Laptop or desktop?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Carloeve1111, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. litenin

    litenin New Member

    There is no right answer here, it all comes down to whatever fits your needs. If you need any kind of portability or your university/job requires you to bring a laptop the answer is easy. But in my opinion, PC is always the best choice when you don't need any kind of portability. If you ever decide to go for a laptop, it better be a high-end one.
  2. elsenbetingue

    elsenbetingue New Member

    Laptop, for me because I can just carry it around wherever I go and have access to my files whenever I want and need it.
  3. John0520

    John0520 Member

    Laptop is better than desktop. You can bring it anywhere you want but desktop cannot be moved. But in terms of performance, i like desktop than laptop because you can upgrade your desktop anytime you want and depends on your preferences. Some laptops can be upgraded while others cannot that is why you need to chech first your laptop if it can be upgraded or not.
    So it depends on your choice and needs. If you are a student i prefer laptops and if you are a freelancer, desktop is a better pick.
  4. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    laptop because laptop you can use it on office and home or in other places where you want to go and while desktop you can not carry hand over you have just to stay in your home while laptop is accessible to use and much more cheaper when paying to electric bill
  5. jay ghansah

    jay ghansah New Member

    With laptop, it is so easy to carry along to any place you need. Desktop is cheaper and performs more faster depending on your needs. Especially using it with games, desktop is the best so far. You can upgrade your hardware for better performance.
  6. KIRZZ

    KIRZZ New Member

    Choosing between laptop or desktop is hard, you have to consider the performance suited for your needs. I have both desktop and laptop, but I often used my laptop. I can work comfortably using it during typing tasks and because of its small dimension compared to desktop it is much easier and faster to type. Another reason why I prefer laptop because of its long-lasting battery. Once fully charged, the battery in laptops can stay for a long period without going off. You don't necessarily need to hook up wires for internet accessibility. It is very portable and on-the-go, it suited me best because I travel a lot. It is slimmer and lighter than desktop which is bulky and heavier so they are not suitable when i comes to mobility.

    However, desktop is better in terms of performance because of its powerful processor. It is also cheaper than laptops - both when you buy them new, or when you have to make repairs. For most laptops, you're stuck with their specs until it's time to upgrade to a new model. Desktop can be upgraded pretty easily. Of course, I used my desktop whenever I have to play real computer games.
  7. CristalMonreal

    CristalMonreal New Member

    I would choose both laptop and desktop. Desktop has the specifications that the laptop doesn't have and laptop has that specifications that the desktop don't own as well. For desktop, it has a wide variety of component options, there are large range of prices, but most commonly some desktops are cheap. We can still have a powerful system, complete monitor and computer even though it is cheap. The processors in desktops have larger size than laptops, and mostly new advanced processors are typically available in desktop computers first. It's easy to upgrade the components in desktop compared to laptops. But in laptops, the good here was the portability. We can bring laptops anywhere. Yes, it also has the same features as desktops but mostly laptops are easy to break. For laptops, they are my choice as well. it's because of hassle free and convenient compare to desktop. With laptops we can experience exceptional computing experience. In laptop we can do a lot of things though we're not at home, like web browsing, online shopping, online jobs, games and we can also create, edit, and organize critical documents.
  8. ens04

    ens04 New Member

    both, if im in office I use laptop, but if im home I use desktop, the advantage of having laptop is you can bring it wherever you want to go you can still carry it while desktop is not but the monitor of laptop is better if you want to watch movie the view is better than laptop
  9. cyberwolf14

    cyberwolf14 New Member

    Laptop or desktop?

    First of all it depends on the budget, second will be depending on the user needs.
    Like for me i have a desktop because i don't have a business outside the house, i don't tend to do computer works outside so having a laptop is not my priority. But, having a laptop can help me to do things easily... i'm always looking for a freelance job online, i was just imagining to have my own laptop and go wherever i wanted to go and still can search online as easy as 1 2 3 it must be great!

    Oh well... desktop suits may daily needs so even if i don't own a laptop its ok, i still have my smartphone with me all the time it's like having a smaller version of laptop in one hand! Over all.. having both would be perfect!
  10. khimberlyann

    khimberlyann New Member

    For me, I prefer using laptop because you can carry it wherever you go besides it can have almost all the features a desktop can offer. Therefore, laptop is the best option to have.
  11. Gabriellove

    Gabriellove New Member

    What you're genuinely investing in is a design you like especially with laptops. That may include the weight, the thickness and maybe the screen size, how sizably voluminous the touchpad is, how thick the bezel around the screen is if it's metal versus plastic or even the color or pattern on the back. For me, I will always go for the design desktop or laptop.
  12. Lhea932

    Lhea932 New Member

    Laptop because it it more efficient than desktop. You can bring the laptop anywhere, share it with your friends watching movies or making project. It is more advantage especially to the youth that everyday their teachers would ask them to make some reaction paper, projects or a presentation on a powerpoint. Laptop is the one more usable.
  13. lisamaeray

    lisamaeray New Member

    I prefer a desktop. I used a laptop for years and then realized that I could use a tablet for the things I do when I'm out and about and have the comfort of using a desktop for actual work tasks. Having a large screen and a full keyboard really make a difference when you're trying to get stuff done!
  14. matzdefgo

    matzdefgo New Member

    For me Laptops have a great advantage in terms of their portability. If you carry a laptop with you, your applications and documents are always immediately available. With a wireless card, your laptop can also access the internet while on the go, so you have more places to do research, check your email, and be more productive. While desktop offer other advantages. although laptop prices have come down and performance has increased, most desktop offer a better price to performance ratio.
  15. Emote

    Emote New Member

    Even though I've been using a laptop for awhile, those things really do wear down a little bit too easily. However, the portable aspect of them is invaluable and what makes me prefer them over desktops. To be honest though, someone should have both. It's easy to transfer files these days too, so no need to worry about that.
  16. iambeth

    iambeth New Member

    Laptops are more compact in size thus is very portable. Its portability is the selling feature of this device. You can take it anywhere with you so its very dependable when you're always on the go. You can just keep it in your bag and when it's time for you to work, browse online or type a document you just take it out of your bag and it's ready to use.
  17. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    I think most of the computer user's are very much aware of their want's and need's when it comes to computer. As for me, my first choice would be "desktop", and laptop will be the second one. Performance, ease of use and maintenance will go to desktop. Portability is for laptop. Some might ask, what about the price?, well that will be included if you are the one buying it.
  18. lyryhs

    lyryhs New Member

    If you need something for intensive work, going for a desktop is often a better choice. You can upgrade it easily and they are meant to be more efficient in working for long hours. But if you need portability then laptop is a very good option due to it's compact size. In the end, the final decision depends on what your needs are.
  19. diannekaytolentino

    diannekaytolentino New Member

    I used my laptop more often, because I can bring it with me anywhere I go, it is functional and it is light weight. It is also very useful for businessman for their presentation and other office related work.
  20. acd

    acd New Member

    I used my laptop often because of it's functionality. I can use or bring it anywhere I go for some work related and visual presentation. Most people use laptop especially people on the go and businessman.
  21. I preferred to use laptop because of its conveniences you can carry it anywhere and anytime, most of the people uses it like businessman and students to make their work easier, but its much expensive rather than buying a desktop some laptops cost about $750 above depend on its specs while desktop usually cost about $400 above depend on its specs. laptops are expensive because its an all in one desktop that is very handy and useful to us.
  22. purbens

    purbens New Member

    Laptop, because to can use everywhere like malls, business areas. I have transport transaction so i prefer laptop. I have macbook and acer windows. That is why i can bring my job at home.

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