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Have you made any research about postloop?

  1. How long have you been searching online work for?

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  2. Have you ever read a review on postloop?

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  1. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    Last week, I spent a whole night searching, reviewing, joining sites after sites, tryng apps after apps, completing tasks, going through sign up procceses. It took me 5 cups of coffee, few chocolates, one large dough pizza to stay up, unfortunately I had to deactivate every single sign up I did, Uninstall all the money-making apps. Because of the research I did to review them which almost gave me a panic attack and before I would break my computer with a hammer, throw my laptop out of the window and thrust my iphone into the wall, I changed the keywords from 'how to make money online' with something like 'reviews of make-money online' and it took me 3 more hours to land on postloop. I found a blog about postloop being relieable and I closed all the tabs, stopped all the searches and drove my ful focus on postloop for all the reviews written about it. I felt a green signal and decided to sign up but when I found that my email had already been registeted with postloop, my hopes felt like melting away because I thought that if it was the most relieable site and I had already tried that 5 years ago but what could have been the reason to quite working on postloop. I tried all the possible-passwords I could recall and one of them finally worked but I found that there were no contents posted at all so I decided to start writing something and created 5 posts right away.
    I have been wandering over the internet, searching for something to make money but never got lucky or I may have been looking to the wrong side. Anyhow, postloop is my last effort but this time, I am going to give it an ultimate try, full forced efforts and the rest of my passion.
    I wish you'd wish me luck.
  2. jozylrose12

    jozylrose12 New Member

    Hi there,

    You have been with postloop for days now. how was it?
    have you already earned anything?
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  3. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I don't anything about earning because I had joined this network in 2013 but I forgot about that. I just rechecked in last week and my intentions is to find a clean and nice place to share my words and that's just postloop. Anyhow, my dashboard shows I have earned 22,79 points but I don't know what that means.
  4. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I just found a tragic news about this site has been shut down.:(
    Now I'm searching for some other place to quench my thirst of writing.
    You'd like to get along?
  5. mysticalnymph2

    mysticalnymph2 New Member

    Is that the reason why most don't receive update after making their 10 posts? I myself is waiting for the review just to know if I did well.
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  6. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    I was looking for an online job and I watch a Youtuber and discus about this website. I'm happy because I like forums and I like to give out my opinions in any topic. It's awesome to be here. But reading the reply here makes me sad. Hopefully it is not true and we can make a better community here in Postloop.
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  7. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I wish I was wrong but I have spent this whole week to review this campaign and I have found that it has been closed now. It had been in business for a long time but the bloggers or the site owners may have stopped purchasing contents from the companies like postloop and they now prefer to write everything by themselves or they may have been considering hiring free lancers from companies like or Whatever the reasons are, closing down postloop was a very sad incidents...
  8. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    It surely was the reason and I have also been waiting for my points to get updated but nothing hapoened, eventhough I have made 12 long posts but there's been no movement in points nor in ratings. This however made me think to create something like this platform where I'd gather lots of writers and work something out together. I mean if we become or create a big team of writers who can provide hundreds of contents over a night, we might have a chance to find a break through and start our own campaign where the buyers will come to purchase from us.
  9. AdvSrb

    AdvSrb New Member

    Hi guys, I've just registerd on postloop, it's great to wright about something you love, i will recommend this to everybody.
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  10. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    Your enthusiastic analogy towards postloop is much more appreciated but this campaign has shutdown its monetizing facility. So, if you just needed a platform to quench your thirst of writing, you're at the write spot but if you are willing to write for making some cash out of it, you just got so unlucky because this company has recently been closed. :(
  11. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    It's nice to be here. Whatever my opinions is, no one will judge me. I can say whatever i want and my opinions. I always express my feelings here. Its makes me happy everytime i've been here.

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