Is the internet part of your every day life?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Moneyman, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Moneyman

    Moneyman New Member

    Is the internet part of your every day life? How does it affect different aspects as your life such as social interactions, fitness and so on?

    For me, the internet plays a large role in my every day life as I always try to make a bit of money with it, and I also use it for other activities such as searching for recipes to cook, gaming and reading articles about fitness.

    I think it is a very good addition to your life, as long as it does not affect you negatively, something that can be a problem if you are addicted, for example.

    What is your opinion on this?
  2. Agusto

    Agusto New Member

    Nowdays peoples can't "live" without internet . We use it so much that sometine we forget about the real world. But it has very good benefits for some of us. We get information about newses in real time , connect with your friends with social media etc all this beacuse of the internet you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it.
  3. alexb513

    alexb513 New Member

    I honestly rely on the internet so much. I use it as a relaxation method, for talking to friends, entertaining myself, etc. The thing is that people always say this as a negative thing, but it's really just technology changing.
  4. vinchie09

    vinchie09 New Member

    For me, internet give a happiness to everyone, are you agree?
    Internet gives you a social media to make more friends like facebook, gossip friends in Twitter haha.
    gives you a Updated News, movie trailers, New songs, blog etc in youtube. Big compliment on Search bar like Yahoo especially google, helping many students to their assignment/thesis. Like me if no internet i think now i'm still a student, not to i'm tired reading books in library, but a lots of help using internet whether it's not a kinda fast connection in my line, but i'm still happy, very happy rather. thank you also those who invented of the internet .
  5. Dkaraly

    Dkaraly New Member

    Yes, it is. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so addictive or time consuming but that's not always a bad thing. I can learn something new everyday, do research, watch many interesting videos, entertain myself, read the news, find out about the latest gossip or topic or about new movies and videogames and chat with friends that live far away. I remenber when the Internet was not a big deal and I only used it to do my homework. Good old times. It wasn't really that long ago but it feels like it to me.
  6. 0mni

    0mni New Member

    I think Internet came to stay, and we should embrace this tool as an opportunnity to grow.
    I know there are people that use it in a bad way but if you look closely at it, it's great...
    It helps people connect from almost every country in the world and share information in real time, charity campaigns can collect lots of money worldwide with little to no effort and businesses can grow without the physical world's limitations.
  7. pizza lover

    pizza lover New Member

    The internet is part of my everyday life, it helps me in differents matters, for example, I don't know what to eat for lunch today. So, I look for recipes on the internet and not only shows me differents recipes that I didn't know it existed it also shows me how to do it step by step. how awesome is that?.
    Besides with the internet, I can work from home and talk with my friends that I can't hang out with them very often because they live far away, so yes the internet is part of my everyday life.
  8. Joselito

    Joselito New Member

    Internet nowadays is a useful tool to make money online. As a stay-at-home-dad, I make small amount of money using the internet (and that is also the reason why most of the online users seek good opportunities on making money).
    I don't want to stress things out, but it is also part of my everyday life. It will depend also on time management, by doing chores, put yourself in a physical activity or activities, and to abuse the internet.
    I am just set every alarm that corresponds on my home based activity via the internet, and the rest is a good to go.
  9. kingkyrarose

    kingkyrarose New Member

    The internet is my life.
    I am a travel vlogger and insta vlogger so I am constantly busy posting new stuff
  10. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    is my internet part of my everyday life? YES YES YES...because its help me a lot its soooo useful. u can learn u can discover u can know place to place you can see it even you can't go there its give me idea, discover things that you never know its real. you can do everything you can do searching, cominacating, earning money, study things, and giving idea for everything in my daily life. internet helps me alot helps people a lot
  11. babyright

    babyright New Member

    The international network that is the internet as finally come to stay. It has made the world to become a global village whereby people can have huge access to various information within seconds, minutes e.t.c. thereby helping lots of people to become more enlightened to what is going on around their environment and also in the world generally. It has improved the way we get paid, it has created different kinds of online employment for various individuals and organizations. I myself, i am planning to retire from my teaching work to finally settle down with online business because of the great opportunities it has for me to earn a better living.
  12. Passionateauthor

    Passionateauthor New Member

    For some time now, browsing the internet has become part of my daily activities. I spend over 50% of my daily overall time schedule online. I work with three writing sites and complete daily schedule between 2 - 4 hours. I have a money making website on which I sell physical and virtual products or services. Advertising and performing search engine optimization tasks for this website takes me between 1 - 2 hours everyday. The major SEO tasks include posting on forums and social bookmarking sites. Working online has become an activity I must perform daily.

    As a college lecturer, I spend some little time making online searches before going to class. I deliberately do this in order to deliver the best of lectures. Aside from doing that to upgrade myself, I also train and encourage my students to become researchers making use of the internet library. As part of the efforts to make this work out, I come to class regularly with my laptop and internet modem and perform search activities before the class.
  13. Ricky025

    Ricky025 New Member

    There is a good effect and bad effect of the internet to me. The good effect is I can connect with my older friend and my relatives who are far away from me. It is what keeps us updated with our lives. It also given me the chance to work online without going out in my home. But the bad effect of this is my health I got so much bigger now because I have no time for exircise LOL.
  14. AlexLapusan

    AlexLapusan New Member

    For me, life would be pretty dreary without the internet, i live sort of far from my friends and we don't really have the chance to meet a lot so the internet helps me keep in touch with them. Aside from the social aspect of it, internet is a source of endless possibilities to keep myself entertained, literally anything I could possibly want to know, guess where I find it? Yup the almighty internet. Listening to literally any song ever, watching any movie or show known by the human kind is at my disposal at all times because of the internet, so yeah it is a part of my everyday life and I can only be glad for it.
  15. anhell_jimi

    anhell_jimi New Member

    The internet is part of my daily life because I use it to know what is happening around me, i.e updates on news, information and the likes. I also use the internet to connect to old friends via social media and many more.
  16. Felabruno

    Felabruno New Member

    It is as my job depends on the internet. I work with it everyday so yes, I depend on the internet somehow. I started to work online over a year ago so now it is really important for me to stay connected. I use it to watch series as well as I'm not a fan of watching TV. It is a huge part of my life and I don't know what I would do without it.
  17. xagiate

    xagiate New Member

    Oh yes it is. I think internet its becoming the medium where most people are communicating today. It might this seems strange to older people but it is the truth. In its first days Internet was a medium where people browsed webpages to learn things. Nowadays it has changed a lot. More and more people use the internet for their jobs or for their entertainment. Youtube played a huge role on that as well as facebook. Internet is becoming social day by day. If you do not know how to use internet nowadays its difficult to survive in the desert of the real world as Neo mentioned in Matrix. :)

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