Legit bitcoin faucet.

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  1. redpearL1

    redpearL1 New Member

    Does anyone know about this legit bitcoin faucet? Freebitco is a bitcoin faucet that legitimately pays its members and give them a chance to win in their bitcoin lottery as well. And you can choose to enjoy all this for FREE!
  2. allenjosh1524

    allenjosh1524 New Member

    Yes i have been using that bitcoin faucet and there and many legit bitcoin faucet that you can use not only for bitcoin but for other cryptocurrencies also.You can search it for google or use coinpot to get bitcoin
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  3. Madhesi

    Madhesi New Member

    You can go on and try bonusbitcoin.co it has great offers, mostly based on your country of residence, but there is a trick with the website to earn consistently and increase the bonus each day.

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  4. Madhesi

    Madhesi New Member

    Coinpot :cool::thumbsup:
  5. gokulrajpr

    gokulrajpr New Member

    Yes, Freebitco is a legit site and it pays its members for years. After freebitco, faucets related to coinpot microwallet are legit. Freebitco running new contest to its members from last month. You can deposit using altcoins in Freebitco account. You can also try Faucethub microwallet, which has a lot of faucets. Faucethub also legit and pays bitcoins as well as altcoins to its members.
  6. Smaraig

    Smaraig New Member

    Free btc is good but investing Bitcoin is risky or it will lead to scam you.
    But other sites is very legit some is just going to to fool you like investment.
    I recommend just go for the free btc.
    Don't just invest easly.
  7. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    yes i have try some sites offering faucets and mining but i am not enjoying because in my computation it will take me months of mining for a 10 dollars or a 500 pesos in philippine money without knowing if they are really paying or just a scam,so it is a big gambling in my part betting my effort and time in a very small earning, i am not a fan of purchasing those so called mining tools that will increase your mining gains, its a big no no for me to purchase.

    if anyone here wants to share how or tips and tricks for free well i will be one of those who will show interest. :)
  8. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    Legit bitcoin wallet some of them are coins.ph if you want to join coins.ph you can join here https://coins.ph/invite/flwfws you just need an ID and when you are verified you can get 50 pesos instant in your wallet. The other one is coinbase tou can sign up here http://goo.gl/cb5NZe and it is really legit..
  9. Orlandos

    Orlandos New Member

    Hi guys! Thank you for sharing your sources and what you use! Sometimes I like to play gambling, especially when there is extra money and you are bored. I’m never upset if I lose, but I’m never really happy about winning, in this case you need to be with a cold mind. Personally, I play on the platform https://duckdice.io.

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