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would the world be a better place without internet

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  1. A-S-A

    A-S-A New Member

    21st century has been the century of internet,
    now imagine the world as we know it without internet,.. would it be a better place?
  2. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    I don't see how the world could possibly be a better place without the internet. First, the internet has promoted a new age in the availability of information to the masses. No longer must people wait to get the news. They can see events happen first hand through the proliferation of cell phone videos capturing events from protests to police shootings. when a tyrannical government turns chemicals weapons on their people video captured by a nurse of a cell phone can be viewed around the world within an instant. Researchers seeking collaboration can reach out and communicate with their peers around the globe near instantaneously. Secondly, the internet has made life easier for a great many people. I may be biased but I like to be able to control my home from my cell phone. I can only do that via the internet. Lastly, and on a lighter note. Do you remember the days where you would get into an argument with friends and nobody had a smartphone? You'd have to give up the argument without being able to prove who was right. Now anyone can look up anything with the phone in their pocket!
  3. nearxxfar

    nearxxfar Member

    I always dream to come to a place where there is no civilization. Because i want to experience just for a while on how to live in a quiet and peaceful place. Away from all the reality and judgemental people in our society.
  4. jackiesunga

    jackiesunga New Member

    Life nowadays, internet is such a need. You need to know about technology in order to work efficiently in a company. Without internet, life will be a lot more difficult. Internet helps us to communicate faster and smoother. Actually, you can easily send message via e-mail and social media to your friends anytime with the use of internet.

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