laptop or mobile phone for games?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by kathleen0017, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. kathleen0017

    kathleen0017 New Member

    for me its both BUT it depends of games youll have still.
  2. Ojuksfrank

    Ojuksfrank New Member

    The laptop is very great for games especially when plating FIFA 2018. I love to use a gamepad when playing games and laptop is the best for me
  3. jaycercanlas

    jaycercanlas New Member

    I say mobile. Because it is more convenient to use. Installing games are very easy and there are tons of free and good games in mobile phones.
  4. kartiksach

    kartiksach New Member

    It depends on what do you have in mind. If you are planning to purchase a device just for casual on-the-go playing, then I would recommend you getting a mobile. If you plan to sit down and play some heavy duty games like FIFA, Call of Duty etc, then a laptop will be a better option.
  5. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    Mobile phone. It's portable and flexible. You can play games probably almost anywhere you are in the globe
  6. jukqwas

    jukqwas New Member

    Assuming that I've none of them with me right now, I'd go for a smartphone.
  7. JagdtigerXX

    JagdtigerXX New Member

    If you can afford both, get them. But I think some mobile phone games may win over the laptop. Laptops are expensive, but are much more powerful than any phone out there. Phones however now a days are like small computers, and games like WoT Blitz have been the rave lately.
  8. feyndak

    feyndak New Member

    For me, it depends on a kind of game you are playing. There are games that you can enjoy both on laptop and mobile phones but there are games that you can easily play on laptop only vice versa. So, my answer is it is depend on the game or where you can play comfortably.
  9. trustedseller

    trustedseller New Member

    for me mobile phones you can bring it anytime anywhere you want to play games in your mobile
  10. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    I prefer Mobile Phone for gaming purposes.because it is easy to carry and it is easy to put in my pocket I bring it anywhere and I played my phone anytime if I want.
  11. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    You can go with a mobile phone, keep in mind that phones today are getting more powers. I saw phones with 16gb of RAM but not sure what is the brand. Anyway, mobile phones will continue to become great devices and is the future for mobile access anywhere.

    But if you prefer more control especially in movement extra settings, you know a laptop could give you that. It can be better cause you're using a trackpad or a mouse. Faster typing using a cozy keyboard and faster unit as well.
  12. Dhanjit

    Dhanjit New Member

    Mobile phone or laptop, it is not preferable to play games on any of the devices. Although nowadays there are mobile phones and laptops which are made especially for gaming, still I would suggest that assembling your own personal computer for gaming i.e., desktop. Whether it's a phone or laptop they are not generally created for gaming. For example in a mobile phone with the most advanced graphics, RAM, the latest version of OS, there will be a problem regarding heating issues, slowing down of the system etc. Even if you have all the money in the world and buying a costly phone won't bother you much but still playing games on a mobile phone is not advisable and heavy gaming in mobile phone may trouble your eyesight permanently. On the other hand, playing games on a laptop are not that harmful regarding the case of a smartphone. It has a wider viewing angle, better graphics resolution and as we all know computers are for heavy work, with all those expandable upgrading systems makes it easier and comfortable for gaming and other works. With better controls and the latest advancement of technologies, laptop wins the race for better performance in gaming then in a smartphone.
  13. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    I prefer PC/Laptop games more than the mobile phone ones because based on my experience it give more entertainment by playing in a big screen and games on PC/Laptops have more content than the latter.
  14. postmakertay27

    postmakertay27 New Member

    If your laptop is good enough I say use that. There's a whole subreddit devoted to how pc's are better game machines then consoles and even if your running a game at the default settings and it runs well enough you've basically don't have to pay too much more. Steam has plenty of triple A title games that are available for a number of discounts and a ton of indie titles that just as good.
  15. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    I Prefer playing games on my mobile phone rather than on a laptop because of the following reasons;

    First, the mobile phone is very convenient because I can bring it anywhere and it is much smaller compared to a laptop so I'll be able to play my favorite game anytime without too much hassle. Second, the majority of the games that can be played through a laptop can also now be played through mobile phones while some games that I can play with a mobile phone cannot be played through laptop without installing an extension. Lastly, I personally don't spend too much time staying in one place and it's difficult for me if I always bring my laptop just to play games. So this is why I prefer a mobile phone because I could just put it in my pocket and go anywhere, and when I want to play a game, I just simply pick my phone on my pocket, open the game application and play it. This is all my personal reason and I know we have a different outlook regarding this topic.
  16. Hanna08

    Hanna08 New Member

    Laptop because I want games on windows than andriod.
  17. Z34O

    Z34O New Member

    Definitely the laptop. I agree that smart phones are like small computers but you get better quality games from an laptop. Also there still portable with size being a minor inconvenience.
  18. prexv

    prexv Member

    Personally, I'd choose mobile phone for games. It's very convenient since you can play whenever and wherever you want, whether you're playing an offline game or online game where you can use your phone data or connect it to an internet router. Its easier to install games in a mobile phone because it already notifies you if it's compatible with your phone. The game will not download in your mobile if it detects that it can't support the overall game. While for laptop, even if you already installed it, it may not always run smoothly because some games needs better laptop specifications especially if you're trying to play a high-quality game. But if you really are still going for the laptop, I'd suggest pick a desktop instead because it's the most recommended platform to play video games aside from actual gaming consoles to avoid this type of issues.
  19. Pen29

    Pen29 Member

    You can have your best quality game with a laptop. Some mobile can't play or install some high-quality feature games. For some reasons, if I'm at home, I always use my laptop, but when traveling or not around, it's better to use my handy phone and play other games I don't really like just for a time killer.
  20. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    It really depends on the purpose of why you're playing the game. If you're a hardcore gamer and has plenty of time to play or playing not just for fun but competitively, desktop or gaming laptop is better.

    But for just as a past time, the portability of the mobile phone suits you well. And also if you are just playing for short hour mobile game, cellphones are better
  21. mohdakbar4682

    mohdakbar4682 New Member

    I like gaming on a mobile phone because it is portable and cheap. Even on mid-range smartphone games run smooth. There is a wide variety of free and paid game you can play anywhere. Laptop gaming is very expensive that's why I don't like it.
  22. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    If you’re at home much better laptop, and if you’re that always on the go better is phone. Depends on the kind of person who willing to use.
  23. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    mobile phone is better
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  24. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    For me mobile phone its much easier to play on mobile phone.
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  25. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    Laptop Gaming! There are some fundamental problems associated with mobile games. I.e
    The screen is just too small (even if it’s high resolution) for detailed or complex games.
    Control systems are poor. Touch controls put your fingers over the action and are often imprecise. Gyro controls are really imprecise.
  26. tops3cretjd123

    tops3cretjd123 New Member

    Honestly, for me laptop yes nowadays many games are converted to mobile phones. and I know phones today is like a small computer.
    But laptop is still the better rather than the mobile phones because some games in the laptop can't be copied to the mobile phones. Also laptop has big screen so you can see all the detail of the games you played very well. The quality of the game you played, because laptop still has a better specs to the mobile phones. Laptop also can run the games faster than the mobile phones because laptop has better processor that he mobile phones. Also the control of the mobile phones is not accurate just like laptop because sometimes when you played control doesn't act what you want to operate. But in the laptop is very precise because you have the benefit of mouse when clicking the desired object.
  27. janangelo18

    janangelo18 New Member

    Can you actually call yourself a gamer if playing on mobile phone?
  28. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Mobile phone because it is convinient.
  29. kianluis

    kianluis New Member

    Depends on what games you want to play. Graphics intensive games are better run on desktops, not even laptops. Laptops for gaming are very expensive just to get some decent specs. Games you can run on laptops can still suffer from problems such as lag and glitching because laptop's cooling capabilities can't keep up with a gaming gpu's needs. For casual gaming, mobile phones are alright. There are a ton of games for mobile phones now that are meant to be picked up in small bursts, hence being mobile games because they're designed to be on the go. Laptop games can range from bigger titles with some performance hits like Borderlands or Fortnite but can also run mobile games through an emulator but it's less mobile and convenient than a mobile. It really depends on what you want to play.

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