Learning to code in a month?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by Starmz, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Starmz

    Starmz New Member

    I'm currently on a gap year and have been trying to keep myself productive by setting myself monthly challenges. One of those challenges is to "learn how to code", which has been a goal of mine for a few years but has never really been put into action past 2015-2016, during which I played around with HTML and CSS on Tumblr.

    Of course, a brief Google search showed me that learning "how to code" is so vague that it's laughable! So, focusing on web development (mostly front-end) and possibly rudimentary game/bot/app making, I decided that I would be focusing on learning HTML5 and CSS first. Since I've had some prior experience with those two, I'm hoping I won't need to spend too long on those to be comfortable with using them. Then I would move on to Javascript, which is more of a 'proper' language, as far as I can tell.

    So, to cut to the chase, I was wondering whether this seems feasible (i.e. having a grasp of HTML5 + CSS + Javascript by the end of a month)? I would probably be spending every other full day doing this, but I might study for 3-4 hours every day instead. I would also appreciate any tips you have for me, should you be some sort of coding pro. ;)

    Thanks for reading!
  2. emil10111

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    Will i am used to know Vb.net programming in one month because of my thesis in college. It is so hard to know programming but if you are willing to learn and you have patience to know how codes work you can learn it by month or by weeks. So you need to be positive and have a lot of effort. Good luck!
  3. ReignRenRen

    ReignRenRen New Member

    I admire you for setting up those monthly challenges for yourself. I also had that thought, however, as I have been busy with my studies, I haven't finished a goal even when it's already the second month of the year. I'll try harder with my goal and would stop making excuses.

    Back to your question, it is feasible. As you already have a background in HTML and CSS, you have the basics. My tip is you just have to read more on the codes and the syntax for HTML and CSS. As for Javascript, I'm not fond of it but it is useful for web development. If you plan to spend 3-4 hours a day learning it, you can have a grasp on it by the end of the month. However, if you aim to master web development, it will still take years as web development is constantly changing.

    Anyways, Good luck with all your goals!
  4. Starmz

    Starmz New Member

    Thank you all for your useful insights! This has been encouraging to read and will be sure to keep my spirits up during the month. :)
  5. NeilCenaPostLoop

    NeilCenaPostLoop New Member

    Really late reply to this thread, so I won't even tell you whether it's doable or not. I just want to ask you, how did it go? how much did you learn in one month?

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