It is amazing how technology has basically enabled us to become musical composers

Discussion in 'Music' started by Russel1Westbrook, Nov 18, 2019.

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    I am serious a couple of weeks ago me and my friends and my girlfriend We were singing and somebody said we should go to the studio and just record a track for fun I said to them I know a app where we can put a beat on the screen and we could all sing and it would save that track and we could put it into a video and Uploaded to YouTube and at that's exactly what we did this app that we download it made him where we could change the pitch the speed everything about a beat and we could sing to it it picked up all of our voices and it Uploaded it to a community of people who judged us on our work and we got thumbs up we got thumbs down people said we didn't sound good some people said they liked this but it is amazing how things have changed since the 1990s where you needed a studio you needed to buy studio time you needed all of that equipment but now there are apps will you can actually be a music composer and you can make your own music and put it out there to the world and get a judgment On whether you sound good Or not

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