Japanese car vs. Italian car

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  1. liteace725

    liteace725 New Member

    What will you choose for a daily driven/fun track car? Is it a Japanese car or a Italian car? For me since i am an asian guy i prefer to have a Japanese car specially a 90's honda civic, its a good car it gives a lot of leg-room to the driver, easy to modify to be track car and it so gas efficient that you can drive it for you daily use while it can be your weekend-track-car honda_civic_ek_sedan_by_bayuhariw-da3xq21.jpg
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  2. zekebaby

    zekebaby New Member

    I like Japanese Kei cars. They're inexpensive, utility and functional cars. You can sleep and you can live inside. And a fun thing is that these cars can transform to many uses. You can search all that in Youtube.
    Italian cars are prestige. Highly expensive and stylish. Performance is great but I still love Japanese cars. They are underrated when put beside European cars. But technology is where they have the advantage.
  3. Lost93

    Lost93 New Member

    I prefer Japanese cars and love them all. Since I bought a Japanese car then I fell in love with Japanese cars. It seems to me that every Japanese car has a history for itself. Even if I add to their durability, comfort, look, all of them. Maybe I like the older models of the car a little, such as Honda Civic, Toyota Supra, Subaru Impreza, NSX, Nissan Skyline, mostly all old urban legends.

    As far as Italian cars are concerned, I have nothing against them, I believe that they are also good, like Ferrari and Lancia. Many people complain about Alfa Rome, how they constantly break down, they are constantly with the mechanics and so on. Maybe it's just stories, but as I said, I prefer Japanese cars so I can not talk much about Italian cars.

    This is the beauty I would like to have one day. Subaru Impreza WRX STI. subaru_wrx___clean_by_dangeruss.jpg
  4. Joco

    Joco New Member

    Japenese cars are the best. There's no question about that. Japan is the INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY capital of the world.
  5. yehyatt

    yehyatt New Member

    For track use, I would get an Italian car since they break more often and I would get a chance to take it apart and fix it, but as a daily driver, a Japanese car would be much better and reliable.
  6. uroborosz

    uroborosz New Member

    Definitely Japanese cars. In my experience they are more reliable and hold up longer. The components of Japanese cars are more expensive, but mechanically and electronically they last longer and with the proper care - that entirely depends on the owner - you don't have to take it to a service that often.
  7. itsmetoni

    itsmetoni New Member

    My personal choice would be Japanese cars. For years, they have proven their efficiency, innovative technology, and durability.
  8. Baraquia

    Baraquia New Member

    I choose the Japanese cars based on their reliability since servicing them is inexpensive. The only items that I have replaced on my car is the battery, spark plugs and tail bulb due to the normal wear and tear of those items.

    I have not owned an Italian car but the German car that I've owned gave me a few problems and the fuel economy was not that good. I prefer the Japanese cars for their reliability and fuel efficiency.

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