Legalising Cannabis: Should it happen?

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Should cannabis be legalised?

  1. YES - Legalise it for RECREATIONAL and MEDICINAL purposes

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  2. YES - Legalise it for MEDICINAL purposes ONLY

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  3. NO - It should not be legal at all

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  1. catmum

    catmum New Member

    Do you think that cannabis should be legalised? What arguments for or against legalisation can you share with us today?

    Questions to get the conversation started:

    Can legalising cannabis be financially beneficial to a country? Why or why not?

    Is there a moral reason why cannabis should not be legalised? How far should individual morals be considered when making government policy?

    Have you ever used cannabis for medicinal reasons? What was your experience?
  2. ELMEY

    ELMEY New Member

    According to medical research that Cannabis has a lower risk factor for dependence compared to nicotine and alcohol. If that is the case , why should not it not be legalised just like alcohol and tobacco?
    Everything , could be harmful to us if we abuse its used , same thing with cannabis it could be harmful if not used appropriately but it could be beneficial if we used it properly. Educating people with its harm effects and good effects could help our lawmakers decide either to legalised it or not.
  3. Kateryna

    Kateryna New Member

    In my humble opinion, the legalisation of Cannabis happened too soon, without proper preparation and research. I personally don't care too much how people prefer to waste their lives, as long as their thrill to get "high" doesn't affect the well-being of others. I believe, one wouldn't disagree that the safety on roads with "high" drivers diminishes. Currently, Canadian police are not ready to detect the level of Cannabis intoxication in drivers, which leads to quite unfavourable consequences, such as possible car accidents. Also, the smell of smoked Cannabis is awful. It is allowed to smoke Cannabis in all places where traditional tobacco smoking is permitted. This means they can smoke weed in their homes. What about their neighbours, who can't stand the smell? Now, these neighbours cannot have their say. Then, the stuff is promoted as the one of little or no addiction. At the same point, medical research states that even if there is no actual addiction, the effect of Cannabis lessens with time, but people using it get used to the state of altered emotional state caused by Cannabis consumption. If the effect becomes weaker, they would turn to some "hardcore" stuff, which in its way would worsen current opioid crisis we hear all the time about.
  4. noellemartin999

    noellemartin999 New Member

    I say yes, even if I completely disagreed with cannabis use, simply because we know that prohibiting things doesn't work; it just makes them less safe, i.e. alcohol prohibition just made booze-production an underground, black market affair instead of a normal enterprise. People still made, sold, and drank alcohol. As terrible as alcohol is for us socially and physically, making it illegal didn't change any of that. Same with abortion.

    Regardless of your personal feelings, government prohibition doesn't keep a substance from circulating in the public.
  5. Osamah7

    Osamah7 New Member

    Cannabis has many negative effects, both short term and long term, including memory and coordination problems. Therefore, I do not think it should be legalized.

    However, I do believe that it should be allowed for medical reasons. For example, to reduce seizures that cannot be cured otherwise.
  6. AMOH

    AMOH New Member

    No person used to smart phone will chock to death if unable to access smartphone for more than 3 hours.
    Smartphones have arrived in our lives not more than 8-10 years and do not give us anything special apart from entertainment , social sites also have entertainment point to its success . Its just Phone , camera , Computer , TV ,watch , music player that are squeezed in one , half of those devices are dying out .
    But believe me , life without smartphone is far better and you can live like human beings.
  7. HBeth

    HBeth New Member

    I've always been against the legalization of Marijuana but I've softened a bit in the last decade or so. Sure, let's legalize it medicinally. The last thing I want is for my city to legalize it for recreational purposes. Has Anyone seen Denver, CO lately?
  8. Plantgal

    Plantgal New Member

    I don't believe it should be legalized. My concern with this is driving vehicles and using machinery. I fear that there would be an increase in accidents.
  9. writemebackrightnow

    writemebackrightnow New Member

    I have never used drugs or cannabis. I smoke tobacco cigarettes that have given me addiction and can not quit smoking.
    Probably cannabis is addictive. Cannabis is stronger than tobacco. Cannabis can cause neuropsychic problems such as anxiety, panic attack, dementia, etc. A problem of this kind heals hard, in years.
    This is not well known and many young people after consuming cannabis can get to the hospital, in an emergency room and because they do not recognize what they have done, doctors do not know exactly their diagnosis.
    This is the reason I do not want to legalise cannabis.
    If cannabis is good to treat cancer or other chronic diseases, I agree to legalise it, but only for medical reason, not for recreational purposes.
  10. MatS-3kmQ

    MatS-3kmQ New Member

    By the same token alcohol should be banned as well. That's not the answer to either problem.
    People should be able to use cannabis and be held responsible for the consequences. It's the ethical thing to do.
    After all, when you choose not to drink or smoke, nobody else have a say in the matter.
  11. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    I don't personally partake BUT, more people are killed every day from legal drugs (including alcohol) than will ever die from weed. By maintaining in on the controlled substances list all that is accomplished is making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens. My personal belief is that one of the factors preventing it's legalization is the lack of ability on the part of law enforcement to come up with some sort of field sobriety test for THC.
  12. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    WTF Mate???

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