Is video games good for kids? or it buried the physical games in the past

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  1. You remember when your a child? When you playing outside of your house? Running go to park and slide play basketball cycling. Making a kite and fly play hide and seek, play chess, snake and ladder and playing like a business man or a driver. We lost that tradition or history even kids now dont know about that games because generation they grow up is advance they always play video games sit on a sofa playing video games dont eat in the right time playing a video games. Im not saying dont play video games for our kids because when i was a child i played video games too what i say is im lucky that i been experience the past games kids playing i remember when i was a kid playing outside the house moment you want to play whole night. How about you reading this want can you say is video games good for kids?
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    Some games today I can say that, it might improve kids hand and eye coordination and in addition, some games can also improve kids problem-solving skills. The down side of this is the kids might suffer physical problems thus making kids unhealthy. There are pros and cons in video games according to professionals.

    • Problem Solving and Logic
    • Hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills
    • Planning, resource management and logistics
    • Quick thinking, making fast analysis and decisions
    Cons / Negative Effects:
    • Makes your kid socially isolated
    • Some video games teach kids to be violent
    • Games can confuse reality and fantasy
    • Bad effects on children's health like obesity, video-induced seizures, muscular and skeletal disorders
    These are some of the effects that kids might get in playing video games. My advice to parents is to let your kids play moderately don't let them to be addicted. Teach them how to be a responsible son/daughter. Indulge them into sports rather than video games.
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    I'm not sure why everyone acts like you can either play video games or play outside. I somehow managed to do both as a kid. I still do both as an adult. Video games are fine in moderation, as is playing in side, as is everything else.

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