Is the book always better than the movie?

Discussion in 'Books' started by angela5pointo, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. nwalker85

    nwalker85 New Member

    This argument tends to have two camps; the avid readers who spend hours a day curled up with a good book, and the people who'd rather just switch off and enjoy a story. Obviously, the readers are going to feel that the books are always better than the movie. They argue that there is much more depth and detail in the book than there can ever be in a movie. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those that would rather just turn their brains off at the end of a long work day and just have a story spoon fed to them. Who cares to read what the food smelled like, it's not THAT important to the story. At the end of the day, I'm a reader, and thoroughly enjoy every nuanced detail of the world that the author has created.
  2. lslade

    lslade New Member

    I know it's kind of taboo to say this, but I think that in some occasions movies can be better than their book counterparts. I do typically prefer books because of the ability to make the characters and the stories more relevant to your own life, but sometimes the writing is so bad that the story is lost. In those cases, making a film interpretation gives the story a new life.
  3. RandomHumanBeing

    RandomHumanBeing New Member

    I think it largely depends on which medium you experience first. Let's be honest, if you already know a story is going to end, you'll enjoy much less even a well-written book. Viceversa, I believe you can enjoy an average movie if you are not aware of the details left out. Since I like books better than movies, I usually read before watching, therefore I end up being a bit too harsh on cinematographic adaptations.
  4. lolly81

    lolly81 New Member

    I think it's unfair to compare them. Books and movies are entirely different media, and as such offer an entirely different experience. In a book, I enter another world, even another person. I'm immersed in it for 10 minutes to several hours at a time, and come in and out of it over the course of days or weeks. In a movie, I'm a voyeur for two hours. I may laugh, cry, or startle, but my purpose is to be entertained. I don't expect to be immersed in a movie, and I don't expect to be passively entertained by a book. When I watch a movie of a book I've read, I don't intend for it to be the same experience at all. And I'm only disappointed if the movie is poorly made.
  5. jotkor

    jotkor New Member

    The book isn't always better than the movie - remember Shawshank Redemption? Now that's a real hitter. Based on Stephen King's book - Shawshank Redemption sits at number 1 on the IMDB Top 250 list for movies of all time. Think about that for a second.
  6. José

    José New Member

    As a reader and a fan of movies as well, I believe "the book is always better" has become a cliche because it really is true. Movies are simply not capable of going as in depth as a book, so if a movie is based on a book there is absolutely no way the proper story can be told.
  7. Bozhin Gyoshev

    Bozhin Gyoshev New Member

    I prefer the book version, as it is more detailed. I have noticed in the movies, a lot of the storyline is rushed or skipped. I remember back in the days, when Harry Potter movies were coming out, it was a huge disappointment for me. I was a big fan of the books, and was furious when the plot was messed up so they can squeeze a 1000-page book into a 3 hour movie.
  8. Tiffanielove1

    Tiffanielove1 New Member

    Personally I think that the book is always better because of your imagination. You see things differently in your mind. You get disappointed when something you saw in your thoughts is different in the movie, so its a let down. I have always liked the movies but the book was ten times better. I see characters different then the producers of the movies so thats a big let down. Book= BETTER!
  9. bennett11

    bennett11 New Member

    I Am Number Four. The movie was better than book. I don't know if I didn't like the book because I listened to it and I didn't read it or what. I saw the movie first which then I wanted to read the series, well I won't being doing that. The movie wasn't fantastic, but I think from what I remember that it was better than the book.
  10. sking6

    sking6 New Member

    The book is always better than the movie in my opinion. I have been told that I should never read the book before seeing the movie because the book is always better, and I can see that, but and this is a huge BUT for me... I do not like to see the movie first and then read the books because then I have someone else's images of what the characters look like versus when I read the book first my imagination dictates what the characters look like. The book also always has more detail. I guess I just enjoy reading.
  11. sking6

    sking6 New Member

    Exactly. In a lot of cases you just get a better deeper story from the books than you do in the movies.
  12. aparpurant

    aparpurant New Member

    There are a few key points to note when considering this question. More often than not, the book and the movie aim to accomplish very different things. Books are provokers, they stimulate the imagination and tickle the subconscious. They are subtle and believe in the power of the gaps. This means that books are like an infinitely fractalized maze. Every person who enters the maze understands it differently. Movies, on the other hand, have the benefit of inducing information through multiple senses. Due to this almost synesthetic effect, they are usually singularly focused. Since movies and books are so different in their methodologies, it is impossible to compare them. I will say, however, that a lot of great books are turned into movies, but no great movies are ever turned into books. Take from that what you will!
  13. Sakshi srivastav

    Sakshi srivastav New Member

    Book will always be better than its movie counterpart.In reading books,you set your own preferences base from your imagination.You are the creative director of the story.But in movies,everything is already set from other mind's perspective.That is why we always get disappointed when we first read books and watch the counterpart.We have our own expectation.
  14. jensandhens

    jensandhens New Member

    I think there are cases where the movie is just as good or better than the book simply as a form of entertainment; however, usually a comparison of storyline or plot depth results in the book being the more intellectually stimulating creation. For example, the Harry Potter movies could be considered good movies if you ignore the deviations in details and character development that were in the original books. Differences alone don't make one better than the other, because they are different ways of telling a story and thus have different constraints.
  15. Morningstar328

    Morningstar328 New Member

    I've found that movies that follow books can often be disappointing. The worst for me, personally, was Lord of the Rings. I loved that series, but the movies really didn't follow the story-line that well in my opinion. The Hobbit, on the other hand, was amazing in my opinion. I feel like a really good book deserves to be split into more than one movie in order to do justice to a great story. I absolutely loved Game of Thrones for this reason. Since I read the books first, I was honestly scared to watch the series, at first. Also the Alex Cross series of movies were fantastic, and they actually made me want to pick up the books and read them.
  16. coventry

    coventry New Member

    I agree that movie adaptions are often disappointing. Books provide a deeper connection to the story. Some of the better move adaptions in my opinion are "Notes on a Scandal" and "Silence of the Lambs".
  17. jessiicaa

    jessiicaa New Member

    Always. Eat Pray Love, The Fault in Our Stars, The Kite Runner. The book holds words and emotions that the films simply can't convey within an hour and a half. Books are the portal of our imagination, hours of watching a movie could never replace the thrill of spending a week, or so, reading a book, flicking the pages and delving in to a world of paper and ink.
  18. mpugsly

    mpugsly New Member

    As an avid reader as well, I'd honestly have to say that the book is always better than the movie, except in one case possibly and that's Nicholas Sparks. Don't get me wrong, his books are fantastic, but his movies are also incredible. Some of my favorite books are Speak, Fire Starter, and anything from Robert Parker, and the movies have yet to measure up. Nicholas Sparks is the only author I've encountered who has movies that are just as good as his books. When you're reading a book you don't get to see anything, you just imagine what it looks like and what the characters look like, how they walk, talk, and act. When you see the movie, those questions are answered so you may either love it or hate it.
  19. Labarstk

    Labarstk New Member

    I personally find books more enjoyable than movies. I can enjoy a book over several days or weeks, think about potential outcomes in between reading sessions and use my own imagination to fill in tiny details. When I've read a book and then watch the movie, I am often disappointed to find that it isn't as good as the world I created in my own imagination!
  20. Shall30

    Shall30 New Member

    I think that people always prefer books, because they have the opportunity to imagine and create this world for themselves. As you read a book you start to picture what the characters and surroundings look like. Every line that you read can be interpreted and grown upon in your mind. It's a journey that takes days or weeks. When that book and that world you know is put into a movie, it has to disappoint. It isn't what your imagination created and it automatically doesn't meet your expectations. Movies are great, but there is no way they could portray all the thoughts and emotions of a book in to a two hour film. Sometimes they can do it justice, and sometimes the book just can't transfer into a movie very well.
  21. Raychul

    Raychul New Member

    Books are always better in my opinion. It takes more then an hour and a half to read a good book. When you shorten the story so much to make it a movie there are going to be scenes and characters from the book that just never make it to the movie. However I still thoroughly enjoy having a visual representation of a book I love.
  22. Yang Parpan

    Yang Parpan New Member

    I've been reading books since I was grade 7, and based on my observation, I would say that books are better than movies. In books, the happenings is well explained while in movies, there are some parts in the book that didn't get a chance to show in the movie. And there are times that they re-plot the story when it became a movie. And it gets a bit confusing especially if you compare it to the book.
  23. Benetnasch

    Benetnasch New Member

    Generally, yes, but not always. I, for one, greatly preferred the movie ending of Fight Club to the book's. I am hard pressed to think of a book that had a better movie adaptation right now, but I can name a few that were rather stellar; A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lolita, and Fight Club.
  24. stacey Brown

    stacey Brown New Member

    This is so funny to me because i was just talking about this with my husband yesterday. I honestly feel like the book is always much better then movies because they have more detail. When they make movies i think they should ask a bunch of people who have read the book what are the highlights they would look for in a movie then movies just might be better and not so disappointing.
  25. sarah1016

    sarah1016 New Member

    In my experience, books are always better than the movie, with one major exception! Books that were written AFTER the movie was already released, suck. I can't stress that enough. All of the books that I've read after enjoying their movies have severely disappointed.

    Other than that category though, yes, books are always better than the movies! The characters are more in depth, story lines are richer, and they can be as long as they want!
  26. candaceinjersey

    candaceinjersey New Member

    Never!. I have never seen a movie that was as good as the book. For one thing , a book gives you a much more intimate view of the character than you can do justice to within a 90 minute or 2 hour window. It also generally gives much more background information on the characters ,where they come from and what led them to make the decisions they made. Sometimes it's actually disappointing to see a physical representation of the character in the book and you find yourself thinking "Oh, I would have never typecast that actor for the role of" when viewing the film version. Finally,there's the level of suspense with a book that you just don't build up to in the film,no matter how well acted .
  27. Bryanna G

    Bryanna G New Member

    So far, the only books that I have read that have become movies are those dealing with love. Personally, movies do not do their books justice. In the movie, we could see the actual relationship happening, especially if the love interests have great chemistry and execute their roles. However, in the actual book, you can hear exactly how the romance is supposed to be that the author had initially envisioned. The movie usually disappoints me because I miss out on the thoughts and feelings the book actually mentions. Having said that, I now go watch the movie before I read the book because I use the movie as a preview that gauges how interested I am in reading the book.
  28. raindancer

    raindancer New Member

    I believe it is true in most cases, but the movies are still dearly loved. I believe that The Hunger Games books stay true to the purpose of the series (teaching young people about war), while the movies focus more on the dramatics and love story. But, the movie is still very well made in capturing Katniss' emotions and passions.
  29. adelaney713

    adelaney713 New Member

    Personally, when it comes to any story, I tend to prefer the book over the movie. It's so much easier to immerse yourself in the world an author has created when you're reading a book. When you're reading the story from the perspective of the main character(s), you can see what they're seeing, feel what they're feeling. It's a much deeper connection than watching the story play out on a screen. For me, it's the difference between living a story and hearing about it from a friend.
  30. TMMamba

    TMMamba New Member

    I would say overall, most movies will never be as good as the books because there is no substitution for the imagery that you paint in your head when reading a book. For example, I was reading A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) when the series just started. There was a scene in which an iconic wall was first shown and I was thoroughly underwhelmed because of how the writer described it and how I imagined it. It was looked nothing like I had imagined.
    However a movie can offer a new visual experience if the director stays true to the source material.

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