Is television still important nowaday ?

Discussion in 'Television' started by paopao1824, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. paopao1824

    paopao1824 New Member

    Yes, mine is for news purposes .
  2. dasquire60

    dasquire60 New Member

    Television is the thing of the past.Nowadays we can watch our favorite show by opening our computers or cellphones and click the you tube icon.Presto ! you can watch the latest shows.You can even watch it any time no need to worry that you skip an episode that is no longer a problem.But still television was the first to entertain us and our family.It became a part of our household for many years.
  3. floreshcarlosa

    floreshcarlosa New Member

    no, I think that little by little television is being left out on the internet, nowadays you can see content better than television on sites like netflix or just watch TV on your cell phone or tablet
  4. alpaolodecastro

    alpaolodecastro New Member

    Yes, because of traditional broadcasting, especially for old folks. News and local shows that they watch that can't be watch on streaming platforms.
  5. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    I love watching Teleseryes on our country using Television. Until smartphone arrives, I am now more comportable to watch teleseryes on my smartphone. Easy to access.

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