Lessons my Professors could only Hint about but never taught outloud

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    Life at a third-world country probably formed the ideologies of our own educational system. There are plenty variations of them but the most common ones are:
    • Never copy a work of others, that is cheating.
    • Hard work equals good fortune.
    • Diploma is your key to a good company. a good company leads to a good life.
    • Money is the source of evil, never be too greedy.
    As a student, I adhered to everything my school says. I work hard with my assignments and school projects. I was never late. I never cheated my exams nor did i ever let my friends copy my answer. I was just so eager to finish college and receive my diploma. I never sought money. To me money is evil. what i dreamed of is to graduate college, find a good company to work for and live a stable life, serving my parents and starting a family of my own. Thus, excelling in most everything I did at school, the day finally came when I graduated and I am released into the world, ready to join the work force.

    Then, I was hit with thus realization.
    Life screws you. Life screws you a lot of times. Actually, Life screws you so many times it sometimes feels like they've been playing you all along.

    Hard work does not guarantee a good fortune. Farmers from our country are sure hell-bent with hard work, but they are the ones starving. A lot of students, good students, excellent students graduate every year and yet a lot of them can't find work. A lot of us are working for years for the same good company only to realize that there weren't much left for us to hope. These years of working as an employee had slowly opened my eyes to the hard truths I've chosen not to learn at school. Now I look around at those who make it in life. Networkers (legitimate ones not scammers) who made systems work by copying what others did. Almost every one would tell when asked what was the secret formula, they just copied their predecessor's work. They now earn money more than enough to survive, they earn money that enables them to move, to realize their dreams. Enough money to actually help their families and others. Indeed, money was not evil, for it is merely a tool that enables one to move in this society's system. Four years after college, and I'm only beginning to learn. I could only recall what my least favorite professor once said, "Life sucks. If you don't realize what it is you really have to do,you won't do well. In the end, don't aim for your diplomas, it will just blind you. Look beyond. Always look beyond"

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