Its true computer make people lazy?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by naturedpeter-eKfd, May 16, 2018.

  1. In our society now computer is everything for us. Computer make our work easy from creatimg a report to solving problems and doing a work is all in computer. Theres a advantage of computer for us and disadvantage. Advantage of computer for is it make our life easy you cant deny it its true. Dis advantage is it make you lazy because you will always depend on computer.
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    Not really, I do not really believe in that. Wanting to get a task fast can not make lazy. Laziness is just the absence of drive and motivation. Without motivation, that is how a person becomes lazy. If you have enough drive and motivation, you will feel like you can do anything. Many psychological problems isn't caused by objects, it is caused by some inner problem. Like if you are afraid of the dark, that implies that you are afraid of the future or something unknown. We can never see the future so it is presented as the unknown like darkness. You are not afraid of the dark, you are afraid the the things lurking on the darkness.

    For laziness, it might because of failures., When we failed many times, we lose are drive to work and become lazy. If we lack drive, we even might be too lazy to to use the computer. I do not say that computers and laziness have no connection at all. It might turn you to a very slight lazy person but not really. Is is drive and motivation what makes people lazy or not.
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    No, computer do not make people lazy but rather it makes people learn. I have learn a lot from the time I got my first computer to date. Because of that, my friends always come to me for help in anything concerning IT. I do my things very quickly because I gather all the information from the internet.
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    I definitely do not think it makes us lazy! Sure, there are new conveniences we aquire through computers, but that doesn't make us lazy. Someone had to use a computer to program and test these features that make our lives easier. When we spend less time on mundane things that computers can now do for us, we get more time in our day to be productive. Not everyone will use their time productively, but a lot of people will. Computers are what's helping us build the future and I don't think that's laziness at all!

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