LoL or DOTA 2?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by benbenben11, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. benbenben11

    benbenben11 New Member

    The title of ‘best MOBA game’ is a hotly contested one, and often reduced to two warring champions: League of Legends and Dota 2. But, despite being the most popular in the genre, these two games may not necessarily be the MOBA for you. Thankfully there are several fantastic choices out there, meaning there’s almost certainly a MOBA that you’ll love.

    If you’re new to the genre, you may not know that this 5v5 game style was born as a mod for Warcraft III, and has since transformed into a full-blown gaming revolution. Developers across the world have sought their slice of the battle arena pie, and the fierce competition has meant that only a few have emerged victorious. When we live in a world where the DC comics MOBA failed to take off, you know that the games that did succeed must be special indeed.

    Many games in this list are influenced by ancient mythology, but Smite takes the gods of old as its direct inspiration. Each player takes on the role of one of the Smite godsand battles it out across a three-lane arena. Ever dreamed of a muscle-bound head to head between Thor and Zeus? Here’s your chance to make it happen.

    Smite’s esports scene is thriving, featuring regular tournaments and a world championship at the annual Hi-Rez Expo. Despite not having the prestige of League of Legends or Dota 2, Smite still commands international recognition on the sporting stage, with massive multi-million dollar prizes.

    Unlike its contemporaries, Smite is played from a third-person perspective. As a result long-range skillshots and maintaining awareness of immediate surroundings can be more challenging. Group engagements are often chaotic. However, the added dimensionality does have its advantages: the spider goddess Arachne can crawl above her opponents, and Thor can launch himself far up into the sky to then crash downward with his hammer. Smite’s viewpoint lends it the feel of an MMO but with the mechanics of a MOBA.
  2. SaleCar

    SaleCar New Member

    This one is easy League of Legends is the better one.
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  3. Lazzar

    Lazzar New Member

    Lol, better gameplay, better balance between champions, always updating, overall, better.
  4. nasnas

    nasnas New Member

  5. Dopeagnote

    Dopeagnote New Member

    DOTA is the first game in the industry . LOL, MOBA, AOV. No originality.
  6. marztejano

    marztejano New Member

    LoL, because i like the graphics, champions, skills , and items. And what i really love playing league of legends is that, you can get a rewards when you are on the highier division or tier when the season's end.And has a good balance in every match making.
  7. ronfab26

    ronfab26 New Member

    I like D.O.T.A, the old version one. The "DOTA" 2 is the latest version of DOTA created by Icefrog on Warcraft II game. Since then, there are many online games released which is actually copied by DOTA. I never played any games besides DOTA.
  8. sniper608

    sniper608 New Member

    I prefer LOL, I love playing the character of TEEMO, GAREN and FIORA. I can even play the whole night lol :)
    DOTA is also a good game but I prefer LOL
  9. leafar27.r

    leafar27.r Member

    I PREFER DOTA 2, i enjoyed playing dota 2 than LOL because i feel like im in heaven when im playing and i cant even imagine how deficault our life is, it is strees free and hasle free it makes you feel better in times of pain hehehehe
  10. simonblog

    simonblog Member

    i Prefer Dota 2 Because When i Was a Kid i Start Playing Dota 1 My Cousin Teach Me How to Play Dota 1 And My Friends Ask me Let's Play Dota 1 But He Ask Me Do u Know How to Play Dota 1 and I Said Yes Of Course Then After 5 Years of no Playing Dota 1 We Start Playing Dota 2 its So Good and Good Graphics and Background Music and The Voice is Cool But i Don't Know How To Play Dota 2 My Cousin Teach Me Again and I Start Playing it.
  11. peterbear

    peterbear New Member

    I play both games. So far, I find dota 2 more interesting because its much more of a "teamplay" rather than a solo one. What i mean by solo is that there are certain characters in LOL that are too overpowered if they are ahead in exp and gold. Dota 2 on the other hand have always been keen to this kind of imbalance in the game by giving patch updates.

    Playwise, LOL is better because it gives what the user wants. But if your looking for a more complex game aside from just leveling up and killing enemies Dota 2 is a better choice.
  12. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    Starting from dota 1 upto dota 2, I've been playing dota for a decade. Dota is my best teamplay game and until now I am still playing dota, but not as much as before. I think dota is the number game that I can play a lifetime. I wish someday, together with my friends, we can still play dota 1 or dota 2. :)
  13. Polham

    Polham New Member

    I would honestly say that League Of Legends and DOTA 2 gameplay are the same. Dota 2 has cooler lookin fights but League Of Legends seems more smooth especially since the latest update. The thing that I think ties people in to league of legends is the character. Most people become attached to a champion because they're cute or they're so roughneck it's just so unique. One character, Teemo in particular is a fan favourite. You either love him or hate him and want to kill him over and over. But it's a cute badger with a blow gun lol. But the only thing that will keep you going would be friends in the game. Hope this helps :D
  14. ennielin

    ennielin New Member

    I mean both of them are similar in game play as they both are MOBAs. I would however, recommend League of Legends to those who are starting out on MOBAS. League of Legends is just much easier on the eyes with a much simpler style. The problem with League of Legends is that it keeps trying to reinvent itself each year. They keep introducing new content and new champions and new reworks of old champions that you have to keep playing and practicing to keep up on your toes. Some champions that I used to love and play have a more convoluted playstyle now. I missed when champions skills were easy to understand.
  15. Xyronxid

    Xyronxid Member

    For me (Lol) because dota 2 I don't know how to play dota 2 but Lol is my favorite game that I play from now . My Main or Bestpick on lol are Zed,Yasuo,Lee sin and Zoe those are my favorite champion because it's good to pick them try them and learn how to use those champion that I gave
  16. ipbascar888

    ipbascar888 New Member

    My husband is a gamer. I just don't get it why guys are so engrossed with their games and would really zone out whenever playing these types of video games. Maybe it's his way of relaxing and unwinding from work. He plays both LOL and Dota for over 10 years now I think. Well as long as he's happy, I am happy. :)
  17. batching

    batching New Member

    Dota 2 has a great story that makes you question the Ancients, and appreciate the intertwining of certain heroes' lore.
  18. batching

    batching New Member

    I know League of Legends has their rotating pool with 10 free heroes, but that's just a fraction of the cast, and then they're unplayable until they're in the rotation again.

    League is pretty much a cash grab when it comes to heroes because you either need to play forever to unlock them all, or pay to make that happen faster.

    Dota gets everything all at once, so boot it up for the first time and boom, 100+ heroes at your disposal.
  19. Rob_AI

    Rob_AI New Member

    No man was ever wielded to make a comparison between DOTA 2 and LOL, now we the fans are doomed! I prefer DOTA 2 though.
  20. mharcivann

    mharcivann New Member

    I preferred League Of Legend. Why? Because LOL have a lot of unique items like the wards have a skin also, you can't win in this game if you always play solo in the game and if you are not playing with your team. LOL always is a teamwork game and even there's a bug they can still fix it as soon as possible. LOL is the best game for me. A lot of cute and awesome skins for heroes too. Also, the graphics is so cool when they starting clashing both sides.
  21. RossArellano

    RossArellano New Member

    League of Legends!! I have played both Dota and LoL but I have found it more fun playing LoL. They have good updates too, new reworks, new champs, new skin almost every month.
  22. JC Lariosa

    JC Lariosa New Member

    Hmm I must choose Dota2. Even they are similar in mechanics they have each differences in one another. As long-term dota2 player, I knew myself that Dota2/Dota1 comes in/developed first. And in my perspective LOL is copying or getting hints in Dota thats why they has similar in mechanics and some feature.
    I tried playing LOL and as I play I am not satisfied with the game it is because (my opinion) I found the heroes too slow in movement speed and I think its is because the game arena is a bit small. Also you need to buy the heroes in order to unlock it, and I found it not practical in my perspective. Whereas in Dota you dont need to buy the heroes in order to use them all ingame. You can choose what you want. The only thing in dota2 that is a bit costly is when you buy accessories or body set in the hero you want but it is in your choice whether to buy it or not because it wont affect the damage or the armor in the ingame, It only make your hero look good and beautiful.
    This is my only opinion I still have friends who play LOL but most of my friend specially long acquainted friend play Dota2.
  23. Khalil Ur Rehman

    Khalil Ur Rehman New Member

    League Of Legends and Dota2. Both are good games but dota2 for me sorry leage of legend you are so wired to play no graphics it seems like i am playing 100 years ago released game on other hand dota2 which have good graphics fun which i would love to play all the time as it is more addictive yea yea i khnow league of legends have more players just because then didn't tried to play dota2 it is so easy to kill an hero on league of legends as compare to dota2 .
  24. JexsonTolentino

    JexsonTolentino New Member

    This two (2) Multi Player Mobile Arena (MOBA) video games are leading among them. But for me, Dota2 is more enjoyable to play than LoL. First, the graphics are more better than LoL. Second, more people are playing this game. Third is the gameplay. LoL ends basically for 20-30 minutes time while Dota2 is Up to one hour. And Lastly, LoL's gameplay is based on Dota2. Within this factor, I consider Dota2 is better than LoL.
  25. Khalil Khalid

    Khalil Khalid Member

    Well to be honest, I'll go with Dota 2. Dota2 is simple to understand and easy to play. I've been playing for over 2 years and it's pretty cool. I tried lol and couple weeks ago and I didn't like it much because of its very easy. If you want a challenge then play DOTA if you want a simple fun easy to learn game then go LoL.
  26. Christian Helle

    Christian Helle New Member

    Let us go back from the beginning okay?
    DOTA was created by Guinsu and developed by Icefrog. DOTA was defined as an RTS three lane game, where you have to win by destroying the enemy's main base. Later on, they realized that DOTA was just an edited map using Warcraft environment which is way back then has only limited variables. That's why Guinsu himself created LOL to implement his ideas and to create new champions.

    Here are some reasons why Guinsu created LOL;
    - DOTA En-Gen ( Environment Generator) gives limited variables
    - limited hero skills (because they're using Warcraft pre-made skills)
    - Warcraft En-Gen are not suited for Guinsu's new hero ideas

    If you're still wondering what is on DOTA, you better observe the character's skill set. Here are some Hero skill-set-variable example that can be found in DOTA:
    1) Percentage of stun and critical (which is obviously cannot be seen in LOL skill set).
    2) Limited magic damage (this is the reason why mages and ability users are useless during late game).
    3) Status based game (categories into three parts; Strength, Agility, and Intelligence)
    4) Imbalanced items for carry (well this one is legit but pretty invulnerable during late game)
    5) Limited game meta (limited game plan and strategy).
    6) Random power-ups.

    DOTA's hero picking section is a little disappointing. Once a player picked a multi-disabling hero, it can be considered as GG but still depends on the player's skill. Let's simple say, the heroes are "limited".

    So what's on LOL? Here are some champion skill set that can be found in LOL:
    1) Damage based on armor.
    2) Damage based on mana.
    3) Damage based on physical attack booster or multiplier.
    4) Damage based on current health status.
    5) Damage based on opponent's current or maximum health.
    6) Damage based on numbers of skill usage (additive).
    7) Complimenting skills combination.
    8) Skill shots (which takes a lot of skills to master).
    9) Item multiplier or additive for ability users (which makes mages or ability users useful during late-game)
    10) Balanced creep wave.
    11) Power-ups can be retrieve on Dragon, and Baron, which can be only achieved by hunting down as a team (except blue and red buffs can be taken by junglers).
    12) One unique-significant role (JUNGLER).

    So overall stats of LOL shows that Guinsu has a lot of character ideas that can only be possible in LOL. The later story (as far as i remember), Guinsu left DOTA to Icefrog and later sold to Valve (DOTA 2). To conclude, Guinsu created DOTA and LOL.
  27. ronjezer18

    ronjezer18 New Member

    I never played LOL so i will choose Dota/dota2 over LOL.
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  28. Aeolos

    Aeolos New Member

    I played DOTA and LoL and I really like LoL for two specific reason, the respawn time and the duration of gameplay. In DOTA, when a hero dies it takes longer for your hero to respawn compare to LoL. I easily get bored to DOTA with its time duration to respawn and I am just a casual gamer. The gameplay is also shorter in LoL while in DOTA could last an hour to end.
  29. kinja90

    kinja90 New Member

    I always like to play Dota other than other MOBO games. I tried other MOBO games that's the same concept with Dota 2 but some heroes from other games have the same abilities and models from Dota 2. I prefer Dota 2 as this is what I've been playing for over 10 years and I still like it and currently playing right now. They usually work for a new updates and new meta and this is the way the games survives. Almost all of my friends are also playing Dota so I enjoyed it more playing with them.
  30. mrcllnsjrld

    mrcllnsjrld New Member

    League of Legend. I love playing league of legends because this game has a nice graphics to play and cute character to choose and play with the game, our bonding is playing this game and sometimes we make a deal to our opponents to intense feeling while playing. Sometimes we loss, and sometimes we win, but in this game it`s not that if you loss or if you win because league of legends is a fun that you have while playing this game.

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