Laptop or desktop?

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Which one do you prefer

  1. laptop

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  2. desktop

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  1. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    I like laptops more, because of their practicality and portability, many of them have the same capabilities as a Desktop in its same category, Laptops could be a bit more expensive, but that cost would be reflected in benefits. For students, definitively Laptops are more functional.
  2. filipsimic26

    filipsimic26 New Member

    It really depends.For example:if you travel a lot and/or work far from home,laptop suits you perfectly.It's mobile,you can use it on the fly and very compact.
    On the other side If you work from home like a freelancer or a youtuber,the thing that you're looking for is desktop.You can have much bigger and better screen which gives you freedom to lay back in your chair rather than your popping out in a need to see what is on the screen that is attached to the keyboard.The only drawback with desktop is that you need to have some knowledge on PC configurations.
    I ,personally,love PC (Personal Computer aka desktop) because i grew up with one so i chose desktop over laptop but it's really about your current proffesion and employment.
  3. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    Laptop for is the best.Anywhere you can bring it.It so important like a freelancer like me.Wherever I go I can do my job.Because its wireless you dont have any problem when electricity are gone or even the internet.I'm too much thankful to the person who invented the laptop.Its make everything so easy.
  4. Sedrick

    Sedrick Member

    Laptop or Desktop
    I prefer the desktop because a desktop can carry more power than a normal laptop. I am a gamer, I tried to play games in my on my normal laptop but as we all know that's not possible. To play games nowadays your PC needs to have a good graphics card, and some of those good graphics cards are far too big for the average normal laptop. Yes, you can get a gaming laptop but, what is the point.

    The laptop was made for portability. When the first laptop was designed people knew this will be a pc that we can carry in our bags or suitcases without taking that much space. But, the new Razer gaming laptop is far too big to fit in your bag alone never mind all the cables. Yes, you can put it in your suitcase but, it will take up most of the space in your suitcase. So, there is no point in buying a laptop for gaming.

    But, if you're using your laptop for work then it will be useful because you don't really need a gaming graphics card to do your work, you just need a normal intel graphics and you will be fine. Also, most laptops come with a build in Intel graphics so you're basically set if you're using your laptop for work. If you like to multi-task, you can add another 4gb ram to your original 4gb ram that comes with your laptop and you will be fine for the next 5 years.

    To summarize:
    Laptops are not good for gaming.
    Laptops are good for work.

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  5. germavz123

    germavz123 New Member

    I choose Laptop because it's portable, you can use it anywhere you want. And very convenience to use especially in presenting reports in corporate meetings or any convention, and any presentation for business. Laptop can also use in gaming because there are also high power laptop for gaming and you can play it anywhere. Laptop is also a portable filing cabinet because you can store files in laptop and can use in emergency in case you are not in office or already not in working hours.
  6. zairamae

    zairamae New Member

    I'll go for laptop, because you can bring it to different places specially when your work is based on online. It is more convenient for me than desktop because laptop is more lightweight and easy to use.
  7. shen719

    shen719 New Member

    i also prefer laptop because its easy to carry everywhere and its more cheaper than the desktop, but i always use desktop because i'm working in office and i'm also editing in photoshop, i use it in many ways
  8. khian

    khian Member

    if you want the most bang for your buck and portability is not necessary, a desktop is likely the best choice especially if price is important. Desktops are optimal choices for graphic intensive gaming, use of CAD applications, and for those who prefer to have the option of upgrading more easily. However, they are also perfectly fine for the basic computer user who just needs e-mail and Internet access.
  9. Ertf24

    Ertf24 New Member

    I like laptops because of the mobility, but I wish there was a way for them to have the same power for cost as a desktop.
  10. Khalil Khalid

    Khalil Khalid Member

    I like the idea of a laptop; but I prefer - and use - a desktop.
    My biggest problem with laptops isn't the less powerful processors, the greater potential for overheating, limited hardware availability or even cost.
    It's actually the same problem I had with the older Apples (circa the ][e), and (pre-Windows 3.1) Compaqs. What am I going to do if the monitor goes kaput out of warrantee? With a desktop, I can run down; drop $160 for an el cheapo 16" LCD at the local Walmart and be back up and running in a matter of hours.
    A laptop, I either have to send it off for service - after pulling the hard drive because I sure as heck don't want their techs having access to my financial records - or try to track down a reputable dealer (online because I'm backwoods enough to not have a decent-sized hardware store within a couple hours drive) to get a replacement screen. And hope they have one for my specific laptop model in stock.

    As for what I'm running; it's a Frankenstein masquerading as a Compaq Presario desktop.
    About the only things I haven't replaced with either newer or better parts are the motherboard, processor, case and the nifty little multi-card reader. Everything else - from the power supply to hard drive to the IDE cables - are either salvaged from the computers that local businesses upgraded away from or Newegg.
  11. Oxpurge

    Oxpurge New Member

    Deciding whether to buy a laptop, or desktop, really depends on the consumer. In my opinion, laptops are much more cost-friendly and don't pack as much of a punch to your wallet, they are made for portability, making that there best selling point. With this said, many students tend to lean towards a laptop preference. Personally, desktops are much more cost-effective when built, meaning that you could build a PC for the same price as a laptop, with double the power. For this reason alone, I'm riding the desktop wave.
  12. realgeg

    realgeg New Member

    Hi guys, I am new here. What is the best choice Laptop or Desktop? Well, I think it depends on where you will use it. There are advantages and disadvantages on both. For laptop I think its advantage on desktop is portability and less power consumption. Laptop can be brought anywhere in school, office or at work. You can use laptop in school or business presentation. You can’t bring your desktop computer to presentation it is awkward and heavy. Laptop is light and looks professional when it comes to presentation. Also, you can use laptop while lying in bed. On the other hand, Desktops are much more efficient when it comes to video editing, 3d animation, rendering and graphic editing. We know that some laptops are also capable of those I mentioned but the price is I think is doubled if you choose the same specifications. There are laptops that have powerful GPU (graphics processing unit) that could handle heavy load of graphics. But, how long your laptop will last? Laptops won’t last if you use it 24 hours daily unless you bought an expensive one. For gamers they prefer desktop, I also play games before I don’t like playing games on laptop. I don’t like the keys on laptop they are closed to each other. Also, you can put two video cards or more on your desktop computer. Desktop parts are easy to replace and upgradable.

    Final words, I think it depends on where you are going to use it.
  13. kinja90

    kinja90 New Member

    I would say, it depends on your needs. If you're in college and doing projects and all school stuffs, I would prefer a laptop since it's portable and you can bring it wherever you'll go and it's also more convenient.

    I prefer desktop if you're planning to do an upgrade for the next 2-3 months or so. Playing hardcore games that requires a lot of resources and high end specs. The down side of a laptop is that the upgrade window is limited. There are some(or most) laptops like my Asus before, you can only upgrade the RAM. So if you're planning to upgrade the processor, motherboard, etc, that's not possible.

    In summary, I prefer a desktop as I like upgrading and check the latest news of processors, RAMs, peripherals, etc. I'm planning to upgrade my desktop soon to play more high end games.
  14. Ahren08

    Ahren08 New Member

    Desktop, altough laptops are much more convinient than desktop cause you can take it almost anywhere. For someone like me its more of the power of the desktop and the ability to upgrade its parts whenever you can. As a person who loves gaming I would rather have a gaming desktop pc because its much more cheaper to assemble one than to buy a gaming laptop. Desktop pc's are also more easy to repair because of the availabity of parts and is much more cheaper than laptop parts which most of the time you have to wait for days or even months for the manufacturer to deliver the parts incase you broke youre laptop.
  15. Anjossi

    Anjossi Member

    I prefer using laptop. It is a very convenient gadget and you can take it anywhere. You can never be bothered by tidying up those messy wires and cleaning you desktop table with all the dust and everything.
  16. brittw-dR1v

    brittw-dR1v New Member

    I much prefer my desktop for gaming and love how easy it is to upgrade and replace parts. My laptop is a lifesaver at school, though. I have a 15" Dell laptop and honestly wish I had gone with a 13", since I don't use it for anything like gaming that would require a lot of power.
  17. edwardppaolo

    edwardppaolo New Member

    I prefer laptop because i can use it wherever I'm going. Specially when you are an IT student or a normal student, you must always have it in your side. Nowadays, we are now a digital high tech generation and needed a technology in our daily lives.
  18. NThrawn

    NThrawn New Member

    The age old debate between laptops and desktops continues. Personally I have found the utility of a desktop to be of more value when working on long term projects. However the mobility that a laptop offers does provide one with the proper freedom to pursue other pursuits while working on business. One problem I find with modern laptops happen to be their increased tendency to adapt features from mobile devices, such as touchscreens. While these features may be familiar to users in today's environment, it does impede on the functionality of laptops as a whole.
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  19. seanaustinj

    seanaustinj New Member

    It depends on the situation. I find laptops definitely superior due to the portability and size (as a student). If I was asked to choose between both, though, I would have to consider if I'd upgrade specs every once in a while to match industry standards, or get a high-end one at this time to replace it when it becomes obsolete in a few years; this case calls for a laptop.
  20. AlanAlcantara

    AlanAlcantara New Member

    Laptop are more convenient and handy. However laptop hardware parts are not cheap and it's hard to replace it(these depends on the brand and model of the laptop).
  21. RisaMy

    RisaMy New Member

    I prefer desktop over a laptop. Desktop works for me because of my nature of work which is doing 3D rendering stuffs that requires a lot of graphics and memory cards in it. As for the laptop, in order for you to get a powerful one you need to invest a lot of money. So, desktop really is awesome!! Lol
  22. russell

    russell New Member

    Depends on your lifestyle. If the user loves to travel, definitely it's laptop, you cannot carry a desktop with you. But if you are a gamer, desktop is for you, you need high graphics and you can use it 24/7. But if you are asking for the performance, it depends on the specifications. If someone ask you which is better Celeron laptop or I7 Desktop or the the other way around Desktop Celeron or I7 laptop which is which. Isn't that obvious? But if you are asking for both I7 laptop or desktop, I prefer I7 desktop for the performance if I am gamer, but for other uses like graphic design and video editing they both perform well. So if you cannot decide which is which, I advise you to ask some professionals before making a decision. You know your personality and your lifestyle at the end of the day it's only you who will decide.
  23. jamesandreis2

    jamesandreis2 New Member

    Desktop is more powerful, cheaper and can handle almost anything but the issue is it's portability and power source in which a laptop has..however you cant upgrade laptop cpu and gpu and they cost more expensive
  24. alexis.ternate

    alexis.ternate New Member


    Before picking anything you'll be needing to consider some aspects.

    1. Budget- it is the most important thing be honest to yourself what you can afford because a good laptop have a higher price than a good desktop.

    2. Purpose- if you're a gamer and want to experience the best of the best then go for a desktop, but if you're a professional person that goes to a lot of meetings, presentations and an emergency access of a pc then go for a laptop.

    3. Customization- if you're looking for a more personal touch of yours then go for a Desktop.

    Over all if you have a space at home and wants the most out of your money then go for a Desktop.
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  25. zirtsenjen

    zirtsenjen New Member

    I prefer both desktop and laptop. Use desktop if you are a fulltime work at home person, like working 8 hours and more. There are some good reason why you have to choose desktop if you are working at home. First, of course, It's durability over portability. Second, easy to install performance upgrades like upgrading RAM, adding or upgrading hard drives, adding additional USB, and more.
    Use a laptop if you are a traveler, blogger, visiting a friend, doing small tasks like responding to emails, video calls, and stuff like that. I preferred both because it depends on how you use a computer for your daily activities.
  26. If you are a traveler like me, I would choose a laptop over a desktop. My main consideration for choosing a laptop over a desktop is its portability. Laptops can be very handy especially with the new slim designs nowadays. In terms of other aspects, desktops are more advantageous over laptops. To enumerate some, desktops are more cost-effective, designed for intensive gaming, easier to upgrade and cheaper repair costs. But if you are more concerned on performance rather than portability, I suggest you purchase a desktop.
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  27. JHablado

    JHablado New Member

    I prefer laptop for more comfortable use because I could bring it with me wherever I go. I could use it in school whenever I have presentations and papers to finish as well as I could watch movies and music videos even I'm not at home. It is very convenient to use when you are travelling and doing school works with classmates in their house.
  28. Bhodzzz

    Bhodzzz New Member

    Depends on what you need. But I prefer a Laptop because of its mobility.
  29. Coachcjay

    Coachcjay New Member

    Laptops and Desktops each have their individual advantages and disadvantages. I’ll advice that your choice be made based on the reason why you want to own a computer. A Desktop is not portable and cannot be easily moved around. A laptop on the other hand, is more potable and mobile but has a lower performance capacity compared to a Desktop. In summary, let your decision be based on the use.
  30. alan.e.o

    alan.e.o New Member

    I own both. If I had to choose, the laptop would win. I love the its portability. My only concern is having enough power to run desktop programs, i.e. Photoshop, etc.

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