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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Raluca, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Raluca

    Raluca New Member

    If today would be your last day on Earth and you would have the chance for a wish... what would it be??
    I would spend my last day with my family and I would enjoy my last day on this planet doing what I like. Regarding the wish....I would give away my money for poor people...
    What would you do??
  2. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    I would make a statement. Do something surreal and unforgettable, not for me but for the enjoyment of random people who are having a dull day. I am a natural entertainer and I might as well make a few people happy.
  3. trenea7

    trenea7 New Member

    I would take the day spending time with my family. Making the best memories as possible for them to carry with them after I am gone. Taking the time to work through any relationship issues there may and dispensing any of the knowledge that I had been saving to share with them "when the time was right". I teeter back and forth on whether I would want a day that is a flurry of activity with my family--riding horse, flying kites, going fishing, etc--or a day of comfort and togetherness, such as a family dinner, night of board games, a time of sitting around the fire just sharing our thoughts. Hopefully, I could find a good mesh of both types of day as they would both produce the kind of everlasting memories I want to leave behind.
  4. Loaded

    Loaded New Member

    If I get to make my wish and then have a whole day, I'd wish for invincibility. Then, I'd spend the entire day doing all the things that I was scared of before. I'm going to die anyway, so why not spend my last day doing all the crazy things I didn't get to do while I was living in fear?

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