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    Life always surprises us with countless challenges and difficulties on a daily basis. When everything seems to be falling on top of our heads, we easily give up. The toil of life can wear us down, but things often seem to work out for those daring few- who refuse to give up, who refuse to quit when things get rough. Whatever we are going through, whatever challenges we are facing in life, let’s be encouraged, press on. Many times, it’s our persistence and complete reliance on GOD that wins our day. Setbacks, obstacles and rejections can sometimes cause us to grow weary in the pursuit of goals and dreams, but that’s not a reason to give up. Too many people quit right before the breakthrough would come.

    When we feel like our back is against the wall and we can’t see a way out, it’s always too soon to quit. It’s not the time to whine and complain and get discouraged, rather it’s the time to stand our ground and be determined that we are not going to let the circumstances of life defeat us. Refuse to go through life defeated, but rather a victorious. We can overcome any circumstances, not in our own strength but with GOD’s help.

    As I wrote this my life its too complicated, ups and down. I do believe things will gonna be ok the hardship I've been through. With the help of God, everything will be ok. I have a high hope

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