Live for Today or make long term plans for the future?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by kiran8, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. kiran8

    kiran8 New Member

    I get thoroughly confused with this issue. On the one hand we get to hear that one should take life as it comes , whereas there are others who argue that it is always wiser to make long term plans for the future...
  2. Jennifer Katz

    Jennifer Katz New Member

    Live for today. I would much rather have fun with my money while I am still young enough to enjoy it. I want to live my life to the fullest now, not later.
  3. Jae

    Jae New Member

    Oh my goodness, definitely plan for the future. It's okay to enjoy some of the money you work hard to have, but definitely I think we should always think long-term. I witness first hand what not planning for the future could bring. My step-father had a stroke and he lived pay check to paycheck, never putting any money aside. He had long-term health insurance but no short-term. So, when he went in the hospital and came out the bills still had to be paid, and there was no money to pay them. If it had not been for his children, he would have lost everything, this is why I feel it would be very beneficial to plan for the future.

  4. Storm

    Storm New Member

    I think it has to be a reasonable mix of the two. Need to have some money saved for emergencies....but also need to plan some vacation time and trips to enjoy....making good memories. You never know what life is going to bring.
  5. mrs_jones

    mrs_jones New Member

    I agree with the idea of mixing the two. Balance is usually the key to success. Yes, I believe it is okay to live for the day, but you should also take time to make plans for the future. Personally, I know that some people live day to day with no option for saving. When this happens, it is very easy to adapt a "live for the day" kind of attitude, due to a feeling that they may never have enough to even make any kind of difference in terms of savings. If a person only makes $1,000 a month, and their total bills amount to $996, in ten years they'd only have $120 less interest, assuming there were no emergencies which required them to dip into their "savings" along the way. The reality is that many people simply do not have money to save, and so they choose to live for the day. I'm not saying this is okay, or that these people could not modify their living styles to lessen their financial burdens, just proposing what I think is a common pattern of thought amongst those who choose to live for the day.
  6. Mabelz

    Mabelz New Member

    I think that this topic is a bit subjective, and depends a lot on the nature of the plan. When we say, make plans for the future I guess it doesn't mean to be " worthless" today, but rather spend time wisely and get to know that there does exist also a future, so sure while constructing the present, you are doing it to see at the end the future.
    I recall now, a quote from "How to stop worrying and Start Living" of Dale Carnegie, that one of the keys to success and happiness is to live in "day- tight compartments". So not to mess with the future, to think and live each day until bedtime. So I'm also with the idea of finding a proper balance among te two. The present and the future co-exist with each other. Alone they can be totally destructive.
  7. siddh12

    siddh12 New Member

    In my opinion, this is a matter of choice and depends on the present financial and social responsibilities of a person. If you are not able to meet your day to day expenses, then planning for the future is a far away thing. On the other hand if you have enough for present, then you have a choice. Either you can choose to spend the extra money on luxuries and more expensive material objects or you can put some money aside for emergencies and future.
    My choice will be to save money while enjoying a decent lifestyle. At the same time i will also try to increase my income and diversify. No matter what you do, it may become obsolete in near future. So, its better to have multiple income streams.:thumbsup:
  8. AlisonHalligan

    AlisonHalligan New Member

    First off, this is what I hear from your wondering... You want to know which is better: living for the moment, or planning for the future, correct?

    I think you can do both. Hear me out. I will explain.

    First, lay out your plans for long term in sections. (1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, ect...) Have written goals for your health, job status, finances, investments, and possessions(like a car paid off, or house paid off), with a date for it. That way, you can plan out how you will get there.

    With that set up, and hopefully a few plans to accomplish them, you can leave the day-to-day details up to the moment. You can pick out what you want to for the day, including a random trip to the mall or the movies. With your main plans in place, that gives you SO much more freedom, because you don't worry about the big details.

    If you are married, I would suggest sitting down with your spouse and making sure you are on the same page with your joined goals and individuals. That way, there are no surprises.

    Best of both worlds, right? That's how you do it!
  9. Mdude186

    Mdude186 New Member

    I've always been a firm believer in living life in the present. So I guess the one day at a time approach in this case. I find there is far too much stress and uncertainty attached to trying to always be planning out your life. So you spend the present planning your life, then when that doesn't work out, you end up spending the future planning even farther into the future. You never truly get a chance to live. I'm not saying disregard the important choices in life, you of course need some idea of what you want to do with your life, if you want kids or to get married, and how you should plan for retirement, but you shouldn't be doing these things on a daily basis. Maybe once a month would accurately describe what I do. You'll find you live a lot more in the present while you're alive much more in the future. If you understand the phrase; one can be alive but not live.
  10. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    It'll be better to come up with a scenario that benefits both timeline situations. For sample, doing something you're passionate about right now and being able to save up and invest for the future would lead to a win-win scenario.
  11. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    I could for sure make long term plans for the future, but i will never do it denying today. Of course with time you can accomplish certain goals, better goals, than you can in one day, but you should live everyday because there is no use in you to gather everything for the future and then something could happen and all your efforts are dust. You should live everyday doing something you love and save at the same time for the future.

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