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Are there really online jobs that pay off?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. c.k.sarkar

    c.k.sarkar New Member

    i want to be a part of online worker
    so please kindly share the site with me
    i will be thank full to u if any one share the trusted site which does realy work.
  2. Yes there is but you just have to look for it. sites like upwork can do the trick on this one. You can also go for PTC's you just have to be patient. Of course, stay away from scams. Bottom line , if you are able to land a job online, Enjoy it and do good at it.
  3. jeffreyjose

    jeffreyjose New Member

    Yes i believe that there are many legitimate online jobs. If you search for them diligently i believe you will be able to choose best online jobs that pays off. I am still seeking for those great ones yet.
  4. If you want to earn a decent amount of money online, you need to build your skills first. Enroll in a freelancing course or watch videos on Youtube on how to become a successful freelancer. You can be a data entry specialist, transcriptionist, content writer, graphic designer, video editor, web developer, Wordpress developer, ESL tutor, social engine optimization expert, etc.
  5. G.K

    G.K New Member

    I would say instead of looking for a quick money grab, learn a SKILL you can monetize.

    • Copywriting
    • Coding
    • Designing
    • Marketing
    Then go out and get clients.
  6. wroehna

    wroehna New Member

    hello there.. This is my fourth day trying to do this what you called "work from home thing". And I'm glad that I saw your post regarding internet jobs. It's really hard for me especially that I'm not used to it. Our small business is not enough to sustain our everyday expenses. I have a 4 year old son so I decided why not I try the home-based jobs. I thought it's super easy, but absolutely not. But I have to conquer this battle, you know. I know I can be successful doing this like you. If you have more ideas, please do let us know because it's really a big help to us newbie here. Goodluck to all of us.
  7. erick27

    erick27 New Member

    Me too! you guys just keep pushing . my relatives think that im wasting time and effort on this but hey! there is no harm in trying. hooorahh!!
  8. data entry job site that you can recommend. any one know?
  9. Cai07

    Cai07 New Member

    Definitely! I quit my office job to work as a freelance writer and it was amazing. The payout is even higher compared to my previous work. I guess you only need to look for the right one and take your time. I personally use Upwork to find new clients. There are tons of them. Just work hard and don’t give up.
  10. Sumisan

    Sumisan New Member

    I recently lost my job and i suffer from dibilitating anxiety and a condition called toxic shame. Working microjobs online and taking surveys seem like chump change compared a more traditional job my four day total is under $100. And i ptobably put in the same amount of time as my previous job there is a huge discrepency in pay. $360 to $100.
  11. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    • UberEATS – Food delivery on your car, bike, or scooter. Log in to the app, pick up orders, deliver, and get paid every day or every week.
    • Lyft – Ride-sharing app. Not “at home” but flexible. You can request payout daily via ExpressPay, or get paid once a week.
    • Amazon mTurk – Short Tasks ($1 Cash Out Threshold)
    • OneSpace – Short Tasks
    • Call Center QA – Telephone mystery shopping
    • Studypool – Online tutoring.
    • Transcribe.com – Transcription.
  12. Goodluck418

    Goodluck418 New Member

    Hello loopers, i want to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you that shared in this post, I have been looking for a way to make money online by working at home and i was recently introduced to postloop, coming on this thread to find all kinds of suggestion has really made my day and i specially want to thank each and everyone of you. may your efforts never go in vain.
    Thank you all.
  13. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    User testing is legit you can make $10 per test there. Although it's not a daily thing but it helps. All the rest are not worth your time and effort. Try FreeeUp.
  14. sweetpick

    sweetpick New Member

    forumwheel is another site like postloop, which pays promptly for posting on their forum. Only thing they have very few forums in their list, where we can subscribe and earn credits for cash withdrawal.
  15. jheycianramos

    jheycianramos New Member

    Hi,Theres a lot of online jobs available online it’s just a matter of choice and also you have to be very careful in looking for one so you will not be scam .You can try signing up to upwork for more choices of works.Just find your expertise and skills first to know what are you able to cater to the employer.You can also try transcription where you have to transcribe audio file into word file.All you have to do was listen and type what are they saying according to companies rule.Legit online site for these are..Gotranscript,scribie and castingword.You may also try AppenGlobal.I’ve already got my first pay out on appen.They will email you something you have to do like searching on facebook or translation according to work suitable for your skills.You may also try zwerl or sphere I’m not sure if it’s open wordwide but it’s so simple.You just have to ask interesting question or answer questions with quality.Plus,it can be downloaded on ios or smartphone.
  16. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    Wow this is by far the most eye opening forum Ive been to. Hadn't realised how many online jobs are out there. I hope you guys success ill try to get a piece of the pie as well. Just that most sites seem not to want to deal with Africa.:(
  17. jm8080

    jm8080 New Member

    There's a lot actually. I can only talk about the jobs I've actually tried, most of the ones I've work for are transcription websites that pay per item you transcribe, the amount of money you can earn depends on the amount of work you put in and the availability of things to transcribe. There are other jobs that I tried that also pays alright too like web search evaluation and image annotating.
  18. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    Online Job area is related to input into a computerized database such as spreadsheet documents and other systems. This sector helps businesses from falling behind with data entry activities by hiring people who work from home to complete those duties. For me persons working on this field usually need to type information from a hard copy of a document into a computer for further sending through internet services.
    Online job specialists usually perform many of the following tasks: Writing online surveys, Transcribing audio tracks ,
    Using word processing applications , Testimony, Reviewing documents , Developing databases.For me its good !!!thats all thank you.
  19. Brilliant

    Brilliant New Member

    I have looked at many online jobs. When I find one that I can do, and apply for it something always go wrong.
    My ID could not be read,. On another, I could not submit my email, and another I never got a response.
    I just gave up, and started this journey on Post Loop.
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  20. Bigbills

    Bigbills New Member

    The ones I have tried so far are AdFly.com and Freelancer.com, so far these two websites have offered me payouts. I can show you proof of payment in my Paypal account for those who want to gain trust.
  21. charl925

    charl925 New Member

    I've done online work (mostly freelance writing) for 7 years There are definitely online jobs out there,, but there are more scams and cheap jobs out there than ever.

    The key is research, experimentation, and mindset. Before taking ANY online job, look online for reviews. These reviews are biased (Only the happiest and angriest people leave reviews.), but they will give an indication of red flags to look out for.

    When you see a listing for an online job, check out the site. is it secure? Can you tell how the business that is hiring makes money? Does the site look spammy? Do they have easy ways to reach someone? What payment options do they offer? When do you get paid?

    Then, try some stuff on the page and see how it works.

    Lastly, don't come to freelancing with the mindset of "I hope you'll hire me". Be bold, but respectful. Keep learning and refining what you're good at and use that knowledge to kick out bad clients and increase your pay.
  22. loisuy43

    loisuy43 New Member

    I have been looking for an online job for months now. I look everyday in YouTube. I have almost joined every online job opportunity. The problem is until now I am still looking for legit sites.

    It is not easy to find online job. I have learned from YouTube about earning through surveys. When I started to answer surveys I thought I will get paid. In the end of the survey, it will tell me that all the surveys are no longer available or someone ate up all those surveys. Some survey sites tells me that I am not the right person they are looking for in a survey.

    I have also a bad experience in pay to click sites. The site would say that the minimum requirement is 100 points before you can withdraw the money. When I reach the minimum 100 points, it will tell me of their new requirement and so on and so forth. It is really exhausting and disgusting.
  23. ek27

    ek27 New Member

    As of now, I haven't started yet any online jobs that pay enough. I am still in the process of learning new skills to offer such as SEO, graphic designing among other things. I would really like to find legit paying online jobs. I have read many sites that offer online jobs but it's hard to apply since there are so many experienced online workers. Currently, I am just answering some surveys aside from learning new skill sets.

    I appreciate forums like this that helps us newbies find new links to try. I hope I would be able to find the right online job for me soon.
  24. UserPink

    UserPink New Member

    I am also looking for a good website for earnings. Can somebody tell me something about Steemit site? I heard some people not recommend it, but they did not say why. Are earnings low?
  25. Ngunjyz

    Ngunjyz New Member

    Yes, I believe there are legit online jobs. However, there some basic and important elements of the job websites you should check out before registering and taking up tasks. First and foremost, you should never pay any upfront amount to register or receive work; they should deduct their commissions on your earning, secondly, check out on the grammar or language used on the website; if it has a lot of mistakes, or its ''copy and paste'; plagiarized from another website-its fake, it should have original content, thirdly, check whether you are assured of receiving your earnings; does the site have escrow, on your account menu, are there ways of withdrawal and what is the minimum amount for withdrawal; if the withdrawal limit is too high then this is a red flag, and lastly check it out on scam reviews online and see what other past users say about it.

    When I was a newbie in the online business I lost a lot of money subscribing to paid websites, non-payment by client and use of non-existence paying methods. You can check out genuine websites for posting photos and curating such as https://www.steemit.com and https://www.premium.com among others.
  26. kingzaero

    kingzaero New Member

    Hi! I am also trying to pass the GoTranscript test. They just changed the file on the audio test last February 16. I hope I passed that test, now that it has a better audio quality than the previous one. It's my third try now.
  27. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    There are so many, I didn't realize. Thanks for your comments, I'll try them. I just started this freelance thing and so far, I'm liking it.
  28. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I can vouch for Global Test Market. I have been a member since 2016 and they really do pay. I have earned about $140 ever since I started. They usually pay through gift certificates, donations to charity or PayPal. The good thing about this survey site is they still give you points if you're screened out on a particular survey. This happens to me a lot but I'm still able to earn points.

    They changed their name though, it's no longer Global Test Market, it's Life Points now.
  29. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    Hi! Did you pass already? I failed the audio test twice and have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I haven't tried it again; I just got the result yesterday. I might try again in a few days or so.

    You can also try Rev.com. It's a transcription job as well. The audio is better compared to GoTranscript's. I still failed though. Haha. I guess transcription is just not for me.
  30. andrewgeorge

    andrewgeorge New Member

    Yes, there are online jobs that pay quite handsomely. Being a freelance is easy and dependable. I have seen people earn their livelihood through online job. I know there are very many scammers over the internet but if you get a legit online company you can earn some good cash. My friend does online writing jobs and he earns a good salary that has helped him even build an apartment for his Mother.

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