Laptop or desktop?

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Which one do you prefer

  1. laptop

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  2. desktop

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  1. lexiegore

    lexiegore New Member

    I prefer laptop than desktop. Laptop is also like desktop every thing that you can do to a desktop can also be done on a laptop. Besides, laptop comes in handy because you can use it everywhere and any time you like and it's also easy to use unlike in desktop you need to plug in two or more cords before using it. And nowadays I believe every person has a laptop since it's more convenient for them and it has several sizes and colors that you can choose from. Laptop is really the best option in all aspect.

    Aside from the fact that it comes in different sizes and colors, it can also be upgraded. Laptop is not only convenient for student and business people since technology is upgrading their is also a laptop that suits the qualifications of gamers. Gaming laptop is also a trend nowadays for it's better performance and better graphics.
  2. pawpey

    pawpey New Member

    A laptop is useful, but do yourself a favor and purchase a 2in1 detachable tablet - you’ll be able to have a tablet and a laptop. Gaming is far from ideal on most laptops, but there are options out there that balance portability and performance pretty well - but a desktop is better for such use cases.
  3. Neillidian

    Neillidian New Member

    Well for me, I would definitely choose desktop since the it is so much more upgradable than a laptop. if you wnat to change your gpu, you can just go ahead and buy a more powerful one open you cpu then change the gpu, as simple as that unlike a laptop in which you can't change anything besides adding ram or adding storage.
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  4. Manu812

    Manu812 New Member

    To the beggin, i choose desktop. Laptop is good,but is more for travelers. Desktop is better for heavy games on high settings. I can upgrade quickly and easy component on my own. Both are good,but i prefer more desktop.
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  5. jetsaints30

    jetsaints30 New Member

    When deciding between purchasing a desktop or a laptop, you'll need to consider a handful of criteria and make a determination that fits your needs the best.

    The advantage of a desktop is that you can upgrade or replace defective parts. Though desktops are large in size and have a separate monitor, repairing a desktop computer is much easier since most of the hardware can be easily purchased of any local computer retail store. For most users, opening a laptop to repair a part of it can be difficult and finding a replacement part often requires calling the computer manufacturer or ordering from another online site.

    Setting up a desktop takes a bit of extra work though. It also requires more space to set up while a laptop takes less space and don't require you to purchase a separate monitor.

    On the other hand, laptops are portable. That's a very good reason to buy one. They also use less electricity. Laptops are built to be easy to use like while you travel or work on the go. They were designed to be taken from place to place, carried in a backpack or laptop carrying case. They are great for on-the-go use.

    In the end, the final decision depends on what your needs are. Consider how you are going to use the computer and what you need in terms of portability and performance.
  6. rlpzbeermoney

    rlpzbeermoney New Member

    I used to only have a laptop. I used to be annoyed with the track pad, the low travel of the keyboard and the heat of the whole laptop after using it for a while. But the worst thing that annoyed me with a laptop is that the battery runs out too quickly. The only advantage of a laptop is that you can travel with it. Though now that I finished school and work doesn't really require a laptop, I only use a computer at home now. So a desktop is the best choice for me.
    I only got to purchase a desktop for my own use recently. And let me tell you these devices are worlds apart. There's no turning back to the laptop for me. I couldn't even use mine anymore. I feel more comfortable on the desktop. Another consideration of mine is the durability of both devices. My laptop of 3 years has started showing signs of slowing down despite resetting the OS drive. The Desktop of 5 months is still going strong. It's still as fast as it was brand new. It's a worthwhile investment that would last me for the next 5 years or so.
  7. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    When it comes to comfort, i will prefer using laptop. Laptop had been useful since my mother baught me one. It has been useful since. I also have desktop but i dont like it because it is very slow. Laptop is more nice than any other things.
  8. JENIFER050106

    JENIFER050106 New Member

    The answer to this question I guess depends on the person's needs and purpose of using the device. When I'm at home, I prefer using the desktop PC which is commonly used by other family members as well. It has most if not all our family files (photos, videos, documents) and I can easily do some upgrades to it when needed like putting additional RAM or HDD or upgrading its GPU which can be pretty difficult to do on a laptop unless one is technically experienced.

    I use laptop when I'm away from home and something I can take with me anywhere I go which is very convenient. For students, laptop of course is more ideal as well as for people that are working most of the time out of the office. One of the good things I find about using a laptop is that you are less likely to lose your data because of its battery backup system. Unfortunately, I don't have a UPS for our desktop PC so when I'm doing something and suddenly there's a power outage, everything I'm working with will be gone.

    Both desktop and laptop have their own advantage and disadvantages though but as to which one is better, that definitely depends on the needs to the person using it.
  9. adnansapcanin

    adnansapcanin New Member

    I have been using desktop computers for my entire life but recently got a 17.3" laptop. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I feel much freer when I can choose where to sit with my laptop. If you would buy a desktop you would have to buy other stuff like the monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. If you are a hardcore gamer or a power user and you need every bit of computing power then you should get yourself a desktop because they can be much more powerful than laptops. Laptops have limited power because of their design, they don't have very good thermal dissipation. But they run much quieter than desktops. I would recommend buying a laptop if you don't need a lot of power at your fingertips and need portability.
  10. Silentcrasher361

    Silentcrasher361 New Member

    For me, I prefer laptop eventhough we only have desktop but laptop is lightweigth compare to desktop that is why I prefer that.
  11. xynna2018

    xynna2018 New Member

    For a gamer like me I prefer for a Desktop because you can upgrade it anytime and easy to change some parts that has a defect and easy to upgrade when you want a high end games.
  12. Lazzar

    Lazzar New Member

    Desktop, since you can upgrade it even further.
  13. zezar

    zezar New Member

    I can say desktop is better than laptop, but in today's desktop brands are so expensive, so you prefer to buy a laptop otherwise you can take it anywhere you want not like desktop. I really like the laptop because there are cheap ones that are really good and durable. It's not about the appearance, the majesty and the newness of it, you see the importance of something you have because it is where you can find things that you can use well.
  14. ajahcuizon

    ajahcuizon New Member

    I prefer laptop than desktop because it is more convenient to use. A person could just put the laptop inside the bag and bring it to work unlike desktop that you cannot carry it anywhere since it is big and heavy. Also, a laptop is a great big help to those people, especially students, who uses laptops for their studies. As a student, we use laptop for searching, projects and presentations. Desktop and Laptop is quite similar when it comes to their processor and memory. Both of them can provide the performance that we need from a computer. But we cannot just stay at home in front of our desktop right? So better consider having a laptop as your computer so that you'll be able to bring it along with you.

    ARNIVAL New Member

    I would prefer using desktop rather than laptop. Well, Laptop might be ideal since it is very convenient to use, space saver and consumed lesser electricity but compared to desktop it has lesser RAM, a smaller hard drive and it also have a less powerful graphics adapter. However, the disadvantage of choosing desktop might be the additional space to be allotted for the monitors and other accessories in order to operate it.
  16. core2quatro

    core2quatro New Member

    Laptops long ago surpassed desktops in sales, and tablets and smartphones are taking major market share from laptops. The tendency is clearly towards smaller, lighter, and more portable computing. But there are some good reasons to stick with a big box that sits on or below your desk.

    First off, there's the price/performance ratio. Whether you're spending $300 or $3,000, you will get a more powerful computer for your money if you're willing to give up portability.

    You have more upgrade options with a desktop. Most laptops will let you easily add RAM and swap out the hard drive. But your average desktop can take more RAM than your average laptop. And with a desktop's multiple bays, your drive options open up considerably. For instance, you don't have to choose between an SSD and a hard drive on a laptop; you can have both. Upgrading a CPU or graphics card--reasonably easy tasks on a desktop--are difficult to impossible (usually impossible) on a laptop.

    Which brings up the issue of repair. It's easy to open up a desktop PC, check to make sure the cables are secure, clean out the dust, remove a broken part, and replace it with something generic. Laptop repair takes considerable skill, and many parts are specific to that model.

    On the other hand, laptops are portable. That's a very good reason to buy one. They also use less electricity.

    At first glance, desktops have an ergonomic advantage, thanks to the big screen and full-sized keyboard. But not really. At least when you're home or in the office, you can plug that screen and keyboard into your laptop.

    Another option: Buy a desktop PC and a tablet. That way, you can have desktop power and more portability than a laptop can offer. The problem: You can't have both at the same time.
  17. leafar27.r

    leafar27.r Member

    My opinion is i prefer to say desktop because we can customize it and easy to fix if there is one will be defective you can easily replace than laptop if there is one part will be damage you can't fix it immediately, thats the big difference of that two.
  18. unlimoreincome

    unlimoreincome New Member

    Desktops are much more customizable than laptops. They are generally also cheaper and much better if you want a serious coding work station. If multiple screens, a comfy chair and well-laid-out peripherals are what you need to work well, desktops are for you.

    There are, of course, some drawbacks. First, you can’t just pick up a desktop and take it downtown for a coffee and coding. In fact, if you want to code in bed one day because, well, you can…well, you can’t. At least with a desktop, that is.
  19. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    I preferred laptop than desktop because laptop is convenient to use, you may bring it anywhere you go and it easy to handle as well. Now a days some of us are using laptop because where ever we go even if we are a business meeting we can bring this or even at the comfort room we can used it.
  20. Totix

    Totix New Member

    I preferred a loptop it is portable you can bring it anywhere. What specs in Pc you can also get in loptop.
  21. yndye

    yndye New Member

    I would choose laptop over desktop simply because I can bring it wherever I wanted to. I am using it for my job too and if I have some urgent things to finish then I can just bring my laptop so that I cannot miss any deadlines and still be able to do what needs to be done. I can only think of using a desktop when I am working in an office but since I work at home, laptop is favorable for me. At least when I have some urgent things to do when I am in vacation then I can still address some problems.
  22. Saisnueve

    Saisnueve New Member

    Depends on your preference

    Laptop if:

    You are a go to person or you are a traveler, or you need it for mobility, yes it is a hand carry, yes it is portable.
    Useful also if you are minimalistic and you need to save space in your room or wherever. Laptop is an ease, but downsides are specially when you use it for editing, gaming and the like, cooling is a big problem, laptops are for light tasking only, unless you buy a separate cooler for it, that will be again a burden for mobility. Or let it cool for a period of time before using it again.

    Desktop if:
    You are a hardcore gamer, a tech savvy, a rigorous and savagely creative to your editing on photographs and videos. Desktops are also customizable when it comes to cooling, other uses water cooling, liquid cooling and other types of cooling method available in the market. You can also customize its looks according to your preference, housing case, lighting and other things as long as it fits and pass the compatibility to other components to avoid issues later on.

    Because, I have a laptop and desktop computers that is why I based my answer on what I experience as a user of both machines. But the verdict will be yours, it is up on you on how you are going to use a certain machine. It is all about preference.
  23. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    It depends in what I am doing. Playing onlines games (dota 2, pubg, CS Go, etc.) I choose desktop and laptop for doing my work and research. Desktop and laptop are equally handy to use in different ways, so buy both if you have budget.
  24. rondaye

    rondaye New Member

    pros and cons of having a laptop or a desktop is still present, of course for those people who are always on the go, they would prefer the laptop because it is handy, easier to carry and ideal since you can put it on a bag. having a desktop on the other hand is ideal for those who stays at home or office for a long period of time because in can be place in a fix position. Now pertaining to its bad side, having a laptop is easier to be broken plus it is more prone to viruses and malwares since there were come a time that your friend can borrow it and insert a flashdrive or any device that can cause to have virus while having a desktop is not ideal for outside works and it limits the area of the person using since using desktop will just confine you in one specific place.
  25. joyluya

    joyluya New Member

    I prefer laptop because you can bring it anywhere you want.
  26. lyly0824

    lyly0824 New Member

    I prefer to choose laptop for it is more uncomplicated to use and convenient to people. You can carry your laptop in coffee shops, school or in public to study or do what you wanted to do. Unlike, in desktop there's so many process but when working on online business or jobs, it is suitable to use desktop.
  27. brylengeero

    brylengeero New Member

    I prefer laptops rather than desktops because you can easily use you a built on WiFi Bluetooth . If you travel a lot and need to carry your work around, it’s better to get a laptop that can suffice both your needs- portability and performance.
  28. in our household, we only use laptops. Its is portable, convenient, space consuming and nice. Well for me two main reason i prefer laptop that desktop computer is it portable and space consuming. I usually use my laptop several times a day. I do paper works a lot, so there is no specific place I have to work on my paper work. I have to work in the dinning room, living room or maybe in my bed. Laptop is convenient whenever you're on the go. It is space consuming not like the desktop you need to have desk so you can put up your computer. You have to be at home to work on your paper works, and that time time consuming as well.
  29. zeph456

    zeph456 New Member

    I have to say that I like a laptop over a desktop. Being able to take my laptop with me when I travel is huge for me. I don't live in a very big place either, so space is at a premium. The biggest downside is that laptops are more expensive and harder to repair if a problem arises. Luckily I'm savvy enough to be able to repair most problems myself, although sometimes a little bit of Youtube help is needed.
  30. Isterd

    Isterd New Member

    If you are a gamer, a desktop would be the best choice, it's cheaper than a gaming laptop and you can change the components later on. If you are not a gamer and you just need something to watch Netflix or checking e-mail , just take a laptop or even an ipad

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