Member

    Yes, I believe music is also a form of medicine - medicine for our emotions, medicine for our souls. Whenever we feel down, depressed or whenever er are in pain, we can just listen to a happy music to lift us up. It can also help us to heal our emotions. Of course there are also music genre that can help us to relieve that exact moment. It will also help us to have a positive view in our lives. Personally, I do listen to music to heal me and to give me strength in everything that I do.
  22. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    Yes. Music has this characteristic of soothing your soul especially in times that you feel like giving up or random thoughts are bombarding you. For a person who is emotionally unstable, music can be a good healing medium to recover your old self.

    TANPOST Member

    Since the beginning of civilization,sounds and beats,however primitive,have been used to entertain audiences. It soothes and inspires the weary and the savage beast in all of us.
  24. alemrac0017

    alemrac0017 New Member

    yes,,,, music is my pain reliever. when my depression comes.
  25. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    Yes. When I'm mad or sad I listen to a certain music I want then my emotion will change a bit by singing with the song.
  26. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

    Much research has confirmed that music has psychological and physiological effects. While scientists can now see via medical imaging some of the changes in the brains of people listening to Beethoven or Elvis, music is a very complex stimulus, and the ways it works on us remain largely elusive.
  27. Thanijuma1993

    Thanijuma1993 New Member

    Yes because through listen music Artist can explained bad effects smoking marijuana so peoples start scare it
  28. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    Yes when I sing with the music I will forget that I have headache, same with my problem, I just sing and forget it for a while.
  29. konerious

    konerious New Member

    Though acknowledging the role of music in a dressing illness is not new, recent research is illuminating how music affects the brain and the body system in a measurable way, a recent study conducted at John Hopkins found that group of singing improved quality of life and voice strength and clarity in patients with Parkinson's disease. Hence music becoming a key medicine in their treatment
  30. HimeSaisumi

    HimeSaisumi New Member

    Yes, it will give you a happy heart.

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