Judicial Killing, Acceptable or Not

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  1. Poly2013

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    Judicial Killing, Acceptable or Not

    What is your Stands about it?
  2. angeleyne48

    angeleyne48 New Member

    I'm on the fence about this topic. Based on my personal experiences, since this all started, our place became a lot safer. Before town's people were afraid of criminals, drug pushers and users. They are not hidden from the public and they do their illegal transactions without fear. People around were helpless and scared to voice out what they knew. Now things made a turn about, we can feel that our place has started to regain peace. Many known criminals here fled somewhere far to escape the authority. On the other hand, it feels really sad to know that many people are taking advantage of it.
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  3. Anne Almoete

    Anne Almoete New Member

    I'm not in favor of judicial killings because it is based on the Bible that killing people is a heavy sin in every person living in this world. Even if you are in the highest position you don't have the right to kill somebody because only our Lord God knows when someone needs to leave these polluted, damaged, and broken world.
  4. Jash222

    Jash222 New Member

    If I will based my answer on my morality. I will say Judicial or Extrajudicial killings are not acceptable. No one has the right to kill someone because they have judged him or her for committing a sin. As what Jesus said in the bible, "To let anyone without a sin throw their first stone to this woman". These people who killed have no right to take someone's life when they're not even perfect themselves. But on the other hand, if I will based my answer to what is happening in reality. Yes, Extrajudicial killings are acceptable, provided it is done with no anger and no inner motives to keep the killers name above the rest. It should be done only when it is necessary and not planned to kill.
  5. Cris Jan

    Cris Jan New Member

    As a Filipino citizen, I believed in our Constitution that says that we must give every person a benefit of a doubt and a due process. The Constitution and the Bible disagrees with extra-judicial killing. Let us not deprived a person from his rights.
  6. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    Extrajudicial killing is defined by killing a person by government authorities without the due process of law or of any judicial proceeding and legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are seen as a crime against order and humabity. How much more extrajudicial killings?

    Ofcourst not! That's my answer. I do not approve these forms of killings because the goverment is the highest power in the land. A misuse of that power, especially in taking the life of another is truly dispicable. If extrajudicial killing will run uncontrollably in a city, or worse, in a country then it can have a huge risk of letting innocent people die without proving their innocence. You can not bring back life so the taking of it should be done with utmost justice before any condemnation takes place.
  7. kengetus31

    kengetus31 New Member

    There is no problem in killing of criminals, it's true that they are human just like us,but the fact that they pose threat to us is indeed inhumane. Who in the right mind would rape an innocent infant and murder it after, or lurk in the shadow to harass the people passing by? Hoping for these fools to change their heart is futile, throwing them to jails would make them more vicious after they're freed that's why they're better off dead. The only problem is there are some suspicious cases if the victim was really involved or not. Some of the police are doing the job great but there are some that are just using the drug war as a means of exacting revenge, covering up their involvement or to let loose their trigger happy personality. There is no perfect jurisdiction that's why the authority itself should implement the discipline within the organization. It's hard to admit but the self-discipline of our own policemen is not even comparable to the police of other country. If only all of their operation is transparent then there will be no cases of extrajudicial killings in the first place.
  8. Pearl Gee Namuco

    Pearl Gee Namuco New Member

    At first I'm favorable to it, since the justice system in our country is slower than a snail or turtle, so image how slow that is. However, after talking to my fiance about it and analyzing things, it is not right and it will not solve any crime and put to jail any felon or criminal. This system can be easily abused and can be an escape for other malicious and unlawful person to hurt innocent people. It can be used by an angry person to kill a rival or enemy. Judicial killing must be stop. Citizens should be fiercer and bolder to report crime, be responsible to our community and involve to keep law and order. People should have a sense of social responsibility and concern.
  9. kyle05

    kyle05 New Member

    As a pilipino seeing my countrymen killing one by one make my heart burst as it is unacceptable to kill someone and they are not being arrested and hear they're side and make everything in a due process , although these people commits crime they don't or nobody deserve to be killed right away they must be first thrown into jail as they did not commit a barbaric crime like killing someone, our officials must do about something about this .
  10. royce153624

    royce153624 New Member

    judicial killing is not acceptable for me and you have no rights to put a law in your hands. what is the purpose of our due process if every single person going to die without trials but we can't avoid that there was kill during police operation but this is true that they fight or just there alibi? that's a big question for us. what happen to our government there so many news that i seen that many died in questionable police operation. who is true and who is wrong but please stop judicial killing you have no rights to do that be a human.
  11. Realistic

    Realistic New Member

    Judicial killings, very acceptable.Christians know better, God introduced judges to delegate his power of judging. And some crimes when commited, the perpetrator doesn't deserve to live. Some horrible crimes such as killing a pregnant mother don't deserve forgiveness. Maybe they can be forgiven in their death mode. Killing a pregnant mother is like going against the responsibility of procreating, given by God. Doing this makes one an enemy of life and the best punishment is the elimination of the perpetrator because this makes one inhuman, toxic to life.That's why I truly support of some criminals. Death judgments is a yes for me and any judge who orders a death judgment is strong enough to know how life is important. Judicial killings are very acceptable.
  12. sayeah

    sayeah New Member

    I heard a Filipino celebrity talk about judicial killing. She strongly suggested that killing is not the way. Hearing this from someone who just lost her mother because of criminals is kind of a shock actually but she pointed out that if we kill them because they killed someone then that makes us like them. And I believe her belief. I'll be honest that I'm a Catholic and I really disagree with judicial killing. We all have our own beliefs, may it be God, karma or whatever you want to call it. It's easy for us to saying yes or no to this question since we are not living in others' shoes. We don't know what is happening in their lives and we just don't have the right to judge. I still strongly believe in humanity. I hope all of you as well.
  13. Reigniel

    Reigniel New Member

    Killing is killing. Judicial or Extra Judicial.
    How about poverty that kills millions?
    Religion. Different beliefs.
    Maute group?
  14. Unsullied

    Unsullied New Member

    As someone in the legal profession and as a Christian minister, this is an interesting topic for me, and one I would probably have to reflect on all my life.
    As an attorney, I could justify applying the death penalty to some harden, unremorseful and dangerous criminals who have committed some heinous crimes and are a danger to the society.
    However, as a Christian minister, I cannot, in all honesty, conclude that someone no matter how vile he is, is beyond God's saving grace.
    The dilemma is that if you make judicial killing readily available, you risk terminating precious lives who would have turned a new leave if given the opportunity to reform. On the other hand, if you do away with it, run the risk of unleashing avoidable tragedies on the society by letting these depraved souls to live. Someone could argue that life imprisonment can solve the problem, but I respectfully disagree because there is the possibility of prison breaks. El Chapo is a recent example.
    In conclusion, it's a difficult choice, but I am against it. It seems to be motivated by the desire to take revenge. The judicial process is for correction, not for vengeance.

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