Is skipping breakfast healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by 420fermin, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. LouLang

    LouLang New Member

    No. Skipping breakfast is too unhealthy. You slept for 7-8 hours and when you wake up your stomach is empty. And usually it can cause bad breath because nothing is left in your intestine to be digested. I don't skip meal and I always make sure that breakfast is the heavy one. Not only it can help me focus in my job the entire shift but it can also make me strong. I can't imagine going to work without eating and feel lazy because you're hungry
  2. rajabhatti

    rajabhatti New Member

    Breakfast is the most critical supper of the day. A large portion of the specialists I've seen have even revealed to me that on the off chance that you have one gigantic swelling dinner daily, make it breakfast. The greater the supper you eat toward the beginning of the day, the additional time you need to consume off the calories. Additionally, Breakfast is the most essential supper of the day. The greater part of the specialists I've seen has even disclosed to me that in the event that you have one enormous swelling supper daily, make it breakfast. The greater the feast you eat early in the day, the additional time you need to consume off the calories. Likewise, since you're eating it early in the day, it gives you the most vitality workable for whatever remains of the day. Huge meals are the most noticeably bad since you generally just have a couple of hours before going to quaint little inn resting. You can't consume off those calories, so they are simply transforming into fat. It will take about multi-month of having breakfast each day to make it a propensity, however, it will give you more vitality to begin your day.
  3. Mjsmith

    Mjsmith New Member

    Base on my own experience when I was young, if I don't eat breakfast I feel like so slow and drowsily that's why my teacher is always mad at me.However since I got that bad past, I always eat breakfast and as a student it gives me more stamina and more energetic to listen and study about the lesson that are teaching by the teacher, and as a result I always the top 1 in our class.
  4. jal04

    jal04 New Member

    Skipping breakfast is a big NO for me since eating the right amount of food in the morning supplies you the energy you needed to perform different task and responsibilities. I used to skip breakfast before during my college days as cooking food/ buying to the nearest carenderia is so tiresome.But then my stomach aches during class hours and it makes me uncomfortable and can’t concentrate of what the teacher is sharing about. With that experience I’am more conscious of giving time for breakfast
  5. blueflowers

    blueflowers New Member

    I think there's so much different information out there because it varies from person to person. I don't think there's a set rule. If you're not hungry in the morning, don't eat. Just make sure you're eating at some point. If you're hungry for a small breakfast then just eat that. Take it day by day and see if you're hungry at all. I don't think you'll lose unwanted weight if you're eating later on in the day. Not eating all day is a different story, but it doesn't sound like that's what you're doing.
  6. heikri

    heikri New Member

    No it isn't. I skipped breakfast for almost ten years and I was always tired and had no energy to do anything after work. A friend of mine, who is a personal trainer, helped me realize how important it is to eat breakfast everyday. It has gave me so much more energy and now i'm not tired anymore. I really think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  7. Elmae1976

    Elmae1976 New Member

    I believe that skipping breakfast is not healthy since it was the first meal of the day. Most of us need to work so we can't concentrate if our stomach is empty. Our brain might not function well since we hungry. I believe that in breakfast we need to eat like a king in order for us to do our work properly.
  8. Apollo2018

    Apollo2018 New Member

    You sleep for how many hours and then when you wake up you need to have energy to fill that's why skipping breakfast is not good for your health, especially when you have heavy work to do.
  9. Parathsharma

    Parathsharma New Member

    Not at all. Breakfast is the most important meal and it should be the healthiest one. You need to understand one thing skipping meals will not make a difference. It will make you lethargic and also you will feel down as your body does not have the nutrition.
  10. taraymorena

    taraymorena New Member

    I do eat breakfast but probably a bit different from others who wakes up early like me. Im not really used to eating in the early morning. I would rather have coffee or tea and have my breakfast around 9 or 10am. I can't say it's healthy for all, but for me it's just fine. I can say I am healthy and fit enough.
  11. robingeorge000888

    robingeorge000888 New Member

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  12. lilibethnepo

    lilibethnepo New Member

    If you are on a weight loss regimen and have the habit of skipping breakfast, give it a second thought now. According to the studies conducted on the negative impacts of not eating breakfast, people who miss the morning meal had higher chances of gaining weight, quite contrary to your slimming goal. Are your confused? Just read on.Skipping breakfast peps up the craving for sugary and fatty foods. Plus, since your hunger pangs will quite be intense, you end up gorging down whatever you come across during the day. The higher your hunger levels are, the more the quantity of food intake will be. And, this at times exceeds your recommended daily calorie intake. A constant practice of skipping breakfast will finally lead to weight gain and not weight loss
  13. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    Skipping breakfast is unhealthy. Why? because breakfast eaters ishealthier and than breakfast skippers. Also,breakfast eaters have other healthy lifestyle habits. Based on my experience in not eating my breakfast I don't feel like my self like I'm not energized because I always eat breakfast,haha. Not eating breakfast causes us to be more hungry . But some ppl says that it's healthy because it's just like a diet like a fasting method. Kinda like that.
  14. gerrynepo

    gerrynepo New Member

    For me Skipping Breakfast is not healthy, Why?
    Because breakfast is the most important meal in our day because breakfast dictates our energy level. So if we not eat breakfast it can lead to tiredness. So it can affect our studies and work. So my point is all of us should eat breakfast before doing task or work.:) Good Night Everyone:love:
  15. markedizon

    markedizon New Member

    is not a problem when you skip eating breakfast unless you a lot of water in the morning even if you stomach is empty cause water many forms of good health even if in empty stomach
  16. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    Skipping breakfast is absolutely not okey. It is the most important meal of the day. Everyone must eat breakfast, and it is advisable that you should eat heavy during breakfast time. It is so important because it's the first meal we take in after sleeping and resting at night and our body first thing in the morning needs source to get energy for the body before engaging in our daily routines. So don't ever skip breakfast. Yes, some can't have heavy meals due to some reasons but atleast eat something during breakfast. Don't go to school or work with an empty stomach. It's better to just eat breakfast than skipping it and having some sort of aches afterwards.
  17. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." This myth is pervasive in society.
    Breakfast is perceived as healthy, even more important than other meals.
    Even today's official nutrition guidelines recommend that we eat breakfast.
    It is claimed that breakfast helps us lose weight, and that skipping it can raise our risk of obesity.
    This seems like a problem, because up to 25% of Americans regularly skip breakfast (1).
    However,new high-quality studies have started questioning the universal advice that everyone should eat breakfast.
    This article takes a detailed look at breakfast, and whether skipping it is really going to harm your health and make you fat.
  18. mabs0820

    mabs0820 New Member

    I don't eat breakfast I just drink coffee in the morning.
  19. Remz93

    Remz93 New Member

    To skip breakfast is a bad idea because the body will miss out on important nutrition at the start of the day. Food and drink provides plenty of energy to the body. To consume cereals and fruits, are the most effective ways to have a healthy breakfast. For people that don't like cereals, I would recommend wholegrain bread's.
  20. lostwords

    lostwords New Member

    Is skipping breakfast bad for you? Well, maybe. Everybody is different, but there seems to be a general trend where men see more weight loss success from fasting than women. All it really is in the long run is a way to manage the amount of calories that you put into your body. If you feel absolutely awful if you skip breakfast, then don't do it! Eat a smaller portion for lunch or dinner, or look into swapping that croissant you have every day for an omelette with salad. Have an apple for a snack instead of chips.

    I know a lot of people who don't have a traditional breakfast because they like to exercise first thing in the morning and if they've eaten food then they feel sick. I know people who have to eat because if they don't they feel sick. I know someone who has to eat, unless they have coffee, and then they don't feel hungry for hours. No matter what any studies you find online say, no one strategy is going to work for all these people. Listen to what your body is telling you and follow that instead.
  21. ROTSEN12

    ROTSEN12 New Member

    Breakfast is the most important meal because it provides other essential nutrients that our body needs for the wholeday. We cannot do our daily task without taking our breakfast because we don't have enough energy to start new things. Taking breakfast gives you the energy you need and help you to focus your work or in the school.
    Skipping your meal in the morning can break your day.
  22. Anwright1988

    Anwright1988 New Member

    Skipping breakfast is not healthy. It can slow down your metabolism for the whole day, leave you feeling sluggish, and sabotage your weight loss efforts. A healthy breakfast is the foundation for a good day.
  23. utkvodka

    utkvodka New Member

    Eating breakfast can be good for your diet. But the morning meal doesn't cause weight loss. So for some people, skipping breakfast works better. ... Several studies have shown that skipping breakfast has no effect on the total number of calories you burn throughout the day.
  24. divine00

    divine00 Member

    Skipping breakfast is not a good thing and not a healthy thing to do. Morning meals kick-start of our metabolism, helps improve our concentration and productivity at work. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's the perfect thing to do after a long hours of sleep. Skipping of breakfast may leads us to many problem. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
  25. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    No its not. Before you go to work you should eat breakfast. It helps you to think and work properly.
  26. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    A very complex question with a very complex answer. If I were to simplify it, food means fuel for the day. If you think your body and mind will demand so much early in the morning, then do eat your healthy and balanced breakfast. Though you body adjusts, it's still best to study your personal biological chemistry if you have pre existing condition that could affect your day to day activities. Not all diet programs work for everyone since we have different body chemistry and routine. Personally, I sometimes skip breakfast if I am to lose weight and do some short and low intensity workout in the morning. Otherwise, a breakfast is a must if I am doing an intense athletic program.
  27. No! You’re fasting for almost 8-10 hrs. Breakfast is the important meal for the day
  28. jaycercanlas

    jaycercanlas New Member

    No. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Why? from the word it self, "break" "fast", it means your breaking from fasting (e.g. sleeping). So your body is at a state of not taking food. You need to eat first thing in the morning to get enough energy.
  29. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Skipping the morning meal can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. When you wake up, the blood sugar your body needs to make your muscles and brain work their best is usually low. Breakfast helps replenish it. If your body doesn’t get that fuel from food, you may feel zapped of energy -- and you'll be more likely to overeat later in the day.
    Breakfast also gives you a chance to get in some vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods like dairy, grains, and fruits. If you don’t eat it, you aren’t likely to get all of the nutrients your body needs.
  30. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    As far as I know skipping breakfast is really bad for the body as it needs the nutrients that you will get first thing when the body is still starting to warm up from resting and eating a good breakfast will dictate the course of your whole day.

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