Laptop or desktop?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Carloeve1111, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Carloeve1111

    Carloeve1111 New Member

    what is it best to use when your laptop is easy to carry anywhere you go and it's just a small one. while the desktop is large and you can not carry it where it is and it is only used for home but on the basis of the desktop more durable because he does not have a battery on the laptop has a battery attached. when broken it change the cape.
  2. Jerod808

    Jerod808 New Member

    I prefer to used is laptop, because you can bring it anywhere and it's very comfortable to used especially when you are employed. You can bring it to your work and used it. Desktop is also good but you will be able to used it when your at home .
  3. sammiii

    sammiii New Member

    There's some pros and cons for both. As an Architecture student, we're required to have our own laptops. Pros? Of course, you can bring it with you anywhere. Cons? If you haven't bought the model which can't cater your needs. In our case, it would be nice if you have desktop at homes because rendering, sketching, planning, editing and other software used to be done at the same time would be very hassle to do in laptop alone.
  4. siddarhi

    siddarhi New Member

    I love desktops, they are powerful and durable. Additionally they can be upgraded more easily than a laptop could be, and often they are more comfortable to use for long periods of time. However, I prefer laptops. None of the listed reasons exceed my desire for portability which is something a desktop computer simply cannot match.
  5. beermoneyhunter

    beermoneyhunter New Member

    I would say laptop because it is more convinient to use than desktop. My last day job, they gave me a laptop & docking station, external keyboard, monitor, etc. I think they wanted people to take work with laptop because you can them anywhere you go. And as for my business for the last year & a half, I've had to take my laptop to every meetings, so for me it's been easier for me to have a laptop.
  6. DarkPrince3

    DarkPrince3 New Member

    When it comes for business purposes I prefer to use a laptop because you can bring a laptop anywhere. I choose a laptop for making a presentation and computation and for making a document or project. But when it comes on using an application, I prefer to use a desktop because of its better storage. One of a great advantage of a desktop is we can also install more games and application on it. So when it comes to editing and online gaming I chose a desktop over a laptop. You can also use the desktop in bitcoin mining compare to a laptop that can only mine a low amount of hash. The desktop is great for bitcoin mining depending on the GPU you are using. The desktop is cheaper than a laptop so I choose it over a laptop.
  7. TKaliber

    TKaliber New Member

    Laptop's will always be better for portability and on-the-go use, however price for performance will never match in my opinion, I think the ability to cram more power into a computer that doesn't have to go anywhere will always be easier to do than to get power that can be taken all over the world in as slim, small and convenient of a package as possible.
  8. Christopher19est

    Christopher19est New Member

    Desktop even though many room space gets. but the performance is very different. For example, if there's something wrong with the desktop, it's easier to search the desktop than the laptop and the desktop is more compact than the laptop and when you need to upgrade, especially if you need to use high graphic application.
  9. tuannguyen96

    tuannguyen96 New Member

    Laptop, definitely. A middle-end laptop can satisfy all of my needs and wants for a device, for example, microsoft office, portability, internet browsing and a few online games like League of Legends or DotA. I am not really fond of high graphic and blockbuster games so a desktop would be redundant. Moreover, I think that carrying a laptop seems to be more professional than staying on the desktop all the time haha.
  10. Jeff Zod

    Jeff Zod New Member

    I am IT expert.I prefer a laptop to a desktop anytime.A laptop is light and easily portable.
  11. Kelvingonzales17

    Kelvingonzales17 New Member

    For me I like most is the Laptop. I am a freelancer so I need to go outside and do my work with my client that is why I need the more handy computer that is why I choose a laptop. Easy to access and better performance by my day to day basis. Well, that is my choice and that makes me more productive if I can bring my computer anywhere and anytime I want.
  12. Distefano

    Distefano New Member

    I would definitely choose a laptop, the advantage is its portability, who wouldn't prefer playing games or doing work in places like the beach, mall or anywhere else you would like to. The desktop pins you to one place and it could get really boring. This is only my opinion, the decision varies on the person itself. Some people want the best graphics the biggest storages and unfortunately, the laptop doesn't have as much potential as a desktop pc. If you are like me who likes going out and is contented with a decent performance I would suggest choosing a laptop since it is more convenient for travel or just using it at different places. But if you like peak performance then choose a desktop instead and it could also serve as furniture.
  13. Macqyu

    Macqyu New Member

    I will surely choose desktop because it is useful and durable in terms of business and communication. You can also upgrade it easily. And you can find something wrong inside to fix it quickly.
  14. Ritch84

    Ritch84 New Member

    Nowadays laptop is the most convenient so I prefer laptop, I can use it anywhere in our house and outside.
  15. princessshane

    princessshane New Member

    I prefer Laptop because it makes my daily tasks easier whenever and whereever I go. It is very covenient to carry and very reliable most of the times that you have to do something. Aside from that, Laptop is cheaper than Desktop.
  16. Maryellen

    Maryellen New Member

    I am looking into buying a gaming laptop and Microsoft has the new Dell G3 for $649. I am not sure if that is a good one or not though. The only game I play is The Sims though, but I have Sims 1, 2, and 3 with all of the expansion and stuff packs. Hopefully soon to have Sims 4. I do prefer a laptop over a desktop though because it is portable and I can use the laptop or play my game when I'm not at home.
  17. GeorgeDr

    GeorgeDr New Member

    Well, that depends on the purpose you need it for.If you want high end gaming , streaming stuff you probably need a desktop computer.Desktop computers can be customized in your own way and be cheaper for it's specs than an equivalent laptop. Desktops can fit several hard drives , better graphics card , much better CPU cooling and extra lights :) .On the other hand , if you need to computer for just working on files and you need it for your work , then laptop it is. My opinion is get a very good desktop for the heavy things , like gaming or simulation and data processing and a very light very low spec laptop for work, internet , e-mails etc. That's what i do.
  18. PrimeOne

    PrimeOne New Member

    In this modern world wherein people are so much inclined on technology we have to consider accessibility, availability, quality and performance. All of which can be obtained through the use of laptops. We cannot set aside desktops for the record, for it has distinct uses and purpose as well. Laptops are the evolution of desktop computers and for me if there is a gradual development for something that means it is for better user experience. Gadgets are becoming smaller and more powerful and you have to think of laptops as a new tool to accomplish bigger things in a comfortable way. I am personally choosing laptop for it has features that suits my needs. So choose what's best for you...
  19. chrischan14

    chrischan14 New Member

    It depends on how and where do you use . If you are Student or Proffesor , I highly recommend Laptop because of its features that you can always use wheneever or wherever . But if you are a Gamer the most recommended for you is Computer beacause you can easily Customize the Parts of it according to your flavor .
  20. estrasen

    estrasen New Member

    I would take a desktop over laptop any day! I much more prefer the screen, keyboard, and mouse layout of the desktop. Not to mention there is a greater ability to change all three of these features and swap them out for a bigger screen, ergonomic keyboard, etc. However, I'm on the market for a new computer right now and it is much cheaper to buy a laptop.
  21. Natsirt06

    Natsirt06 New Member

    For me, Laptop or desktop? I will choose Desktop than Laptop. Although Laptop had the advantage because you can easily carry anywhere you want like in Desktop, more wiring. But when it comes to Desktop, It's very reliable when you are a gamer. Its preferrable to use it when you are playing online or offline games.
  22. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    latop handy and can use anywhere
  23. whatisawig

    whatisawig New Member

    For me, I prefer desktop. I am not fan of carrying my laptop everywhere I go. I have my phone if i need something from my email or file and i can edit it also using my phone. I just like the idea that my computer is for work and it should be at home or office only. :)
  24. emraj12

    emraj12 New Member

    For me, much better for laptop. That can easily be transported and conveniently used in temporary spaces. Laptop has been the most frequently use all over the world. Therefore, I'm sure my pros and cons are fairly naive. A laptop does all of this just as well as a desktop. Additionally , many laptops are capable of hosting discrete graphic cards. Laptop can provide the exact same services and experience as a desktop.
  25. Matilac

    Matilac Member

    Whether you're spending $300 or $3,000, you will get a more powerful computer for your money if you're willing to give up portability. You have more upgrade options with a desktop. Most laptops will let you easily add RAM and swap out the hard drive. But your average desktop can take more RAM than your average laptop.
  26. ronjeric

    ronjeric New Member

    It depends on the user what they prefer most or the field they are involve for what is convenient to them. If you are the person that needs a computer that process heavy editing or gaming then you need a desktop, but if you only need a computer that is used for business matters then you will need a laptop. Everything is superior if they are used in their own field.
  27. batman12345

    batman12345 New Member

    i know you can bring laptop you whit yourself but because i am the gamer i only play games and watch youtube on devices of that kind so at home. That is why i think desktops are better.
  28. Sonya L Walls

    Sonya L Walls New Member

    The Desktop Wins Over The Laptop
    I would have to say that a desktop suits me. On some days, I need a laptop to research on. I think that the desktop has a way to make you feel professional. If you sit there long enough while researching, you are bound to find some interesting topics on the Internet.

    It's great to know that desktops are available for use at any local library. Basically, a person doen't have to worry about going in debt to afford one. You can simply go to the library and sign up to use the computer. The beauty of traveling to the library is that you get to meet new people with similar characteristics. You can introduce your kids to the computer section that's available for them. Overall, the desktop is great for feeling confident with work, school, and sharing ideas. However, the laptop is personal. When you are ready to share your life experiences while using the laptop, you will probably make your way to social media.
  29. montag

    montag New Member

    Absolutely desktop, sure, laptops have uses and I have a laptop too, but if I am home, I see no reason in staring at a small screen with a terrible spider-switch keyboard that feels horrid to type on when I can sit in front of my large monitor and type of a keyboard that doesn't feel like I am typing on wet bread.
  30. Bernardo7894

    Bernardo7894 New Member

    Depends on your needs. A desktop will always perform better for cheaper than a laptop would and it can also be built by yourself, giving you the opportunity to choose exactly which components you want and allowing you to upgrade them when you see fit. The obvious disadvantage is their lack of portability. You can't exactly bring a monitor, peripherals and the desktop computer itself with you. So if you value portability over anything else a desktop would do better then a laptop is definitely your choice.

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