Is the book always better than the movie?

Discussion in 'Books' started by angela5pointo, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Diana Jane Perez

    Diana Jane Perez New Member

    I think that books are way way more better than movies. It lets you create your own character and scenes based on your understanding on what you have read. It makes us creative! Unlike in the movies wherein the picture is already there.
  2. Tanii

    Tanii New Member

    I think the book is better because it let your brain to work more. By reading the book you are requesting your imagination more and you could view the action from your point of view. On the other side,the movie is the vision of someone else, you are viewing the story from someone else's perspective wich not entirely bad because you can compare the tow perspectives.
  3. jusumortal

    jusumortal New Member

    Most of the time, yes. But always? No. I am an avid reader. I really love books. But there are just some genres of stories that are simply not fit for books. Like music for example. I read this particular book once. It's all about a music prodigy and here comes someone who envies him because the prodigy is always better than him. Anyways, the thing is I regretted reading the book because it's all about music. It's all about this guy trying to prove his worth through music. It just lacks substance. So my answer is no. Not all the time is the book better than the movie.
  4. P-Scarlet

    P-Scarlet New Member

    When it comes to choosing between book and movie, I generally prefer books because they force fewer details on you. Movies supply us with a full visual representation that is based on producer's world perception, and that's not always a good thing.
    Here's an example - Tolkien's LOTR trilogy is one of my favorite books ever. However, I did not like the LOTR movies because they retold the original story in a much darker tone than the books.
    I'm making an exception for books with poor story pacing though - I'd rather watch a movie in this case.
  5. morecules

    morecules New Member

    For me, the book is always better than the movie. If you read first, you can already imagine the setting of the story. But if you watch the movie, the director may cut some important scene or the highlight of the story. Some movie can get lost in Translation if they cut some scenario.

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