Korean Drama or Anime?

Discussion in 'Television' started by kacchako143, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. kacchako143

    kacchako143 New Member

    Both really helps me to become a better person and laso touches my heart.
  2. akiyo00000

    akiyo00000 New Member

    Anime it's more fun on anime story some kind of weird and funny things
  3. kagometrixie

    kagometrixie New Member

    As a viewer,I prefer to watch Kdrama. It also popular in different countries or all through out the world, adaptations of different or classical stories. Every episodes of it are really worth it to watched. The series they created every time were really fantastic and goes beyond my expectations to believe and learn in hoping of each lesson of life. The scenes make more impact to viewers and learn in some terms like "Oppa", "Kansahamnida". And that's why Kdrama marathons are spreading in new generation.
  4. mcnasci24

    mcnasci24 New Member

    Anime is wayyyy more entertaining. The visual style makes for a creative way of telling crazy stories but at the same time making them fun, with stories that stay with you.
  5. lilmshannah

    lilmshannah New Member

    I used to like Animes when I was in high school. When I got to College and started working I switched to K-Dramas. I love Korean dramas because you can relate to about 30% of it, you want to be able to relate to it by 20% and 50% of it is the wishful thinking that "I wish I could be the lead girl on this drama, how lucky would I have been if I were in her shoes". lol These Korean dramas take you to a non-stop emotional roller coaster so it's definitely great.
  6. lavenderdreams

    lavenderdreams New Member

    When I was younger, around the time when I was in high school, I used to watch a lot of anime. Now that some time has gone by though, I find myself watching Korean dramas more often. I think it has to do with the realism and the themes that are often portrayed in the dramas. The dramas I pick are most often romantic comedies and these themes seem to resonate with me more than the anime shows I used to watch.
  7. Phiann30

    Phiann30 New Member

    Korean drama of course why I prefer Korean novellas because its popularity have stayed strong for more than a decade their culture, fashion and food. Their dramas showcase the Korean cuisine influencing its viewers to crave the experience of Korean food as well as their fashion affect the Filipino nowadays.
  8. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    I prefer watching Korean dramas because these dramas with different genres express different kind of emotions such as happiness, romance, guilt, sorrow, and many more. These dramas also show the rich culture of Koreans and how their country differ among Asian countries. Korean dramas are also a good way of promoting the Samsung brand because it is their flagship brand when it comes to smartphones.
  9. Boki

    Boki New Member

    Korean drama. I have watched a Korean movie recently called Along With The Gods and I really like it because it made me cry and no such thing is possible!!
  10. lilephe

    lilephe New Member

    I prefer anime over k-dramas. I feel like anime has more room for wild and strange plots that reality shows can't do without looking inherently "cheesy". Anime has more ability to stretch reality than K-dramas do in my opinion.
  11. jinnprixx

    jinnprixx Member

    I prefer anime ever since I was a child like Voltes V, Daimos, Mazinger Z and many more. Until now I'am watching anime Like One Piece, Ghostfighter, Dragon Ball Z, Zenki to many to mention. Korean drama most of the time boring. So I don't watch Korean drama. I'm not saying Korean drama not good it's just so happen I love a anime, it's more fun and not boring. The story also good and the character sometimes funny like Tony Tony Chopper of One Piece. That's all.
  12. agbuyarashel

    agbuyarashel New Member

    Can I just choose both? I love watching Kdrama and anime. I'm not fond of animes at first but my father always switch to anime channel and we only have one TV. So, I don't have a choice. I tried watching it and after a minute, learned to love it hahahha. Right now, I would shout at my father just to switch to anime channel hahahha.
  13. Adrian120501

    Adrian120501 New Member

    Wow i like this question because i'm an anime lover and also korean drama lover. For me i don't need to pick one of them because i love both of them sometimes i watch anime and sometimes i watch korean drama. And i don't watch in our t.v i watch it online because its more hd in online hahaha. I love badass anime character so much and also i love korean star's(men and women). Korean drama's has a lot of twist in their storie's and non-imaginable scene's also anime that's why i love them both. Thank you.
  14. kelvz1984

    kelvz1984 New Member

    i prefer anime i love watching anime since i was in my childhood and there are anime series that gets my attention about the stories, well sorry to say am not a fan of Korean drama..
  15. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    I always love anime since I was a child until now I'm still watching even the all-time or classic anime
  16. fcoded98

    fcoded98 New Member

    I will choose Korean drama over anime probably because of I am a fan of Korean dramas. It gives me more joy and the only movies that can tamper my emotions. Korean dramas are not easily predictable. It educates, teaches and at the same time gives you fun. Korean dramas unlike anime show real-life people. At on set, I hate animations though some can be funny but they dont move me.

    Anime are for kids, it's no more enjoyable when you are grown up as you tend to demand real humans rather than animations.
  17. MaggiNoodles

    MaggiNoodles New Member

    For me, I stick with anime because of its variety of genres that keep me entertained and its art style that changes depending on the studio, animators, and genre. Not that I want to discredit Korean drama, since there are many shows that I watch that have good storytelling and depth, but anime just has that freedom of expression that Korean drama just does not have.
    Some of my favorite anime have not so subtle depictions of violence and nudity, and even tackle social themes, like social media, rape, bullying in social circles, and suicide. It has more themes that, as a 20-year old, would relate and empathize with. It surprisingly has more realistic characters than your normal cardboard cutout cliche trope characters you see in most mainstream action anime and Korean drama (hell, even Naruto was a realistic character from the standpoint of an orphan). Maybe it's the same with Korean drama, where people who don't get that excitement from youth anymore watch it to rekindle those lost feelings, but speaking personally, I think anime is the better medium than Korean drama.
  18. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    I love Korean dramas now. When I was in my primary school, I love watching anime. I remember I was always rushing to go home or finish my house chores right away so that my parents will allow me to watch my favorite anime. But now things change. Since 2016, when I first watch a Korean drama it satisfies my cravings for what a drama should be. I find it so entertaining and it makes me so happy while watching different Korean dramas. I don't know but they have this particular ingredient or maybe charisma for me to stick until the end of their dramas. The dramas are unpredictable and I like that. I don't want to watch something like it's only episode one and I will know what will happen in the end. And Korean dramas satisfies me on that part. I also like the way they treasure their culture on their historical dramas and I appreciate that. Lastly, Korean dramas makes me feel young and alive.
  19. Michael1234

    Michael1234 New Member

    For me Korean Drama is the best because I find the actors of k-dramas amazing, they all have done excellent jobs in the dramas that In have watched, they put their feelings into it and I don’t cringe as much as in the others, sure there are some corny and cheesy moments but that’s it. The others tend to have tons and tons of cringe moments, except for anime as they are animations and it’s overall good. I completely respect everyone’s opinion even if it’s different from mine. ^_^
  20. Jabashie10

    Jabashie10 New Member

    I would prefer anime. As a child of the 90's in the Philippines, I grew up having those anime shows in tv everyday after school and even during the weekends. I love to recall those times when I was still free and happily doing things in my younger days.
  21. wittyme

    wittyme New Member

    I prefer Korean Drama . There were many times that I got addicted to some K-dramas where I really wanted to finished all the episodes in 1 day. I just can't explain why I love them so much . All of their movies/ dramas genres are remarkable. My excitement of each K-dramas is always present .
  22. wellapalada

    wellapalada New Member

    I prefer Korean dramas, I can do a movie marathon with it. I love how Koreans make beautiful stories weather comedy, love story, suspense or drama. Most Korean dramas are super good because somehow many people can relate to their stories.
  23. xcloudz

    xcloudz Member

    Anime give me adrenaline rush when going home from school. Always anticipating the next episode what will happen.
  24. celdeleon

    celdeleon New Member

    I love korean drama than anime because its different from other dramas you watched because it has unexpected scene too many surprises unlike other dramas you already or you can predict what happens next.Watching korean drama releases my stress every episodes you are excited to watch.
  25. jojosef29

    jojosef29 New Member

    Korean Drama, because in Korean drama most of what I've watched are very funny and romantic. I like to watch korean drama it helps me to feel that I'm in love. Every time I watch it releases my stress the whole day and relax without thinking of any other stuff that I must do. I'm not a fan of korean actors and actresses because I don't really recognize there faces but I really love watching Korean dramas and I used to watch it in marathon, looking in the internet for full episodes.
  26. AdrianMD

    AdrianMD Member

    I prefer Anime
  27. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    I fully agree. Anime can do whatever a Korean Drama can do and more. Anime are a lot more diversified exploring themes that only anime can. I will even argue that Deathnote is the best suspense drama of all time period. post that on your twitter.
  28. LuckyKing

    LuckyKing New Member

    Both. I switch to both of them from time to time not to mention Japanese and Chinese dramas.
  29. cindymaniago

    cindymaniago New Member

    I love watching both anime and kdrama. Kdrama artists are really great actors and actresses, and anime producers and editors are really great and talented persons. But lately this days, I am more hooked on kdramas than anime.
  30. koblade009

    koblade009 New Member

    Both forms of motion picture works are great. However going by the fact that making an anime takes a longer time and more effort to pull off than when filming Kdrama, then I'd say that when I see an anime done well, it makes much more impact than when compared to a Kdrama of the same caliber. Kdrama however excels mostly in the quality of direction, usually due to the fact that many anime titles that get popular aren't really as great in quality when compared to the Kdramas that get popular.

    I'd argue though that anime has a lot more potential and could tackle some themes more effectively in ways that Kdrama never could. See most shounen anime like Hunter X Hunter or the visually outlandish Monogatari series. Again, both forms of media are great at what they do and has their own strengths and weaknesses, it's just that anime has potential to be more.

    Below is just an example from the show Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    I find many scenes of this show very hard to replicate in live action such as that of Kdrama.


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