Laptop or Desktop - Your preference?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by bwendo, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. bwendo

    bwendo New Member

    I know laptops are convenient and handy to use whilst you are on the go, but for a concentrated effort doing a paper or article they can be clumsy and slow.
    What is your preference?
  2. Andre

    Andre New Member

    Both. Desktop for gaming. It's easy to upgrade and keep gaming the brand new games. Desktop to work anywhere you go.
  3. rad140

    rad140 Active Member

    I like both as well. Laptops for portability, desktops for performance and gaming.
    Gaming laptops can be too expensive, and desktops are hardly portable.
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  4. DarkStar1O9

    DarkStar1O9 Guest

    For the time being as a student I'd prefer a laptop. Maybe one day when I'm settled in a house I'll buy a pc as well :)
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  5. bwendo

    bwendo New Member

    Thanks guys, what an exciting thread, looks like we almost have a winner..
  6. Tom Romond

    Tom Romond Guest

    I say Desktop. Laptops are good for mobility but if you like gaming, or running multiple programs then I highly reccomend getting a desktop. I need a new desktop myself actually :/
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  7. Manuel12345

    Manuel12345 Guest

    Hello, i prefere Laptop because it is portable... I use it for gaming, working, scripting, foruming! If you have a good laptop, you can game without any problems... I have a low laptop and it let me play many games without problems...

    Best Regards,
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  8. Jules Goes

    Jules Goes Guest

    well, I right now use a laptop, its really handy, carrying it already, while going to college, but desktop are way better due to its high performance, and i need one too, as im into animation,

    which brand is better?
  9. rad140

    rad140 Active Member

    It's more parts and performance you should be concerned about than brand per se. I know a lot of animators/graphic designers like to use macs, but they're quite expensive for what you get.
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  10. valentinas25

    valentinas25 Guest

    Well,now i have only Laptop,but i had and Desktop,I like Desktop more becouse they're faster,and laptop only in travels and job...
  11. Dev

    Dev Guest

    I go with Bwendo, Laptop is no doubt comfortable, but at times, it causes irritation, and becomes uncomfortable to work on.
    For coding purposes I prefer Desktop, as they are more durable and obviously with faster response time
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  12. mccanono

    mccanono New Member

    The answer actually depends on the user's computer needs. Personally, i find laptops to be convenient because i can bring mine wherever and whenever i want. But the only drawback is the battery life.

    Occasionally, i also use desktops to do some work especially the jobs that require more computing power (such as video and photo editing)
  13. hack13

    hack13 Guest

    I really like desktop computers, they are just way easier for me to use and handle. Laptops are a pain to fix and repair not to mention even upgrade. I just stick to desktops, though I do love the portability of a laptop.
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  14. j4x0r

    j4x0r Guest

    I prefer laptop. I do a lot of graphic designing and with a laptop mouse pad you can be way more accurate with your brush strokes and it look way more neat in the long run. With a desktop the mouse moves way too easy and can easily mess up lines.
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  15. felixbnguyen

    felixbnguyen Guest

    they're easier to handle, and more ergonomic. they're also cheaper, so you don't need a lot of money to buy one. Although it's good to have a computer for use on-the-go, you're probably better off with a netbook for doing stuff on-the-go, and a desktop for doing most of your stuff.
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  16. rad140

    rad140 Active Member

    I agree for the most part, but I really good desktop is still expensive.
    And how is a desktop easier to handle? It's big and awkward and heavy, unless you were referring to something else?
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  17. cooltwig

    cooltwig Member

    I prefer laptops simply because I can sit down on the sofa and watch a bit of TV while im on Postloop :)
  18. Jubiko

    Jubiko Guest

    I have been sticking with a desktop for a while wishing to get a laptop for like years now. And now that I finally have one, I can tell that Laptops can't handle new games unless you upgrade them that will cost you money. So if you just want to play games and not do much outside with a computer, take a desktop. But if you love doing things outside, I'd prefer laptops. It really depends on what you want to do with it.
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  19. joesav79

    joesav79 Guest

    For 95% of what I do on the computer I am going to have to go with laptop. I would like to make a prediction that desktops will soon fade out within the next 20 years especially with smartphones.
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  20. GeeksChat

    GeeksChat New Member

    For anything involved/major it has to be desktop - for shear power/speed and also (in my case) for multiple screens - they make my time in front of them it sooooo much more productive. :thumbsup:

    My small screen laptop does have an advantage over the large desktop though, as I can use it in the family room and be around everyone rather than tucked away in the computer room.

    Shaun :D
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  21. TheSilentKid

    TheSilentKid Member

    I'd rather choose a desktop. Gotta keep playing the latest games, improve my system and seeing as I don't really move around that much , desktops are my kind of thing :D
  22. komicwords

    komicwords Guest

    I prefer Laptop. It is portable, space efficiently and when the lights out I should not fed up because a data that I just typed lost
  23. i was using desktop sine a long time but the lately i started using the DELL laptop because it offered more simple way of computing and better mobility.
  24. Goop

    Goop Guest

    I prefer a laptop personally, a laptop is nice for its initial use which is on the go work. I wouldn't mind a ipad though :)
  25. Laptops and depends on the need... Work, university, travels, etc, Laptop..
    Gamming, Desk!!!!
  26. xofogox

    xofogox Guest

    desktop, cant beat the power of a good desktop
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  27. lelouch22

    lelouch22 Guest

    I prefer a laptop than a desktop right now for its portability. But if where talking about performance and maintenance i would prefer a desktop.
  28. soupreme

    soupreme Guest

    This question is weak!
    Desktop if obviously better for serious computing. not to mention price to performance.
    Laptop is more useful if you need to carry it around and use it on a bed.
  29. DiogoL

    DiogoL Guest

    Well, i prefer my desktop for playing because it is faster. For working, a laptop is very usefull because you can work confortable, anywhere you want.
  30. Venkatesh R

    Venkatesh R Guest

    Desktop gives us the ease of upgrading the hardwares and it isn't mucg costly. Although it isn't portable, we can expect it to work for so many years, on the other hand laptop is portable, carry it anywhere, use it anywhere but still lacks some good features........I prefer desktop!!

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