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Are there really online jobs that pay off?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. xxxirenexxx

    xxxirenexxx New Member

    Kindly recommend me a site that offers job online or same thing like postloop which you can get a reward for posting pics or commenting on other's posts.
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  2. jesuissaab

    jesuissaab New Member

    If you want full time you can be a freelancer in Upwork. If you want part-time, global test market is a survey paying site. You get paid when you finished a survey. I hope it helps.
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  3. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    I had a really good career as a freelance writer via SEOClerks and the earnings for my own services was a lot more than trying to rely on some of these so called pay per performance (survey) sites or even the 'write/get paid' sites. And, don't get me wrong as I had tried all the 'survey' sites and fill out the form sites (the things advertised on work at home mommy sites) and found them to provide just pennies for the hours of work required. At the start, that was just fine for me as I got my feet wet in the online 'work' world but after awhile, I realized that if I wanted to earn enough to sustain my family then I would have to evolve.

    Selling my own services was a revolution for my family finances and helped us through some really hard financial times.

    My main services were blog writing, articles, blog comments and forum posts. One of my best buyers paid around $0.65 per post. And, blog comments pay around $1.00 each.

    Forum posting and blog commenting is a super fun (well paid) job, especially when you are being paid what you're worth and I was always able to find willing buyers via SEOClerks.

    I've only ever been with SEOClerks for freelancing and will never go with another site for freelancing.
  4. Junti1991

    Junti1991 New Member

    Finding a legit site to earn online is not easy for newbies and I experienced it. When I was a newbie sometimes I think that it is impossible to earn online. But later understood it is not, you just have to find the legit sites and ways. Now I am using many ways to earn online.

    If you want a freelancing job than there are many legit sites that pay like freelancer, upwork, SEO clerks etc. There are also many forum sites that are legit, Beermoneyforum and Forumcoin are good examples. I also joined a new forum site Marketstreetforum same as beermoneyforum but didn't get the minimum withdrawal limit amount yet.

    You can also try Micro working sites like microworkers. I am using microworkers and earned good amount there. The jobs are simple and easy. You can also try Amazon mechanical truck, I didn't use it because they don't allow workers from India.

    These are just some of the sites that are legit and pays. There are many other sites that are legit and I am using to earn an income.
  5. Dev Singh

    Dev Singh New Member

    Hey dear , According to me the site alternative to postloop is
    - Beermoneyforum.com just go register-verify-login and start making your dreams come true because they do not have any test to pass .You will be treated equally with other thousand members, its legit and minimum payout is only 1$ via paypal only , contests , refer other active member to get 1000 bmf points free which is very exciting to thy their Affiliate opportunities etc !!.
    Note ;- If you are newbie it's a kind request please use my link to register over there .( message me in inbox or reply me so that i can give you direct link )

    You can also try some other legit site like Mylot,Theforumwheel,Forum Coin,FFU,Marketstreetforum,
    Theforumposting , Microworker, Emotion Miner ,Fiverr etc.

    There are thousand legit site listed on that beermoneyforum with proofs and full guide on any topic with 10k member and disscussio. only about one topic - "Online Earning" !!.
    Try it ,its awesome ........
    Thankyou !!.
  6. xxxirenexxx

    xxxirenexxx New Member

    Thanks for all your replies. At present i'm too much busy on work and just checking my account here at postloop when i am free. I think i am more comfortable in writing posts here than anywhere else. I dont know but i just felt like postloop does let anybody express what they feel here without being judged. One thing more is that online jobs do really require patience too. But if you love what you are doing, it is no more than an online job anymore but a hobby for relaxation and an arena for self expression and informative communication.
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  7. Well, I am a very new in this industry. This industry of 'Online Jobs' and 'Freelancing', is attracting me more and more everyday. Since I have started discovering the opportunities, on internet, I found couple of jobs that seemed to be really working. For example, Paid survey jobs, Advertising making and viewing jobs, online marketing jobs, App testing jobs, Creative writing jobs, Arts and designing jobs, Online assisting jobs, Web designing jobs, Data entry and maintenance job, Customer service jobs etc. As the forum title was 'online jobs', I excluded the ones which are done independently, or which we can say online businesses. I am also hunting for such jobs which pay good for working from home online.
    Hope to find some real results here in this website.
  8. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Hi Beverly, I read your wonderful post about SEO Clerks. I admit that I haven't been paying attention to this site in terms of its earning potential. But after reading your post, I'll now be posting some of my services at SEO Clerks. Good day and Thanks!
  9. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Hi again Beverly,
    Just finished creating my first SEO Clerks Service called Blogs and Forums (comment and posting service). I'm still studying the site and reading everything on it. Thanks Again and Have a Great Day!


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  10. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Nice it's in the Market Place already ! Screenshot_20180306-162924.png
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  11. mjoseph

    mjoseph New Member

    There is this transcription jobs that you can apply to easily. I'm actually a transcriber from GoTranscipt and so far the pay is nice and timely. In transcribing, all you have to is to listen to an audio, whether it is an interview, monologue or just a casual conversation. Then you have to transcribe it or write it according to the styles and guidelines the company imposed. It's a daunting task at first but it will be rewarding after your first pay out.
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  12. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    There's this writing site called FERPECTION.com they pay good money doing comments and site reviews. Also LIVING-RESEARCH.com and there's the PREMISE app which you could download.
  13. prince21

    prince21 New Member

    Some of the online Jobs are Legits, But the reallity of applying these are sometimes very hard. Like the Transcript.com online job. Going into be part of thier company is very hard. they have alot of questions which is not famillar to you, and you need to Answer thier questions 100% correct. If You miss 1 mistake then your not qualified. Just expressing my opinion. If your interested just type the site I wrote at the top.
  14. prince21

    prince21 New Member

    hi.. can you help me the answers of the transcription jobs??? If you still remember it, can send me the copy please!
  15. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Try Casting Words to start with. The pay's a bit lower than other companies (I can't remember how it compares to GoTranscript), but if you screw up and lose it, it's nothing to fret over and you can spend more time somewhere better. Casting Words is a great place to practice, because there were always jobs when I was on it, and importantly, always short jobs. Remember that you are paid per minute, but it could take you up to 10 minutes to transcribe each minute of audio, possibly more. Time depends on your speed but also the quality of the audio and speech.

    Other reasons I found Casting Words perfect for starting out, is that you can listen to the files before you choose them, and as I recall, you can listen to the whole file if you want to, before choosing it. Other companies only allow you to listen to 15 seconds of the file, or none at all. Another benefit is a lower barrier to entry at Casting Words. Provided your punctuation, spelling and grammar are good, you should have no problems getting a chance. Always use a program to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation, even if you have great skills in those areas.

    Good luck!
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  16. MrT

    MrT New Member

    Yes there are plenty of legit jobs. I did some coding on Upwork a few years ago. However there was a LOT of competiton for jobs and the clients were a hassle. I usually go the jobs other coders had made a mess of.

    I also tried paid surveys. I made a few cents on clixsense but it was a hassle to click on a survey then find out after half a dozen questions that I didn't actually qualify after all.

    Searching for <your niche> + "write for us" is also a good way of finding work online.
  17. Emoxx09

    Emoxx09 New Member

    Well, in my country, Philippines, there's this awesome site called Onlinejobs.ph. This site has helped many people from my country to stay at home rather than working outside of the country. The pay is really legit and ideal, similar to that of non-online works. There are also works there for writers and I saw some post there suggesting $200 minimum pay per month. That is pretty convenient for someone who just wants to stay away from traffic and just stay home with family. Well, this is just for all those who are wondering.
  18. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    The alot of legit online jobs that are available now is just a matter of choosing which one do you prefer most and get in touch with it and earn money.Here are some of the legitimate online jobs.

    Affiliate marketing;this is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to any external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.here in this job you promote products of different people when you get sales from your link you get paid commission some of the popolar websites are click bank ,jvzoo,amazon,ebay just to mention a few.

    Testing;also this is another type of legit online job where by you get paid by testing websites and apps then you write short review about them here you can get upto 10$ per test some of the best websites for these type of jobs first is usertesting and another one is testing I.O just go and check them.

    Transcription jobs;these type of jobs are all about listening to different audio clips and writing the spoken words in the audio clip.These jobs are highly available now but before being a transcriber the will ask you to attempt the exam when you pass it they will allow you to start earning money by audio transcribing, some of the best websites ara Rev transcriber and Trancribe me.

    Freelancer;also this is another way to make money online here you can do alot of freelance jobs for example writing,coding and so many jobs are here in this kind of online jobs the best site that you can join and become a freelancer are Upwork and fiverr.
  19. fayeanne

    fayeanne New Member

    There are a lot of legit online jobs. You can choose from online teaching, subscribing or you can be a freelancer and also part time jobs like postloops and other survey sites. I'm still new to this, and i'm trying out different survey sites to earn extra.
  20. VEM18

    VEM18 New Member

    For those who wanted to earn extra income online, you can visit this page for an overview or you can register directly to earn money quickly. he registration is only free, plus when you sign up you can get 25$ instantly as their welcome gift.
    This is only free and it is open for everyone specially to the students.



    Remove the "%" to get link
  21. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    Yes but stay away from the ones that give a stupid test you have to pass just to get paid a dollar a day.
  22. zhephoi

    zhephoi New Member

    I just started this entire "work from home" thing and I'm still learning the ropes but I would definitely say that there is a positive outcome from all of these. First of all, it's not easy. Forget those people saying that it's a lot better since you're working from home and that you don't have the problem of travelling back and forth from work. Unless you are doing a fixed "home-based work" wherein you do appointment setting or either a virtual assistant, all other "work from home" stuff are tedious. I started from paid surveys then worked my way to mobile apps then to crypto-currecncy trading and airdrops. There are also other jobs such as transcribing or scanning a bar code. You would be amazed at how much possibility there is out there in the net. I was!
  23. gyeo

    gyeo New Member

    Hi, I'm just new in Home based job, and I found typing captcha is legit home based but you can do it with your spare time. You need high speed internet connection so the images will load faster, but there will times that it will take too long for the images to load.
    You can also apply in online job site which is Upwork, but there are so many freelancers already working in it that it will be hard for you to get a client. There are looking for experience working professional and also their are checking the rate. I hope you find one soon!
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  24. pamz

    pamz New Member

    Nice.. thread @xxxirenexxx, your thread is very helpful, reading each post have given me some ideas which I can do to earn money and to be a part time job. I used to do bitcoin faucets stuffs before, I admit I earned some.. but really really small amount, for a long period of time, I also tried humanatics. it pays good but rather than bitcoin faucets, but it has pros an cons.. pros i gives bigger value i think 2.1 cent Dollar per review, yes it may seem really low.. 2 cents but rather than satoshi for bitcoins which gives really really low than what you think.but downside with this is that there are some call review which takes a lot of time. also if you review it incorrectly you will be penalized. I have also tried freelancer and upwork but it is really hard to get client when you don't have much exposure. I have tried picoworker its easy but not to much work.. its hard to save enough coins to pay out because there not much work to do.. tried skylom before when they are still doing lotteries .. i earned some thru my paypal but now skylom is differentyou can earn some but slowly... really really slowly..
  25. Serifina_Lovelace

    Serifina_Lovelace New Member

    Like what @jesusisasab said earlier, Upwork is one of the popular options for newbie freelance writers. I used Upwork to make my first dollar online in college. I've been there for about six months now and I've made about a hundred dollars for taking 4 jobs. If you have a knack for writing, then being a freelance content/article writer could be the job for you in that site.

    I've also tried MyLot and so far they are paying me by just interacting with people on the site, but the pay is really low unless you're a really active member who posts there hourly. MyLot is something more of a blog, so you can write anything you want there, as long as it follows Community Standards, of course. They pay you through PayPal once you've hit the minimum $5 mark, and they send it automatically to your account.

    Rakuten AIP Surveys also pays via Paypal, and the minimum payout in my country is equivalent to $5. I'm not sure if you're allowed to be rewarded gift certificates as well because that was one of the options that was given to us if you don't have a PayPal account.
  26. amar vilks

    amar vilks New Member

    There is a site called Text Broker which is a get paid-to-write service.

    If you want to make considerable more money, then it would be suggested to work freelance as mentioned earlier in the thread
  27. Rheaosumo

    Rheaosumo New Member

    Legit online job is a big help to those freelancers, working at home mom and to those online job seekers. Like me, im one of those online job seekers, thats why i try writing post here in postloop. I also hope that postloop will approve all my post here, hope to hear from them soon. I want also to pursue an online job while at home. Hoping for those legit online jobs will help many of us to have a job.
  28. jhirem12

    jhirem12 New Member

    I also just started looking for online jobs just recently. One that that I could recommend is the gotranscrip. It's a freelance for transcribers. You would need to pass a test and then they will give you the result after 30 days. You can search on youtube for tips on how to pass the test. If you don't have any experience or background in transcribing, you could actually practice before you start a real job. If you want to practice transcribing or editing and see all the errors right away, you can do a practice job. It was just a part for me at the beginning but seeing that I could earn more if I invest more time, so I made it my full time job as of the moment.
  29. theeditor

    theeditor New Member

    Am currently with steemit And dream.real
    Steemit.Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system .
    Dream Real is a platform that is determined to change the social media landscape for the better. While platforms like Twitter and Facebook consider users to be a source of income and do not really offer anything back to them, Dream Real wants to try a different approach to carve its place in the market of social media platforms.

    In this new platform, the users will be able to receive real rewards for participating because the company will use a bonus system based on the blockchain technology to reward them for participating and being the main source of income of the platform.
    They are all free to join.
  30. ruppertlin

    ruppertlin New Member

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