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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mangoshake, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Have you ever fall in love you and loving that person more than yourself? What does it really mean?

    Love: a four-letter-word that gets tossed around in conversations pretty carelessly to describe just about anything. I love your shoes. I love this restaurant. This dog totally loves me.

    But what about when it comes to relationships? What does it really mean to love someone?

    Love means accepting another person in the strongest way possible. It means supporting them in anything and everything, even when you may not agree on the situation.

    Love means not looking for something better or seeing what’s out there. It means committing to that person because you know they complete you in every way. It doesn’t mean being a replica of another person, but rather being like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with the other. Your traits complement each other to create better versions of you both.
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    Yes, i fall in love and i love that person more than my self and i married that person, it's my wife. sh's everything for me i gave her my soul
    Love it's something you can't see it but you can feel it, it's a force of nature. However much we may want to, we can not command, demand, or take away love, any more than we can command the moon and the stars and the wind and the rain to come and go according to our whims.
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    Love has a lot of meaning that sometimes can't be explained.
    Love is like a magic.
    Because you don't know why you feel it. You don't know how to stop it. It's like magic. You just feel it. And you do things you never did before because of love. Like loving someone more than yourself..
    Unexplainable for me because I don't know why I still love my partner even most of the time he's just making me cry. And that's love.

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