Is television still useful today?

Discussion in 'Television' started by cedie0808, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. cedie0808

    cedie0808 New Member

    Like mobile phones, television is one of the greatest inventions of all time. From the Analog TVs, to Colored TVs, to Flat screen TVs, and now we have the Smart TVs. A lot of change has happened to it but technology also progressed greatly. We have computers now, internet, smartphones, laptops, and tablets, all of which can easily make television irrelevant. Movies, news, shows, music, and advertisements can now be accessed through different handheld devices even if you're not at home watching the TV. Even when at home, people nowadays mostly use their phones rather than the TV. The only two things that I can think of now as its function is for cable TV and gaming consoles. It's still one of the most influential source of media and entertainment in the world today, but I think its life is slowly reaching its end as days goes by.
  2. esalvador1

    esalvador1 New Member

    Yes is still useful but not that like before. Because of the creation of computer, tv becomes not the primary medium to collect information. Because in computer you can also watch at the sametime you can gather information in the internet. In near future I think tv will be phase-out.
  3. Mythoughts

    Mythoughts New Member

    Television for me is still useful although a lot of things can be watched online, not all people prefer to be in their electronic gadgets all the time. It's is sometimes still comforting to be in a particular comfy spot in your home and just be entertained and informed by television plus you don't have to worry about interrupted or slow internet connection.
  4. Czakhareina

    Czakhareina New Member

    Television is still useful for no, but I think it will slowly be outdated as time goes, much like the telegraph or beeper. or if not outdated it will age with time and become updated. I mean it is slowly becomes updated with the the new and latest releases. They have slowly evolves as technology becomes advance...
    Personally I think in about 50 years, televisions will be a thing of the past, and holograms will be the new form of televisions, much like how it is shows in futuristic shows/movies...
  5. medelynsumile

    medelynsumile New Member

    In this age where technology had advanced a lot, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and computers can access the world through the use of internet. We can access movies, advertisements and shows that television can offer over the internet. If I am living in a city I would say that television has less use because we can get want we want from television through internet. But for me, a girl living in rural area where television serves as entertainment and a family bonding were we can talk together with the family. Television is very important for us because television time means the time where we share our everyday experience and insights on what we are watching. Some of us has an internet connection but we have limited bandwidth because of our location. Some of us can't also afford internet connection that's why we rely on television in to get entertainment.
  6. myblogger

    myblogger New Member

    TV is still useful today although lot of informations found online through computer and internet. TV is one of the best invention of human kind but through the years technolgy changed. We have now computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that can be an alternatives for televison. Many informations today that hightech gadgets can give but in television cannot. Maybe in some province where the lives of the people is poor tv can be useful because they have no alternatives for that. But in the creation of TV all hightech gadgets begun to invent so let us thanks for our inventors without them we are not what we are now.
  7. Bree Me

    Bree Me New Member

    I would say television is useful, however the medium of delivery has changed. Fiber optics has allowed us to create digital platforms that provide on demand content, yet the content is largely similar to what we've always seen on television. Instead of airing on channel 3, television shows are now accessed on websites. Netflix had become one of the largest companies in the world, paying millions to create new content in the form of sitcoms and tv dramas.
  8. Jayboo22

    Jayboo22 New Member

    I don't find it useful anymore, reason being most of what you can watch on TV is available online, all you need is a good internet connection and you'll have access to a variety of shows and more. I guess all that a TV is useful for is providing a bigger screen to watch the same content most online platforms provide that is the only benefit, beside that, I can do without it.
  9. Jeniffer De Leon

    Jeniffer De Leon New Member

    As for me, It is still useful but when in comes to looking for fastest news, I would just simply browse to the internet to find. I will not be able to wait for the news program and find the news myself. It will be too much late for me. Also it is not handy unlike to our smartphones that we are using today. We can look for the news while we are outside, if we are eating in a restaurant, in the park, or if we are having a family outing. I guess the use of television is that it is not rechargeable, we can use it whenever we want to, not considering the battery and lastly, it has a wide range of screen for use to see clearer images and videos unlike to our smartphones that we need to zoom it first.
  10. ChrisGale

    ChrisGale New Member

    Yes, the television is still useful in today's world. However it's usefulness has diminished vastly as a result of the abundant accessibility of affordable handheld audiovisual devices that can perform some functions as the television, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.
    Televisions are still quite useful as a result of their sheer ability to become a central focal point of information or entertainment for a large viewing audience upon demand.
    Where handheld devices are personal and often private, the television can be openly accessible and often public.
    Therefore, the television is here to stay. For now at least.
  11. merasol mendoza

    merasol mendoza New Member

    No. They are useless right now because of the internet you can do anything, you can update news in every country in the world , you can be aware of what was happening through the internet. High tech TV's might be useful somehow the new TV that can connect trough internet and can search anything , but if your talking about the old one's it's not useful anymore.
  12. carlirvine

    carlirvine Member

    Personally my answer is No because you can do everything that a television can even if you're just using a smartphone with an i i tnet connection.
  13. Shandy

    Shandy New Member

    For my opinion, I think yes. Although most of the time mobile phones are in used now.I find it usedfull when I really need a bigger screen to watch something, it helps not only me but especially for those who have eye's problem.
  14. francine1

    francine1 New Member

    I think yes. Nowadays, most of us use internet to watch news, movies or dramas but for those who cannot afford to buy internet access they remain using television. I think oldies still want to use television for watching than to use computer because they don't want to be hassle in doing some set ups, unlike television in just one click they can watch easily.
  15. boomskie24

    boomskie24 New Member

    Television is still useful for me. I personally use my television in a lot of things. One of that is of course I watch news from my television. I always watch my television to get news from the world it's because it's still more convenient to watch and listen to someone while talking instead of reading it from the newspaper or from a site. I also use my television sometimes when I play games whenever I feel it,though I know it's more convenient to play and there's more games thru the internet and different applications but playing play station in television can never go wrong and it's always fun to play with joystick. I also use my television to listen music and sometimes watch movies whenever I don't have budget to watch it in cinemas I just plugged in my flash drive and watch it from there or I and my wife listen to music while cleaning our home no headset interrupting the way just turn up the volume. There are also some things that you can watch first from the television like the "teleserye" from different channel. My wife always watch "teleserye" and she watch it from our television always because if she'll watch it from the internet she'll be late in the story of it. there are also some special segments that you can only watch in the television that TV networks don't put in the internet. So, television is still useful nowadays even if technology is upgrading.

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