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  1. fernando22

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    To me, it's quite simple. We got our different purposes to live life, but in the end of the day, we should live to take care of each other, and to have fun. We only live once.
    Any action that leads into one of these two ultimate purposes, can't be wrong.
  2. Ric

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    I feel you live right in order to be in alignment with your higher self and balanced enough for good things to come into your life with less lessons. Lessons are important and because we are human we fall from grace and learn them. The reward is in the journey. Everyone has a path to walk. It can be like Forest Gump's path or Lieutenent Dan's, but either way it will be rocky and yet harmonious as times.
  3. Elmae1976

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    I believe that if we live our life right we can survive in all the trials that may come our way. If we make sure that we live our life correctly and we don't do something that can affect others , we can have harmonious life ahead of us.

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