Is skipping breakfast healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by 420fermin, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. April81

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    Skipping breakfast is not healthy it's the most important meal throughout the day. If your working and your skipping breakfast tendency is your loosing focus to your work, head ache and eventually it will leads you to serious stomach problem. So don't forget to eat breakfast to start your day a more productive and healthy way.
  2. kasman20

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    The health benefit of eating breakfast extend through out your day. Consuming a good and healthy breakfast is like priming a pump that will offer you energy throughout your daily activity. Not only your break fast heat your metabolism to burn your calories, its will also make it work quick throughout yor day. Skipping the first meal does no good,you will be hungry sooner and eat more later and you won't have the energy to function efficiently
  3. penshoppeboi03

    penshoppeboi03 New Member

    Dont skip breakfast beacause its the very important meal of the day, how will you concentrate on your work? or focus in school if you have empty stomach.
  4. NicholasMukuha

    NicholasMukuha New Member

    In my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal in the day, and as a brothers' keeper, you should ensure that even your neighbors never skip breakfast. Here are my reasons why.

    First and foremost, breakfast in someway prevents one from gaining weight. Yes, rub your eyes if you want to and read again. This is because, it keeps you from unnecessary cravings later in the day, which might cause you to over eat hence taking more calories than the body needs. Just like you keep excess money in the bank, these excess calories are the ones that the body stores in form of fat, that causes one to be overweight.

    Studies have also shown that breakfast accounts for almost 25% of all the energy that the body needs. This is important as it assists one in carrying out of duties without much struggles.

    From experience, when I was a student, anytime I skipped breakfast, the mornings would be twice as cold. I think that as the body breaks down this first meal, it produces heat which improves morning comfort. Therefore, I would strongly recommend breakfast for anyone who is not fasting.
  5. Damistrauss

    Damistrauss New Member

    For me personally, I think it depends on the person who wants to lose weight. If you are looking to lose just a few pounds then I bet that you can still eat a lot of food, including breakfast and still lose weight. No need to cut calories to extremely low levels or eating meals that wouldn’t even satisfy a child. Once you are able to plan your nutrition sensibly, you can still get away with eating much and not skipping breakfast. On the other hand, If you need to lose as much pounds as possible within a short period of time, then I think skipping breakfast or skipping meals occasionally can be an effective means to lose weight.
  6. sirenwithsoul

    sirenwithsoul New Member

    I go back and forth on this one too. On one level, I feel like I'm just fine without eating breakfast, but it's not a conscious choice. I am too busy to do it, I have kids and I'm struggling financially and I have to run out without proper nutrition a lot. I can't really afford "ready foods" and I have a hard time motivating to cook in the morning. And while it seems like you are fine, you can't really know if you are reaching your highest potential. I agree with the ideas here to REALLY try to make it a part of your schedule for a month or more, and then look back and see if things have changed. You can't really see things change slowly like that, you have to look at the bigger picture. I do think that eating many smaller meals is better for your weight maintenance and your metabolism than skipping meals, because your body will start to regulate based on what it thinks you are going to do, and this could actually slow down your metabolism.
  7. kaitou1412

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    no, skipping breakfast is like a car with little fuel,a phone with little charge, a wifi with a single bar...ok lets stop here the main point is you wont have much energy for doing your daily activities.There is an old proverb about breakfast in my country that says "Eat your breakfast alone;Share your lunch with a friend;Give your dinner to your enemy". its shows the level of importance of the a daily meal.So if you want to skip a meal, go for dinner...just joking dont skip any meal:)
  8. Nico2017

    Nico2017 New Member

    I dont think so, becouse when you wake up you take breakfast and that word comes from Break and Fasting. Becouse when you fall sleep, you sleep aproximatly 8 hours and your body puts on a fasting state betwen 5 or 6 hours without food, the body needs Glucose this is an sugar that the body use as energy, if you dont provided it many neurons will be dying and your body will start to eat your own muscules to take the necesary energy and put your brain on a perfect funtion. A lot of people says that is ok to put your body in a intermittent fasting to loose weight. I really dont know if it is a hundred percent safe but i have heard about people who have seen good results with this method.
  9. Lord78

    Lord78 New Member

    I am someone who skip breakfast and I have lunch and dinner as its alternative. I have heard it is the most important meal and every body must have it because the activities begin in the morning.I don't eat it because I don't do any heavy activities as my work is not related to hard activities. but if you do, you must have it. and it's better for you to have a lighter dinner as it helps you to sleep well. maybe I'm going to eat it soon as I get used to it as soon as possible!!!
  10. L'opiniondeDavid

    L'opiniondeDavid New Member

    Skipping breakfast is not healthy. The body needs energy for the day. If you find yourself with a small appetite in the morning, look directly at your eating habits from the previous day. I find that if I eat late at night, I will not be hungry in the morning. It is crucial to develop responsible and positives habits. Challenge yourself to have something as simple as half a grapefruit or 1 toast. Skipping breakfast is an action that should be avoided.
  11. izay

    izay New Member

    Expert says breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it will give a person the energy he/she needs towards the day. But for me who always skip breakfast, I don't feel weak at all. My daily routine after waking up in the morning is drinking one glass of water before taking a bath then I'm good to go. If I get hungry before lunch, I will just nibble any snack that I have on my bag, usually biscuits. I just make sure that I have eight or more glasses of water intake for the entire day.
  12. Winter Azariah

    Winter Azariah New Member

    It's definitely not healthy. I don't want to skip breakfast because it keeps to crave for more foods which causes me to have excess weight.
  13. flower48

    flower48 New Member

    I believe it is an indian proverb that says: "eat breakfast on your own, eat dinner with your friends and give your supper to your enemies". Our body needs energy for whatever we want to do so we owe our own body some food. It is good for us to have three main meals per day and if you want to loose weight keep to this rule. Usually we get fat because of all the bits and pieces we eat in between those three meals (especially those based on flour - biscuits, cakes etc). So get rid of those and enjoy your breakfast!
  14. Rebara

    Rebara New Member

    It varies from person to person. If someone is used to eating one or two meals a day it probably isn´t hard for them. However, for people who consider breakfast as a start meal of each day, omitting it might lead to some health issues. In general, humans are adaptable beings who tackle changes and challenges everyday. I belong to the first group for time-convenience in the morning and I would recomend it to everyone who hasn´t tried it yet.
  15. farahraza

    farahraza New Member

    Skipping breakfast is an extremely unhealthy practice.Skipping Breakfast is really bad for you because Breakfast is a great way to start your day.First, it kicks off your metabolism for the day so you can burn more calories.The most important reason to eat breakfast is simple ...Its Brain Food!If you eat breakfast in the morning you are giving your brain fuel so it can start working and keep working throughout the day.If you feed your body in the morning,it works better all day long.You will have more energy.I know its hard to eat when you are not hungry in the morning I am never hungry in the morning but i always have a little bit of cereal or a small bowl of oatmeal so my body has something in it.

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