Is skipping breakfast healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by 420fermin, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. 420fermin

    420fermin New Member

    What I thought would be easy to find out, turned into a somewhat intense google research. How come this be so complex? while some people states that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, others go even further as skipping every meal, affirming fasting is not only good but also built muscle.

    I personally have never starved the whole day, but usually skip breakfast a lot. what would you be your advice for someone that workout but doesnt want to lose weight by skipping breakfast?
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  2. Kimota8x8x

    Kimota8x8x New Member

    It all depends on what you do with your first hours of the day; heavy physical exertion, and even intense mental activity can deplete energy. I spent six years without eating breakfast, and managed just fine by utilizing energy conservation techniques I learned in yoga. Things like focused breathing, mantra repetition in my mind (to conserve any energy depleted from unnecessary thinking), and drinking plenty of water to keep my stomach full. It heightened my senses to a T; I was able to smell things as intricate as a passerby's hair or breath even if they were several feet away.
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  3. faundaybillings

    faundaybillings New Member

    I have to agree with a previous post, skipping breakfast may not have any immediate health repercussions, but it may lead to you feeling tired and lethargic for the rest of the day. Think about why we eat breakfast, it is to give our body the nutrients it needs for the day to get started. If we deny our body those nutrients, it will then begin to operate at a state that is less than optimal, you may notice dizziness, headaches, and generally feeling tired. If you work a job which requires you to be alert such as a truck driver, construction worker, skipping breakfast may be potentially dangerous if you are hungry while on the job and being unable to focus on the task you are working on.
  4. bknutson90

    bknutson90 New Member

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the doctors I've seen have even told me that if you have one huge fattening meal a day, make it breakfast. The bigger the meal you eat in the morning, the more time you have to burn off the calories. Also, since you're eating it in the morning, it gives you the most energy possible for the rest of the day. Large dinners are the worst since you usually only have a few hours before going to bed and just sleeping. You can't burn off those calories, so they are just turning into fat. It will take about a month of eating breakfast everyday to make it a habit, but it will definitely give you more energy to start your day.
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  5. Jessica10321

    Jessica10321 New Member

    Okay, your post is a little confusing. If someone didn't want to lose weight by skipping breakfast, then I would tell them to eat breakfast. However, your main question was is it healthy, and the answer on that is it depends.
    The people who talk about the health benefits of fasting are talking about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is part of the Paleo movement. It involves eating all your calories in a short time period. The results for that are uniformly positive for men. It seems to do nothing but good for them. They lost weight, and all their blood panels improved. With women however, it has sometimes been known to cause increased insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance. The women still lost weight with it though, so it wasn't all negative. Also, there is some thought that with heavier women the positive may outweigh the negative, or that the results may be different. It hasn't been tested though.
    As for it being healthier to eat breakfast, the thought on that is when our blood sugar dips we tend to eat unhealthily, if you eat breakfast, then you are more likely to maintain stable blood sugar. So the answer would probably be that they are both fairly healthy for different reasons, and you have to go with whichever one fits your lifestyle better.
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  6. Gabri3LL3

    Gabri3LL3 New Member

    I have low blood sugar, so if I don't eat breakfast first thing in the morning, I am off to a bad day. Even if you don't have a medical blood sugar issue, I think it is still important to get your blood sugar levels up in the morning. It's good for your brain and muscles, so whatever you are doing during your day, eating in the morning is beneficial to you.
  7. Omaha420402

    Omaha420402 New Member

    Ever heard of intermittent fasting? When you skip breakfast and push through the pain you can get some great results at the gym! I know it sucks at first, but just drink more water and have some strong willpower and you will achieve physical perfection.
  8. mikifull

    mikifull New Member

    Skipping breakfast itself won't make you lose weight. It's all about meeting your calorific daily requirement. So if you skip breakfast but still reach your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), you're going to maintain your weight. That's also why calorie counting is so important when you're trying to lose weight, as you will have to burn more calories than you consume. I personally do intermittent fasting, as Jessica10321 and Omaha420402, as it helps me curb food cravings.
  9. sommet

    sommet New Member

    No, even scientific studies say it, according to a study, adults and teenagers who miss the first meal of the day are less likely to look after their health. They tend to smoke more, drink more alcohol and take less exercise than those who do eat. Those who skip food in the morning are also more likely to be fatter and less well-educated, meaning they find it harder to get a job.
  10. UCFKnightSteve

    UCFKnightSteve New Member

    I don't believe that skipping breakfast is healthy, because in my own life, whenever I have skipped it, I have been lethargic and almost useless during most of the day, or at least until I had something to eat.

    In addition to my own experiences, all the articles and other presentations in the media support the idea that skipping breakfast is an unhealthy way to start the day.
  11. Tesh

    Tesh New Member

    Nutritionists have constantly advised that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jump starts your metabolism assisting the body to burn more calories during the day. In the morning, your energy levels are quite low and you will need breakfast to replenish the energy. Your brain and muscles will work at optimal levels before lunch break.

    When you skip breakfast, the body lacks fuel and you are more likely to over-eat or snack on some foods that are high in fats and sugars. This leads to unhealthy eating habits.
  12. aerosmitzy

    aerosmitzy New Member

    My personal experience of skipping breakfast is a good one.
    I have been doing intermittent fasting for a few years now, my feeding window is from mid-day to 8pm which means I never have breakfast in the morning.
    It has helped me stay lean, my focus and attention seems better and I don't get hungry as often.

    I am an avid gym goer and my muscle mass hasn't suffered from this lifestyle.

    A bonus is that when I do eat, I eat big! It's still the same calories as if I'd spread them throughout the day but far more satisfying being able to really stuff yourself.
  13. Lacey Staggs

    Lacey Staggs New Member

    Skipping breakfast is definitely not healthy. I know it's cliche and everyone says it, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It should include lots of foods that will pump you up and give you the energy to start your day. It should be eaten between 30 minutes and an hour after you've waken up in roder to help you feel the best and get the best out of you.
  14. Marylove Toby

    Marylove Toby New Member

    Generally, skipping breakfast is unhealthy, for so many reasons. First, it is good for your overall health, as you are less prone to having chronic diseases. It also improves your memory and your concentration. Of course, it boosts your energy, it improves your mood, and funny enough, it helps you burn calories! So many people try to starve to burn calories and lose weight, but having breakfast actually aids your calorie check. Why? By eating smaller meals throughout the day, you burn more fat than when you eat one large meal.
  15. conorcalla

    conorcalla New Member

    Yes, skipping breakfast is unhealthy. When you skip breakfast your body essentially goes into self-preservation mode. You store more fat as a result of this. It is also bad for your energy level. There are almost too many negatives effects attributed to skipping breakfast to list. It is considered very important by many health experts and nutritionists to start the day with a meal.
  16. ChloeK036

    ChloeK036 New Member

    Even though breakfast is supposed to jump start your metabolism, I skip it now. I have only been skipping breakfast for a week now, but I have already lost 6 pounds- without changing the way I eat! Since I need to lose weight skipping breakfast is healthy for me.
  17. Lakeisha Brown

    Lakeisha Brown New Member

    I have learned from personal experiences that skipping breakfast can affect your performance. I am in the military and breakfast definitely jumpstart my day with a burst of energy. If I fail to eat breakfast, I can not focus and I usually spend my time watching the clock waiting for lunch time :whistle: lol. My doctor always told me breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people skip breakfast to avoid extra calories if they are dieting. Skipping a meal as a diet will do more harm than good. Instead, balance your calorie intake every meal and get those results you really want. Lastly, skipping breakfast will only make you eat more for lunch and that defeats the purpose of dieting.
  18. Wendy Brunell

    Wendy Brunell New Member

    For me personally, no, but I believe that there are people who can skip breakfast without any ill effects. I feel like I need breakfast to give me energy to get through until lunch. I need to have something to keep my blood sugar level so that I don't bottom out and have to get emergency sugar in.
  19. Jude Atogwe

    Jude Atogwe New Member

    Never. It's never healthy to skip breakfast, no matter what. I feel like a little isn't too small to start the day. There are really a lot of consequences that come with skipping breakfasts . I'm talking from experience
  20. dfghj

    dfghj New Member

    Personally, I would still try to eat breakfast. It does not have to be such a all out breakfast meal if you are not a big breakfast eater. There are lots of other ways to maintain your weight. As many others here will agree, it will eventually hurt you in the end if you skip the minimum number of meals one should eat in a day.
  21. HealthAndVitality

    HealthAndVitality New Member

    Yes and no. As a health professional, I have seen people who have skipped breakfast for 30-40 years and they are some of the most healthy people I have seen. It needs to be pointed out that each and every one of us has a specific metabolism suited to them. I find that people who have a fast metabolism tend not to skip breakfast and they eat small frequent meals in order to have the energy to go through the day. While people with a slow metabolism may not need breakfast even though the last meal that they had was at 6:00 p.m. the previous evening and also depending on how much they ate. You need to to listen to your body and respond accordingly because what's good for someone else may not necessarily be of benefit to you.

    And also if you have breakfast, it's always best to go for slow-energy releasing foods like oats porridge and high fibre cereals as they are good for your digestive system and they will prevent you from snacking on the wrong foods.
  22. In all reality the only major long term effect of skipping breakfast is that your metabolism will decrease causing an increase in weight. In some cases however, it can cause headaches and some grogginess throughout your day. As far as fitness goes however I would recommend having a high protein breakfast to help with building muscle. Even if it is only a protein shake it'll help in the long run.
  23. Barbara Spain

    Barbara Spain New Member

    'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. Years ago I got a fit because I did't have breakfast and went out in the cold. Now Im not trying to alarm anyone but this is just what could happen. This happened when I was very young. I don't think that the body can sustain itself without food. Your body will try to source out energy where there is none,that is if you don't have breakfast. On the other hand ,if you eat a good wholesome breakfast you are not using up your reserved energy. Porridge and oats are great at releasing energy slowly and you will not be hungry till lunchtime. It you are studying in college ,you use up more brain energy and its important that you eat a proper breakfast.
  24. Ripclaw77

    Ripclaw77 New Member

    In short, yes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with skipping breakfast, don't believe anyone who tries to convince you that you're missing out on some amazing experience by not eating in the morning. When faced with a question like this, many people, as can be seen here, reply with the typical, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" adage, claiming that it kick starts your metabolism and everything. But the reality is that unless you enjoy it, there is no reason to force yourself to eat every morning. Skipping breakfast may be especially beneficial if you are looking to lose or even maintain your weight. I suggest that you look into intermittent fasting, as I've seen great benefits and so have many others. Basically, by not eating first thing in the morning, your body goes straight to burning fat. Also, it is beneficial because if you have a smaller eating window, you are less likely to overeat. So, as usual a lot of the mainstream advice pushed by you usual suspects (health magazines etc.) can be disregarded. Don't worry about skipping breakfast, it's not as big of a deal as some make it out to be.
  25. kkz7371

    kkz7371 New Member

    Absolutely not. Breakfast is what starts your metabolism. Since we are endotherms, we use our metabolism to regulate our body heat. That means we need calories to burn more calories to keep ourselves alive. Eating a small 150-300 calorie breakfast will end up in a net gain of negative calories. It'll require your body more calories to burn what you input ultimately helping you lose weight.
  26. Anna Dlouha

    Anna Dlouha New Member

    No, I have heard from multiple sources that breakfast kickstarts your metabolism for the day. I have also heard that coincidentally breakfast is often the smallest meal of the day when in fact it should be the must rich and nutritious. I know many people who skip breakfast and think they are doing good or are doing no harm, when in fact it does the exact opposite.
  27. Boyer22

    Boyer22 New Member

    I have not felt hungry at lunch time because I ensure I always eat breakfast. I sometimes have a light lunch or snack, as a teacher, don't always get time to eat.
  28. Gabby

    Gabby New Member

    From everything that I have heard and studied, I believe skipping breakfast is not healthy at all. Breakfast is supposed to be the biggest and most nutritious meal of the day because it is setting your body up for the day ahead. I do not always have time to eat breakfast. Though people say it is unhealthy, I manage. The thing I do not suggest is eating a light breakfast. If I eat a light breakfast my body quickly craves more food and makes it difficult for me to function until I consume a proper sized meal.
  29. gergle2

    gergle2 New Member

    My personal experience:

    I used to grind away on that bodybuilding cycle when I was in high school and college. Every morning I would eat two egg whites and one whole egg, whisked together with a fork. Sometimes I would toss cheese on top, sometimes some chives, but always with a few big scoops of cottage cheese. Three more meals were spread out in three hour intervals and that was that.
    It's been about two years since I changed my diet; currently I tend not to eat anything until after 8 P.M. The transition was a bit rough at first, my stomach aching, but after about a month my body fully settled into it.
    There haven't been any noticeably significant side-effects and the only real reason for me switching over was sheer convenience (my schedule became more hectic and squeezing planned meal times wasn't working).
    The only odd thing that I can think of- if I eat too much too close to bed time, then I'll wake up with a stomach ache.
  30. aristotlemcdonald

    aristotlemcdonald New Member

    If you never eat breakfast than your body has already adjusted to your eating schedule and I doubt that you feel any negative effects. Some people are on specific diets where they fast for the majority of the day and only eat during a small window. This is called intermittent fasting. It is said to have many positive effects such as boosting testosterone. Also during your fast your body will destroy dead and sick cells. As long as you consume as many calories as you burn you will not lose weight. I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman used intermittent fasting when bulking up for some of the later X-men movies.

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