Is pre workout really necessary?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Sunflight, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Sunflight

    Sunflight New Member

    Hey guys! Im Sunflight, and I just wanted to ask you guys about pre workout and why it works/not works.

    I have seen in several youtube videos that people are saying that pre workouts does not work. I have not tried it myself but I just wondered if some of you guys know if it works or not.
    I am not willing to waste money on pre workouts before i know more about them, so thank you guys for responding to me.
  2. ProfXavier

    ProfXavier New Member

    I am training to be a personal trainer when I leave school and I have been taught that pre workouts are good. It helps feed your muscles protein to use straight away sp that they can start the recovery process straight away. It is not essential to have pre workout and you can get a great body and great muscles without it but it may be harder.
  3. sugarfreebacon3412

    sugarfreebacon3412 New Member

    pre workout? pre-workout powders? pre workout what?
  4. Ryfal

    Ryfal New Member

    Necessary? No way.
    Helpful? Absolutely, but your mileage may vary.

    This is, of course, anecdotal evidence; but hear me out. I use C4 (flavor doesn't matter, I like the Blue Razz one) on days where I'm REALLY not feeling like working out. To say it provides a boost would be underselling it, usually I can tear through my workout without feeling any fatigue or at least less fatigue than usual. I can't speak for everyone but the suggestion that it "doesn't work" seems a bit odd to me. Unless your body is completely resistant to the stimulants used within it, I can't imagine it would straight up have no effect on anyone. Like caffeine, eventually you'll build up a resistance to it but if used in moderation it will always have a kick.

    Keep in mind that it can be dangerous. If you have any heart problems or kidney problems I would avoid it until you talk to a doctor.
  5. The Mask

    The Mask New Member

    I always wonder myself. I don't think pre-workout means a lot. What matters the most is how much calories you burn during your workout. I never do pre-workouts myself and I feel fine.
  6. kmcaceres

    kmcaceres New Member

    I'm not a personal trainer but in my experience, the pre-workout provides me with much more energy to do a more efficient workout and I am able to lift more (pound wise). The only drawback I come across is more often than not, my body gets use to the pre-workout that I taking and I have to switch brands. Also, some pre-workout give people the shakes and jitters (which can eh hard to workout with) and some give you a bug crash after it wears off. In my opnion, it wouldn't hurt to try one out! Some places give a sample before you buy so you don't waste your money.
  7. thaddeus

    thaddeus Member

    As an Olympic lifter I prefer coffee over synthetic enhancers such as pre-workout, but occasionally when I do use it, it does work.
  8. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Nope! pre-work out is worthless and not needed. If you need to boost go for healthy and high protein foods .
  9. L3vi4than

    L3vi4than New Member

    For me yes. Our body needs to be warm up before doing intense workout to avoid injury. It will help to stretch our muscles and joint to perform the workout correctly and comfortably.
  10. Lorenzo98

    Lorenzo98 New Member

    I have used pre workout for a while and to be honest I kinda regret it. In the beginning you maybe get a little extra energy from it but not enough to make it worth buying. And the thing is, after you've been taking it for a while you feel like you need it otherwise you won't perform as easy. Now I'm trying to decrease the amount I use over time to a point where I stop using it. In my experience, coffee does an equally good job or maybe even better than pre workout at giving you that extra energy, and it is way cheaper.
  11. thoughtprovoker

    thoughtprovoker New Member

    Over six years of bodybuilding I have cycled on and off pre-workout. When I started lifting I was pretty skinny and could barely bench the bar, I felt weak and did not have a lot of confidence. I decided to go buy a container of Jack3d, one scoop of that and I was walking on clouds, I felt so amped to lift weights! I took the pre-workout five times a day and after about a month I noticed serious strength increases. The strength gained was from staying dedicated to my workout program, it was not a result from the pre-workout. The pre-workout was the best jump-start for my bodybuilding lifestyle and helped me create consistent gym habits. It has been two years since I last bought pre-workout, I don't need it anymore because the mass gains I have made are my new motivating force. I highly recommend it to anyone who is first starting out.
  12. RyokuMuzashi

    RyokuMuzashi New Member

    No, a pre workout is definitely not necessary. Most of the pre workout and energy drinks in the market are just sugary caffeine. You will get the same result by drinking black coffee. However, pre workout supplements can really give you placebo effect. It's more in the brain. If you need an extra push to go the gym and lift with intensity, a pre workout may help but it's not really a necessity. If you can be motivated and work hard without it, then you will be good. Gains will follow.
  13. bnjgzmn

    bnjgzmn Member

    It is a must. Having a pre-workout would prevent you from acquiring injuries in the process of your workout. This would help your muscles to be ready in the stretching and constant motion that you will be doing in the exercise. It would also give you a warm up and be mentally ready to the workouts that you will be doing.
  14. So99

    So99 New Member

    It's necessary at all ! If you ask this question, you have the time before taking :)
  15. TBV

    TBV New Member

    Pre-workouts are the product of successful marketing. There's nothing a pre-workout supplement can give you that a healthy food meal cant.
    If you really crave that energy while working out, just eat a bar of chocolate - just as those pre-workouts, thats a fast carbohydrate and after 15 minutes you will be "swimming" in your energy.
    As I said, those pre-workout foods/drinks are a product of a good sales campaign - your favorite sports star gets paid to advertise the product > subconsiously you know that such a successful sportsman cant recommend bad stuff, and if he/she takes it then its PROVEN to work > you pay double, triple the price you would've for the same ammount of energy that a simple chocolate bar can provide to you.
    As simple as that
  16. AkTel

    AkTel New Member

    I believe that you don't require pre-workouts. Everything that you can get in pre-workouts can be gotten through your food choices.
    All pre-workout does is give you energy. I believe that it makes you more dependent on pre-workout, and makes it harder to train without it. I think it is important to train the mind as well as training your body, so I don't use pre-workout. It can be very useful on days that you are not motivated, or feel lifeless, but I think that is all a part to callous your mind in order to be able to be strong-willed. I suppose it depends on your goals.

    Overall, pre-workouts are alright to use but I recommend callousing the mind, sort of like David Goggins.

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