Is upgrading to next-gen consoles wortht it?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ImHampe, May 15, 2014.


Have you upgraded or are planning to upgrade?

  1. I haven't upgraded, and have no plans of doing so.

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  2. I have upgraded to next-gen.

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  3. I'm planning on upgrading.

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  1. ImHampe

    ImHampe New Member

    I currently own both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, and when the next-gen consoles were released I didn't really feel like it was worth the money at that moment. Moslty because most of the games still were available on the previous gen. I didn't find any game that was exclusive to next-gen that I was interested in. And for example GTA V is currently an exclusive to previous gen consoles. And i'ts not only the cost of the actual consol it self, that may be a bit to much for some. You will also have to buy new games, even if you have for example Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360, you'll still have to buy a new copy of the game to your Xbox One. But maybe in november-december it will be worth upgrading when new games comes to nex-gen.

    What do you think?
  2. icm871

    icm871 New Member

    As of now I don't think it's worth upgrading to a next-gen console, simply because they are so new. I would wait until there is price drops for the consoles. We all remember how ridiculously expensive the Xbox 360 and PS3 were when they first came out.
  3. derpyhooves

    derpyhooves New Member

    I'm a PC gamer, so I can't really tell you to upgrade or not.
    Though I honestly would wait for a pricedrop if I were a console gamer, the new consoles are rather expensive for what they're capeable of (compared to PC's). The consoles do have some nice exclusives, but I don't think those exclusives would be enough for me to upgrade.
  4. SpaceGuy

    SpaceGuy New Member

    I was spoiled on the day of the PlayStation 4 release as I was able to pick one up from the store. It has exceeded my expectations with the picture quality and the overall smoothness of the machine. With that being said though, it lacked games when it first came out. Over the next few months a variety of games are going to be released and I think the release of the new game will increase the value of the system as these games come out. I also own a PlayStation 3 that I have kept with me as there a numerous games for that console that I still adore playing. Upgrading now may not be the best option, depending on the genre of games you like, as the diversity of games is not great.
  5. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson New Member

    I have both the xbox 360 and the PS3 from last gen. I own the xbox one and the PS4 on the next gen so there are many factors that go into to deciding if upgrading is right for you? If you are looking for a true 1080p 60 frames per second flawless quality gameplay that is smooth and looks beautiful then yes you should upgrade. Now with that being said if you want the best console avaliable there is no need to even consider the xbox one the PS4 is the way to go in every aspect unless you care about exclusive titles. I am actually trading my xbox one back in because it honestly in my opinion is a failure on every level. The graphics for instance is highly sub-par to the dominate PS4 and it does not run near as quite and smoothly as there is alot of lag on the interface. Again these are simply my thoughts and opinions on the next gen consoles and what I have experienced first hand hope this helps in your journey to next gen gaming.
  6. jpdelta

    jpdelta New Member

    From a PS4 point of view (I can see my feet). I've gotten a little bored of it for now as there's not that many next gen games just yet.
    But there is so many I can't wait for like Drive Club, The Order & lots more!
    I'm not partial to the indie games as I play a lot of them on my laptop and am reluctant to pay more for them on the PSN store.

    I also believe the Xbox is in the same situation with games at the moment.

    If you're not to bothered right now, Id sit back let a few more games get released and buy em pre-owned with a new consoles.
  7. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson New Member

    I agree there arent many games at the moment but as you stated there are so many great titles on the way. I think the order is going to be really good and Destiny should be a amazing FPS as Bungie always makes amazing games. I have honestly been playing Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K14 and am honestly loving it. I did however refuse to get COD Ghost as I feel that the franchise is dying. I am not saying that the sales and hype for COD are down but in my opinion the fun factor of COD has died. Year after year we are given a product that in honest opinion is incomplete. I mean look at Black Ops II its fun to play but the inconsistencies in the game and mechanics are terrible. I still stand firm that you will not be disappointed by going next-gen again just personal opinion
  8. Link10103

    Link10103 New Member

    If for no other reason, I found upgrading on day one worth it since I get to play Watch Dogs on Ps4 without having to search high and low to buy the system before the game's release. If you have the money to buy the system, then really it doesn't matter when you buy it since no games are out. If it was a fight to scrounge up enough money to buy the system without breaking the bank, then no definitely not worth it until more games drop.

    I gradually paid it off over a few months, but for the most part it has been collecting dust. With the shortage of Ps4's to buy recently I can't say I regretted getting it early though.
  9. Titanguy654

    Titanguy654 New Member

    That choice really depends on what you're looking for. I'm having a blast with my Playstation 4, personally, but that's only because I'm using it to enjoy some games that I never gave a chance on the last-gen-- Assasin's Creed 4, Tomb Raider, NBA 2k14. If you aren't like me, you might want to wait a while until you make your purchase. Nothing exists that demands the purchase of a Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but it is a pretty nice luxury to have. In all honesty, I'd recommend a 3Ds. It has a large games library, cheap prices on some old games, and a growing userbase.

    In the end, of course, it's up to what you want.
  10. Chris R.

    Chris R. New Member

    I'm certain that with time buying the new consoles will be worth it, but right now putting out $400+ dollars for a console with few gaming options is not in the cards. Not to mention, I am poor as it is, and it certainly is a luxury to have a gaming system at all. Though to be realistic, I only got my PS3 about 2 years ago when the price dipped down to around $200 dollars. I always like comparing this to my brother who bought an original PS3 at the hefty $700 dollar price tag. These days, so many games are being produced for both the PS3 and PS4 that the only significant difference lies in the graphics, and viewing a game in 720p for a little while longer isn't going to kill me.
  11. demaker

    demaker New Member

    Its always nice to ride the technology wave. I currently own all 3 next gen consoles xone ps4 and wiiu and i have to say i haven't regretted it. New games, high-end pc graphics and new exclusives is what you should be thinking about. I have to say if you have the cash it's a decent investment. If you think the price ain't right i guess you have to wait until Christmas 2014 as always with consoles there will be a 50$ price drop or so. Hope it helped
  12. Yevonite

    Yevonite New Member

    My partner would say yes, but I would personally say no. Right now, there isn't that much diversity in the market when it comes to the type of games available. Furthermore, if you are a PC gamer then the majority of next gen games are also available on PC so just go for that. If you are a console gamer, you play frequently and you like the exclusives one next gen console has to offer then I'd say go for it.
  13. sevvy

    sevvy New Member

    As a more casual gamer, I don't find the need for owning the most recent (and also most expensive!) gaming system. I own a Wii and play it when friends are over, and it works for me. The Wii U is nice, but not necessary for me.

    However, I also own the Nintendo 3DS. Part of the appeal is the variety of games, I suppose. It was Pokemon X and Y that convinced me to upgrade. I suppose my ultimate answer is... it depends on the games!
  14. OceanCurt

    OceanCurt New Member

    As for the next generation of gaming consoles it all depends on your long term goals as a gamer.

    If video games are something you engage in often and play with friends online than upgrading may be your best option.

    It was sad to see the XBOX ONE rift tear my group of friends apart especially when we were all getting along so well on Battlefield 4.

    The next generation game consoles are here to stay and that is something that every one must live with. If you plan on staying on the cutting edge of technology and gaming you are going to need to invest the money into getting the latest gaming console.

    If you want to game on a moderate level without having to re upgrade every few years I would recommend a computer. Computers have tons of gaming power and updating a graphics card is the fraction of the price of a new system.
  15. KEA83

    KEA83 New Member

    While there may not be the most substantial difference right now, studios will be working hard in the next few years to get the most out of the processing power of next gen systems.

    With that said, "next gen" is pulling ahead. Certain games such as "MLB The Show 14" use the additional processing power to create a more immersive experience. The textures, faces and crowds are more realistic. The additional power allows the game studios to add in many features that would have been cut out in the previous gen to save power or space.
  16. CaptainCrazy

    CaptainCrazy New Member

    I think right now it is not necessary to upgrade. Most of the biggest games are being released on both the current and next generation of games with only a slight upgrade in detail. I think waiting for a price drop or until a big blockbuster comes out for the newest systems is the best way to go. When the WiiU gets a price drop I will probably get it for the new Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  17. JerriC

    JerriC New Member

    If I had the ability to keep the games from previous consoles on the newer console and still be able to play them, I might be tempted to upgrade. However, the PS3 with a larger hard disk for more storage space is working fine for me.
  18. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    In my opinion there is no need to upgrade to next gen consoles quite yet. First of all, it is a new tech. And as we all know new tech has bugs. A lot of them, actually. I hope we all still remember the first gen xbox 360s and the red lights of death and fat PS3s that would constantly overheat and display yellow lights of death to their poor owners. Second of all, the amount of games out on the system is simply too small to warrant dropping $300 - $500 on the new gen consoles. If anything, it's a great time to catch up on the backlog of the last gen, especially considering the fact that most games for these systems could be purchased for dirt cheap right now.
  19. Andrewh1792

    Andrewh1792 New Member

    Honestly, I've been an Xbox fan boy for the longest time. But I recently converted to straight PC Gaming. I'm so glad I did too, so much fun with all the different mods for my favorite games. The fact that I can customize my computer the way that I want as well as upgrade it whenever I have the extra money.
  20. Jordan H

    Jordan H New Member

    In my opinion it is worth upgrading. Think about it. The price started at $500 USD for the standard Xbox One. Then the price was $500 USD, but with the game Titanfall. Then the bundle package price dropped again to $450 USD. Now you can get a Xbox One for $399. I am not sure if the Playstation 4 is worth it because I only track the Xbox One. Anyways, now wouldn't be a bad time to consider upgrading. Besides, you can still keep your Xbox 360.
  21. equistina

    equistina New Member

    As of right now, no, it's not.

    There are not very any games out for it that are console exclusives, and what is out, is far from system sellers. I think for now we are fine with the current gen. They still have some great titles coming out and it's quite affordable.

    I probably won't get a next gen console until 3 years minimum.
  22. Ghost319

    Ghost319 New Member

    Personally, I feel that it's both worth and not worth it.

    Next-gen games and consoles alike come with some amazing technology and pretty cool features. However, my main concern with all of this new age stuff are the companies behind them. Long live the days that gaming companies were ran by true nerds and CEOs who played their own games.

    Now days, gaming companies and console companies are ran by boards of investors, business graduates, etc. Everything has DLC in it, everything has optional additional fees beside them and the like. I get that things cost more money today, but I miss the days when I could buy a $60 game and not have to worry if there would be more costs associated with the game.

    It's worth it if you don't mind the micro-transactions and have the money to. Otherwise, the next step down of consoles works just fine. I don't play many PS/Xbox games now days anyways, I used to go hardcore on Metal Gear Solid back in the days.

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