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Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by Rocellii, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I used to want to start my own blog. It would be like a about feelings, my feelings. I was reluctant and didn’t push though. Intimidation got to me. And my thoughts (which can be seen by in my writing) tend to go in too many ways at once. I’d notice myself write a title, tried to start with something catchy then all of a sudden swerve to another topic. I think a back story is healthy, but not if it makes your original idea irrelevant.

    There are times I want completely give up writing. But I really would like to express myself in a platform. Or would it be in a hidden diary forever? I just want to be able to express myself. I wish to be confident as others. Seeing those whose words flow so seamlessly, whose idea come across so easily, it makes me feel unworthy. It’s a bad habit, I know.

    But have you ever had that tugging feeling? That you’ve been talking in your head for quite some time? You then tell yourself, “Hey, I’m funny” or “I have a pretty good idea”, even “That was some deep… something”. Then you open a page, a notebook, a laptop, and wait for all of it to come out. And all of it does. Hands are not too fast to write/type. But continuous vomiting of thoughts you want to shout. How can I let it all out?
  2. Yes I agree with you. What you can't say with words you can let it all out through writing. Take for example the deaf or mute. They could not speak well but through writing they can say what is in their heart through writing.

    Writing can only be limited when your hand used for writings is mutilated. As long as you are able to write its a good exercise for the mind and heart. Thanks also for this forum that in one way or another I can speak my heart out through posting my comments.
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    I am not a fan of writing. I can’t connect my ideas properly. I’m struggling with it. However, only in writing where I can let my feeling all out because here i have freedom. I can say what I wanted. Pain and happines is a good theme for writing especially when it is all about you. You get sympathy for your pain and insecurities for you happiness. I am still young and naive who needs attention.
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    I really enjoy writing and I spend quite some time on my Facebook page writing. Whenever I have that "tugging" feeling, I just open my Facebook and write away. Fiction is not my thing: in a hundred years, I would never have the creativity to write a captivating piece of fictional work. I prefer to write about my experiences or my observations on social behavior. Of course it isn't easy. I can relate with your feelings of inadequacy regarding your work, but you must realize that this is completely normal. We all require external validation at certain points. Start writing and sharing with friends and acquaintances and once you feel your confidence grow, broadcast your work to a larger audience.
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    Blog writing, Tweeter, and Facebook should not be used to "let it all out." There are many things going on
    in our lives that should be kept privet. We are judged by what come out of our mouths, and people will
    cling to the negative longer. Before you put it all out there, stop, and take time to think about what you want to say.
    Try to write about nice, refreshing things. Also be encouraging with your words.

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