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    Over the ages, philosophers,sages,saints,free thinkers and the likes of them had , and her still having different views of life, due to much study and splitting of hairs. and this gave way to the rise of different religions and schools of thoughts. Man is forced to ask himself various questions like, "who am i?", "why am i having troubles?" , and more of those kinds of questions. the la st of one of those questions which i have asked and have still been asking myself is "where was i before coming to earth through the bod y of a mother?", "was i living in some other planet like Jupiter,Pluto or was i a creature of Venus?", "what creature was i?", "was i a nine tailed fox?". basically, my question is and was, "who was i?". the question, "how can i live right to survive?" is what i will be answering here Mr L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and the forerunner of Dianetics , assumed t hat, the main reason of the existence of man, is to keep existing, TO KEEP LIVING!, TO SURVIVE!. It was said that a certain wise Arab, a man, acquired all the knowledge of life, he was known for his great knowledge,understanding and amazing wisdom. he wrote books which contains all the knowledge he had, and a special large library was used to store those books. one day, he thought, "if i should die now, these books of mine,in this big library will certainly be torn,lost and defaced, which will bring about t he lost of the knowledge i have acquired over my life time". So, he reduced the whole library into ten boo ks, then to a book, then three pages, then to a page, then to a sentence and lastly to a word, which is," SURVIVE" . According to study, the main factor that affect s the survival of of the existence of an individual, is how he identity his self and how well he is able to control his identity. An individual has eight levels or degrees of identification, which he is either aware or unaware of, but he is always within those eights, whether he likes it or not. The inability to control his identity, or the rejection of his identity is what leads to low survival of man, which is seen on the other view as LIVING WRONGLY. The eight levels/degrees of identification are: 1] PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION
    The above identities are listed according to their levels of superiority, nevertheless, they are all important, and none of them can be left out, if an individual is to live right to survive.
    The first, which is the personal identity, is the first but the lowest level of identification, it is t he act of identifying oneself as a single person . having it in mind that whatever what one do es, it will have no effect on any other person but him alone. it is most common to newly born babies, kids and children. the basic characteristic of it is selfishness which leads to stealing ,destruction,lying and every other activities th at can bring about low survival of the individual and that of other individual around him. although, some adults are found in this level of identity, they are people who are ready to do anything, without thinking of the hurt they are going to be doing to others thereby, and even to themselves, just to satisfy their personal desires. such adults range from thieves,liars,corrupt leaders and politicians,addicts to the worst of them, the murderers. It is a level of identity which an individual could easily get his self and others into trouble, for this sake, children are being discipline and are taken to schools to mix with their kinds, thereby putting them in the GROUP IDENTITY LEVEL. and adults at this level are being dealt wit h, with justice. However, one will always come in contact wit h individuals of this identification level, but once it has been known of the individual, he or s he will be able to understand the situation of t hat person and will have to either, discipline t he child or put the adult to justice of the country. the two, both discipline and right justice, aim at raising that individual to a better level of identity. for the better survival of that person and of oneself.
    The second level of identification is that of sex /family, it is at this level that we have boyfriends and girlfriends,husband ,wife and their children,fiances etc. it could be seen that the children, which have been aforementioned in the individual identification are also seen here, this is so, because the identity levels are linked and interwoven together, a better communication between them leads to a better living for a better survival. the main instrument used her e is trust, which brings about love,peace, happiness and unity, which are agents of better survival whatever what one of the family member is to do, he or she will have to consult the other member of the family, as his or her act will affect the family at large.
    The third level is that of group identity, and it consist of teams. an industrial team, football team, a team of engineers etc. an husband could be working in the same place with his wife , and other individuals from other family, and also people with the individual identity. one at this level of identity will have to communicate well with other member of the group, understanding is the best weapon of survival here.
    The fourth is the identification as the entire mankind, knowing yourself to be everybody, seeing people in you and you in people, not wanting people to hurt you and not hurting anyone .
    The fifth which is of the animal kingdom is just an extension of the fourth, after identifying yourself as every other person, identify yourself also as plants and animals, by treating them well. be kind to both animals and plants. but b e cautious, as animals live according to flight and fight.
    The sixth is a high one, and its of the universal , thinking of the survival of the universe, before taking a step. the scientists, who are trying t o blow hercolobus are having it bad in this level of identification, they are ignoring the fact t hat the aliens in that planet too are going to defend themselves. there will soon be chaos if t hey are not having themselves in this level.
    The seventh is of the mind, the mind of an individual determines his survival, a person is whatever he thinks he is. identifying yourself as the mind will make you have better perception. a right minded person is a king over the world.
    The eight identification is that of the SPIRIT, which is the highest, here we say, that person is one with GOD. one who is with God is with all, he obeys God and identify himself with all.
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    I am a unemployed but I have a lot of part time jobs like online tutoring, online selling and tutoring children. There are may ways to survive in this world, its up to you on how you handle it. Learn to be sociable because the more we have many friends the more money will save. Just be patient inlife and in our work.
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  3. You must live with happiness to conquer all of the circumstances we are facing not only for today but also for the future years to come on our way
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    I'm New here but based on my understanding about the forum. It is nice to do our best specially designed when we are in the obstacles of hardship. Just follow your dream and focus on everything,life is a matter of chances and that chances depends on us. Like what other says it's not a matter of time,it's our choice.
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    For me survival is been attached to to our life since the day we are born in this world. The LIFE that we have in this world is given by God and we are lucky enough to have it. To be a human that we have the right above all creature in this world is the greatest of the life that we have. God give us everything in this world for our survival. we just need to work for it.. I mean we can't eat fish if we will never to to sea and get one. It may have negative impact in our life if all of us will go lazy and just do nothing but trust to other in their needs.Lets all use all the parts of our body to survive.. We have a mind that thinks, we have a hands that can do what our mind thinks of.. our hands can do incredible things. Our feet can walk an extra mile for our success in surviving in this world.. we have EVERYTHING lets all use it WISELY,,, and SURVIVAL will always be at its best.
  6. My teacher gave me a simple list on how to survive in this world full of temptations and live happy. Simple but super meaningful. She called this list "Top Ten Principles in Life."
    1. Don't gossip.
    2. Finish your meal.
    3. Make time with others.
    4. Meet the poor in flesh.
    5. Don't judge.
    6. Be friend to those who disagree.
    7. Make commitments.
    8. Make it a habit to ask the lord.
    9. Stay humble.
    10. Be happy.
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    I have a slightly different take on this one. To me, survival is not the objective unless one is in a life-threatening situation. Quality of life is the real question. Who wants to be breathing, sure, but only existing? And, just as many of the posts pointed out, our quality of life is largely self-determined. There is truth to the old cliche that life is what you make of it. One of the ironies of life is that we are more content the more we give ourselves away rather than living lives that are self-absorbed. Of course, one has to look after ones self in order to be able to give one's self away but that is different than thinking about and acting on only thoughts of only one's self.
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    Learn how to live not only to survive. Learn how to live a good life even at your lowest. Survival is a broad explanation but living a life that is full of hopes and faith that you will surpass everything is different. I always have this argument which is which. "Life is a destiny not by choice" or "Life is by choice not by Destiny". I always go with "Life is by choice not by Destiny" It is you chose to be what you are? It is you who chose what kind of life you will live in. If your on the lowest part of life it you who will choose to get away from there, stand up and find ways to make your life better.
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    For me, survivors doesn’t mean you are the strongest but you are smartest of them all. You know how to fight but fighting has to be fair and square? In the world we live, we encountered so many hindrances, trials and hardship in life. Sometimes our past experiences regardless, if it is good or bad, has no doubt desecrated the sanctity of our mind, but we have to put a hold on it and stop living out the script of our past. We have to move on... and make every experience a challenge for us to stand up and live rightfully. So don't let the past rob you of your future because each one of us have the right to have a better life in the present and in the future, and you have to exercise that right to live peacefully with the help of our Almighty
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    Living life to survive it doesn't mean you have to survive everyday. Yes, life is full of struggle but if you are strength enough face your problem and stand up you are survivor. Just live happy and peaceful and all are follows.
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    Living right to survive. The name of the title explains it all actually. For you to survive is just to live right. There me be struggles that you'll encounter in life but that's normal. We have different opinions so it's better to stick with your own. Whatever you think is right and best for what you're encountering, just follow it rather than listening to others' opinion, if something wrong happens, you will regret it. At least if you stick with what you think is right, nobodys to blame. Plus you learn from it. All you need to do is just do the right thing and you'll survive.
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    when you live right i'm sure 100% you will survive. in my own understanding about life there's a lot of way to survive, there is right and wrong, good and bad its up to you what will you choose.. there's a quotes that remind me in this topic and i think it help me decide what to choose. "there are two kind of people in the world; Givers and Takers.
    the takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better." for me you can survive what ever you choose, right or wrong, but what really matters is not about what you have its all about on how you get it.
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    The bottom line is live your life. Do not harm others. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Life is what you make it. Pondering "higher thoughts" will only confuse you. Live for the here and the now.
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    As the saying said, live life to the fullest. We are created with with our own free will. It depends on us on how we will survive. Each of us were born with sin, that is why it is very crucial for us to live. All we have to do is to to follow the God's will and do not commit sins. We can enjoy life while serving Him. Nothing else is the right to live. The only right is to serve and love God and all His creations.
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    I'm in a place where I want to find online jobs with companies that are in the US, so I tried online teaching with a US company, but because I am in China and many banks don't just simply provide me with a credit card even I have a bunch of bucks there, they placed "credit" cards as the real background check or provence of you owning a property or been employed and Im just a graduate from college of a US college and I do a lot of pop music that in China this just don't exist. Even with teaching programs in China, they have really wrong view of music or entertainment, is just too hard for me one person to change this reality, I don't feel happy living here, so Im trying to get a visa back to the states, but I've been told I'd least have to have a bank statement from current employment and that just stresses me out...
    I don't know what to do, a lot of survey cracks out when I tried to open them with VPN help here in China so Im not really able to earn money in the way I could have in the states.
    Could anybody provide me some good points where to get these money, i NEED FAST CASH in dollars to set in my bank account...
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    I think survival is based on the area if not era a person grows up in and their ability to adapt to the changes going on around them. We live right by using technology, the era before us had to adapt to our way of living so they can survive. We will have to adapt to the next era's way of living and so on and so forth. Adaptability based on era in my opinion is how one lives right in order to survive.
  17. Living the right to survive is freedom. Freedom because if you know the truth in the Bible there is noway of hiding your self in this distracted life. You can say no to ungodliness and yes to godliness. You yourself knows it. And it is very well to do what pleases God rather than people. God chose us yo be free not to be harmedby satan. Free to live in holy life.
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    Almost 250 million people around the world are affected by climaterelated disasters in a typical year. New research for this report projects
    that, by 2015, this number could grow by 50 per cent to an average of
    more than 375 million people – as climate change and environmental
    mismanagement create a proliferation of droughts, floods, and other
    disasters. The predicted scale of humanitarian need by 2015 could
    completely overwhelm current capacity to respond to emergencies –
    unless the world acknowledges and responds to the growing threat.
    Even in daunting economic times, the world can afford to meet future
    humanitarian needs and fulfil the right to survive of vulnerable people.
    The skills and resources exist to mitigate the threats from climaterelated catastrophic events. Some countries – rich and poor – have
    already demonstrated the political will to do just that.
    The Right to Survive shows that the humanitarian challenge of the
    twenty-first century demands a step-change in the quantity of
    resources devoted to saving lives in emergencies and in the quality and
    nature of humanitarian response. Whether or not there is sufficient will
    to do this will be one of the defining features of our age – and will
    dictate whether millions live or die.
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    Our life style is based on three major things; our mind, love and our thoughts. We are responsible for every situation of our life, we can make things happen in our life with help of our thought, idea, self image and the most important thing 'love'.
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    We are the survivors of our time. We doesn't own our lives, for God had only lend our life. For this reason, we have to take care of ourselves, and treasure this gift form God. We need to abstain from stress and vices. We need to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.
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    Living right to survive is living a peaceful life with the grace of God. We never abuse ourselves with deadly vices such us gluttony, lovers of money, fame, pleasures, and addicting drugs. We should always keep ourselves away from temptation and pray for strength and guidance from God.
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    Living RIGHT to SURVIVE! very nice term. Lets live in a right way by doing good things to others, competing in a legal way to get a good result, lets walk in the word of God to Survive and that's the right way. I just feel sad to some people who doing bad to survive,snatching,holdups,kidnapping and so on, It is wrong!. Hardship is a part of our lives so its not mean you have to do the wrong ways, we have to do everything just to live peacefully without boundaries by doing the RIGHT ways.
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    But I rather LIVE RIGHT TO THRIVE. It is good to Survive but my point of view of surviving is a life of struggles. Yes, life is full of its ups and downs, hit or miss, good and bad but because we know in our hearts that we are living not just to live but we are actually are sons and daughters of the King then we will be able to overcome all obstacles. We will have a reason that the challenges we face are actually a stepping stone for something great. Living a life that is righteous and pleasing to the eyes of the Lord, perhaps not easy to accomplish, can be done by His grace.

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    Living the right to survive is freedom. Freedom because if you know the truth in the Bible there is noway of hiding your self in this distracted life. You can say no to ungodliness and yes to godliness. You yourself knows it. And it is very well to do what pleases God rather than people. God chose us yo be free not to be harmedby satan. Free to live in holy life.
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    Life it's a combination of good and bad times. How to survive ? When you’re in a dark, troubled place acknowledge it. Face your fears, worries and enemies and see what happens. When you look right into the face of despair and start to deal with it you’re on your way to freedom. Remember you’re up to it. Your values, world knowledge and character will lead and empower you. Fight for your life and your happiness. Anything is possible when always put God at the center of your life.
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    Living right to survive for me means you don't have to push yourself beyond your endurance to survive or live in this world, living with moderation especially in work or in other activity that delivers our self in danger. This is mostly the idea of a simple man having a simple dream and also a simple lifestyle in order to become free from a stressful life. Unlike people who are greedy and wanted to take everything using power or money and living without contentment. Living right to survive is a safest way to live, eating right, doing right, working right, speaking words in a right manner and dealing with people in a right way. If we all live like this there is no consequences we can get, even illness or enemy. That is why we can really survive if we are living in a right way.
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    That's how life should be. But this days its not always right what is right. Some people are too greedy,some doing crimes,some doing bad to live. That's the reality nowadays. But still there are alot of people who are too good and kind.
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    All human have their own struggle and challenges to surive. Living right is our own contribution to do good in society. Doing the right thing to survive our daily grind without stepping on others is our obligation to God.
    Even in times of hardship (financial) or desperate moments, we ought to think and do good to survive.
    Living right morally and physically will see us thru to survive years of existence.
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    Nice post, Kershtin. The challenges to survive with integrity can also provide opportunities to learn how to live more naturally, more healthily and in more sustainable ways. These opportunities can help return us to our inner selves, switch off from the programming of what we "should" be doing, and lead us toward more creative lives.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Unless you try to take the easy way out at others' expense, which will never work out well in the long run.
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    Being a human and part of the community, everyone has their own obligations and duty to fulfill for each other's development, that's how we live and for us to survive we should follow the rules among who rule us, living right is to fulfill our duties, doing right means to follow the rules and without law we cannot survive, to survive is to live.

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