LDR can really last?

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  1. aprilblanquera13

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    Yes, loyalty is the key :rolleyes:
  2. Cai1228

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    LDR works, well maybe not for everybody, but for some, it does.
    LDR or Long Distance Relationship is a commitment between you and your partner. You must be bounded by love, faith, honesty trust and constant communication. These five factors are essential if You are in this kind of relationship.

    Love - This should be the base of your relationship.
    Faith - You have to have faith that together you can surpass every obstacle that might come between you.
    Honesty - You have to be honest with each other with what you say, with what you feel, with what you do and with what you think.
    Trust - You have to have trust with each other. This is the most common reason why LDR didn't work for others. Common sign of trust issue is jealousy that turns into paranoia. Sometimes there really is no reason for you to be jealous, it's just that you are paranoid. Sometimes it's just all in your mind. Sometimes your mind just make up stories that you yourself believe in even if you really don't have a proof that your partner is cheating on you.
    Constant Communication - This is the most important part. You have to have time for each other. You have to have a constant communication. You have to make a schedule that is convenient for both of you so that you can call, text or chat with your partner.
  3. auddinsky

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    Yes it can, as long as both of you are really serious with each other and have a mutual goal, that is, to keep it lasting until you'll be able to move in together. Other than that, the same things apply to LDRs like to any other relationship. That means, you need to get along well and not cause problems in the relationship, have fun, trust each other, have mutual love and understanding for each other etc. In most cases, the people in an LDR broke up because of classic close-up relationship reasons and not really the distance itself.
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    yes...for the two person who they trust each other...but sometimes its depend upon the situation...
    Before you commit to a long distance relationship (LDR), you should know they come with a special set of challenges that other relationships don’t have to endure. Just because so many people are in one doesn’t mean they are easy. In fact, most of the relationship advice out there talks about how they almost never work out.

    That doesn’t have to happen to you. LDR’s are definitely challenging, you just have to ask yourself if you’re ready to take on this unique kind of relationship before you commit.
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    We might wonder why each couple looks like siblings? have similar physical characters? yes. it is because we are narcissistic creature in some degree. So we will more comfortable living with someone that similar to a figure we see each morning in the mirror. I talk about this firsthand because in LDR, a couple will have too many restriction to adjust to each other, restrictions to build mutual understanding. In short term, it might be okay. But for long term, it is dangerous because simply distance will distort information you two exchange each other. Not to mention high cost for commuting and communication means it is vulnerable to your financial situation. So think twice if your spouse offer to have LDR.
  6. I think so. If you really trust each other. I believe your relationship can last. Whether you are married or just boy and girl relationship it could last. It will when there is love and patience.

    Relationship that lasts is a commitment. You can also communicate through video calls. Through video calls you feel that he or she is just beside you. Because of technology long distance relationship has been made possible and a lot more easier.
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    Depends on how the couple handle their relationship. They should build more trust and faith. They must be strong to control their sexual desires and they should always make quality time for each other since it’s the only way to make their relationship last. It will be hard, yes, but nothing’s easy right? Effort must always be present with this kind of relationship.
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    Long Distance Relationship can work if both have disciplines and patience. Always be active on communication and always trust each other.
  9. delubyo2000

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    i have relatives that in long distance relationship with her college girlfriend for more than 7 years.they are working on a different country and they successfully managed all the challenge and they got married.i think its possibly do,according to my relative one of the thing that always in mind is the discipline to work the relationship well.
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    It lasts and it depends on how the couples do it. If only one of them is willing to make it work then it probably won't because you cannot invest a big amount of effort into someone who can't even put an effort on you. So, why make your efforts go to waste? End it because it won't take you to anywhere.
    However, if both of you are willing to make it work, then it will! Just have a very long patience and faith to your partner. Keep the fire burning! Long distance relationships might get boring as time goes by but if you are willing to make it work even if it's hard, then you can make it together.

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